Friday, October 31, 2014

Ron Paul and other follies revisited!!

If Ron Paul had gotten people to listen to him, we in the US would be out of the recession a lot quicker and unemployment would decrease. A lot of people really did think Ron Paul was our only hope left. I'm afraid so! Even the protesters at the Occupy movements said so!

In the end, 2012 proved to be a bad year for Ron Paul because he quitting politics. Ron Paul knew that he didn't really have any powerful financial back from more powerful political parties in the US such as Republican Party, Democratic Party, and Libertarian Party. The Independent Party and Green Party don't have as much influence here in the US. I think Ron Paul would have a great candidate for the Green Party and the Independent Party.  No, I'm afraid not this was NOT a political move for anything. The corporations and politicians won. We the people lost. We lost. They won.

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