Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why SOPA/PIPA is unconstitutional!

They, the government, want to do it for the "safety" and "intellectual property" of "their" country, but they all are only becoming the perfect target for haters, and they start to complain when everyone wants to blast their asses. It turns your phone, internet, TV, and other devices into instant data acquisition for the Government. You have no privacy. Its like a Net Nanny, but for Americans (United Stats citizens such as myself and all the other Americans. The worst part is that no matter what country you are, US government will want to extradite you for crimes against US law. It's not happening yet but it might happen soon. This is what it does.

If the bill passed, so many people would get into riots over infringement of free speech. The bullshit he's saying is just a cover, he wants to hide anything he doesn't like. ie, children and women. Lamar S. Smith just killed his chances of getting anywhere in the world. Whose growing up and going to be voting soon and in the future? Whois this going to hurt the most in the future? Who is this going to hurt the most? College and high school kids. Great job buddy, you just committed political suicide.

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