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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,403

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I am going to review Lil Brian & The Zydeco Travelers - Funky Nation (2000).

Funky Nation is the most innovative Zydeco music album from the year 2000. This album marks the first album to be released on Buckwheat Zydeco's own Tomorrow Recordings label. The album itself is truly incredible. Fans of Zydeco music will appreciate this album for years to come. Funky Nation is Z-Funk (Creole zydeco) with an irresistible twist provided by vocals that are harmonic and rich in nature. Also the ballads are sultry. This Z-Funk album has an organic feel. Harmonic and organic are two words that best describe this album. Think Zydeco with an H-Town sound. Z-Funk is truly organic.

The title track pays homage and tribute to Zydeco music with a combination of Z-Funk. Some H-Town sound has been incorporated into the title track where we can hear Lil Brian plays a mean accordion. Lil Brian represents Barrett Station, Texas to the fullest on this song. Homage has been paid to funk. Funk is truly compelling.

Zydeco music meets dancehall here and on the song Get Up On That Zydeco. It's a dance song. Funk meets dance and Zydeco right here. Get Up On That Zydeco is provided by vocals that are harmonic and rich in nature. Get Up On That Zydeco has an organic feel. The Hammond B3 organ helps give off a funky vibe.

Lil Brian brings out the inner demons that haunt everyday on Question. He gets into deep dark thought in Question. People spend all lives searching for a ray of hope for a peace of mind. The song gets very real on the middle near the chorus verse. Lil Brian gets intuitive by getting into deep thought. There is a question deep inside your heart that puts your mind in thought.

Take the first verse for instance.:
You've been searching all your life to find
A ray of hope
Some kind of peace of mind
Something that would truly make you feel
Like your life is really, really real

Along with the chorus.:
There's a question
Deep inside your heart
There's a question

I rate this album, Funky Nation, 5/5*****!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,402

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Vallejo - Vallejo.

Vallejo - Vallejo (Shining Sun) is the self-titled debut album by Vallejo that was released on the Chicago, Illinois record label IMI Records and TVT Records in 1997. Shining Sun sold 5,000 copies upon its release in just a few weeks! TVT Records took notice and singed Vallejo to their label the same year. Their debut album was repackaged and re-released as the Shining Sun album on TVT Records.

Just Another Day was an instant hit which caught fire on local radio station KLBJ in Texas and eventually the US. Texas fell in love with the song Just Another Day. Just Another Day is similar to the raw raunchy Latin rock sound of Santana. Just Another Day was the single that became an instant hit. Their first single Just Another Day reached #30 on the Billboard Alternative Rock charts.

Boogie Man is a hard rock song with all hard rock energy. You can feel the intensity and energy in style with this hard rock song. Boogie Man does get startling at times. Honestly Boogie Man should have became an instant hit for the Vallejo band.

House (Casa De Amor) is a Vallejo love song with a Latin rock infusion. There is a Spanish touch to House (Casa De Amor) however.

The album cover was changed from the Sacred Heart artwork to the sun and thorns because of religious controversy. Vallejo caught flack with he Catholic Church and various religious organizations (as well as TVT Records) back in the 1990s. So TVT Records revamped, repackaged, and re-released their self-titled debut album with a whole new completely different look visually in 1997.

Now the album cover with the burning heart (Sacred Heart artwork) is the album that was originally released on IMI Records in 1997. If you have the IMI1969 edition of the self-titled debut album, then you have the original version of the self-titled Vallejo album. Artwork for both versions differ. Photography was done by Todd V. Wolfson.

Shining Sun is the self-titled debut album by Vallejo. None of the songs were changed either on the original version or the re-release. TVT Records was the one responsible for releasing new album cover now known by Vallejo fans as the "Shining Sun" album. The Shining Sun album you see in the retail market is the self-titled album which is the re-release version. Bobby Francovillo was responsible for launching the career of Vallejo.

Their (Vallejo) original contract with IMI allowed them to sign a joint deal between IMI and TVT. However despite that, the contract between TVT and IMI led the label to effectively shelve the album. Vallejo managed to sell over 50,000 copies of their debut.

I rate this album, Vallejo (IMI Edition), 5/5*****!!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,401

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review the Handsome JET - ¬(゜~゜)Г.

Jet Boogie is a Handsome Jet melody of all the songs on the ¬(゜~゜)Г album all onto one track. Think of this song as a mega melody. A loud heavy hard rock mega melody is what it sounds like. Hard rock meets heavy metal mega in this mega melody song. The volume is set quite loud! Handsome JET does his usual chanting, singing, and yelling through the enchanted power of music. Handsome JET himself takes the lead in this song as a vocalist.

Duck [アヒル] is a perfect song to play at night during the peaceful nighttime. Dusk has that peaceful nighttime vibe to it and also that quiet lonely day vibe. Handsome JET himself takes the lead in this song as a vocalist. Take notice of the harmonics used on Duck. Handsome JET is the one playing the harmonica. The song Duck has a rather happy upbeat vibe yet sad vibe at the same time.

self-haunting is a duo cut with longtime Handsome JET Project members Toshio Sakurai and Handsome Jet. self-haunting is a dark song.

Basically¬ (゜ ~ ゜) Г  is a non-facial person. It is supposed that the face is not understood. Meanig that the face of the person who wrote this album is not to be understood and remain unknown to the audience regardless.  [¬ (゜ ~ ゜) Г is a notation used to represent an emoticon.]

Due to budgetary concerns, Handsome JET played with a single acoustic guitar. Toshio Sakurai sang on most of the dark songs such as Dusk and self-haunting. YUEI had nothing to do with this album. Despite being associated with Handsome JET in the Bemani Games, Yuei-san had nothing to do with the recording or engineering of this album.

Songs from Bemani games such as GuitarFreaks and Drummania were not included due to copyright reasons. Even the original songs he wrote for Bemani games GuitarFreaks and Drummania are not on this album.

Only around 10,000 copies of ¬ (゜ ~ ゜) Г were pressed on CD and sold via Amazon, by Handsome JET directly himself, sold at GITADORA LIVE concerts, or were sold at those Handsome JET Live concerts hosted by Bemani with help of Konami. Most copies of ¬ (゜ ~ ゜) Г were pressed sold on

Sadly however, ¬(゜~゜)Г and Honto (the CD-r that Handsome JET only gave out at concerts) was the only album from Handsome JET that was ever released. Lead singer Handsome JET of Handsome JET Project died in May 2008 in a traffic accident while riding a motorcycle with his friend in Japan. The friend survived while Handsome JET did not. Handsome JET sang a multitude of songs from Konami originals and licensed covers alike. His real name has never been revealed and is not known. Handsome JET Project and Handsome JET himself would have taken off to become a national success in Japan if the lead singer hadn't died.

*Handsome Jet is the name of the lead singer of the coincidental band Handsome JET Project consisting of Handsome Jet, YUEI (Yuei Uematsu), Kozo Nakamura, Brad Holmes, Asaki, Thomas Howard Lichtenstein, and Toshio Sakurai.
*He is credited as Handsome JET or Jetto-san (ジェットさん) as he was in the Bemani games GuitarFreaks and Drummania.

I rate this album, ¬(゜~゜)Г , 4/5****!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,400

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review C-Stud Vill - Payback.

Payback is an EP/single that legendary rapper C-Stud Vill dropped on cassette in 1993 on Mystic Records that sold over 33,000 units in its first year. The Payback EP was a demo C-Stud Vill recorded in 1990. C-Stud Vill, Papa C, Anthony Jasper Sr., and Anthony Jasper Jr. were responsible for promoting and producing this EP. Legendary songs C-Stud Vill Trick-uh-Treat (radio version and street version) and Payback are included on this EP. Songs included are Trick-uh-Treat (radio version and street version), Payback, and 1 to 10.

The hit single Trick-uh-Treat exploded producing sales of over 30,000 copies alone. The single had sold over 33,000 units later that year. This and his success gained the attention of an independent record label called Mystic Records operated by Papa C, Anthony Jasper Sr., and Anthony Jasper Jr.

Due to his lack of knowledge of the music business, C-Stud Vill was left with an unlicensed and non copyrighted cassette master to the demo EP and lost contact with Papa C. After searching for 3 years, Papa C was found and released those full masters to the 4 song EP. Soon after the EP was licensed and copyrighted, Mystic Records released the 4 song EP.

Due to inexperience of the music business, C-Stud signed a 2 year contract with Mystic Records without a legal review of the contract which entailed the release of all his music rights to Mystic Records. Due to financial strains within the record label, C-Stud Vill was released out of his contract and given back all his music rights.

The Payback EP/single has those eerie G-Funk sines and heavy bass over banging hard hitting beats for those whom are fans of rap music overall. Fans of San Antonio rap will truly appreciate the sound coming from this single.

The hit single Trick-uh-Treat exploded producing sales of over 30,000 copies alone in 1993. The single had sold over 33,000 units later that year. Trick-uh-Treat has an eerie gangsta rap sound over grimey beats. Real eerie sounds similar to PKO, K-Sam, Natas, and Esham.

Payback has a deep dark eerie underground sound with reduced treble and highly reduced bass. C Stud Vill claimed to be the craziest motherfucker out of the SA streets in the 90s with his finger on the trigger looking for fools to slip. What C Stud Vill gave people in the 90s is the payback.

1 To 10 was a short (55 seconds) less than a minute freestyle rap with gangsta rap lyrics. Honestly 1 To 10 was too short of a track should have been extended even longer. Gangsta rap meets freestyle rap on 1 To 10

I rate this EP/single, Payback, 5/5*****!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,399

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Mean Gene - All Night Thing/Yes Yes Ya'll.

DJ Clay did most of the production, Carlito-D (C-LO D) wrote most of the single, Mean Gene was the incredible visionary of this single. This cassette single was released in 1995 on Boomin' Records in Flint, Michigan. The front cover are the colors of the Green Bay Packers football team colors with the mascot hornet. This whole single is rock. Rockin' hard! Some Mean Gene fans refer to this as an album. Rock meets rap and hip hop on this single.

The front cover are the colors of the Green Bay Packers football team colors with the mascot hornet. You would have thought Mean Gene was from Wisconsin. For those who don't know, Mean Gene is from Flint and not Lansing, Michigan or Wisconsin as many people thought he was. Mean Gene is a real cool big dude.

(Acknowledgements go to Chris Miller, Carlito810, and Jersey Catalin for sending me the information regarding music about Mean Gene!)

It's an All Night Thing when Mean Gene is on a late night creep. Chasing skirt and licking booty. It only involves all the women that Mean Gene meets. This track remind me of a precursor to Freak Nasty - Da Dip. Maybe it's just my imagination. Anyway this song is mainly about late night sex. You can feel that Freak Nasty vibe to it. The remix is even better! DJ Clay is on the wheels of steel! He does a superb job as usual. The bass is super heavy but not too hyphy.

You will love the incorporated Yes Yes Ya'll sample from Beastie Boys - Slow and Low used on Yes Yes Ya'll. It has that East Coast feel to it. The timbre, beats, and production are on point! You can feel Mean Gene rockin' it during one of his live concerts on this one right here! I love how the Tom drums are used mixed in with the beats. You can tell Mean Gene put his heart and soul into it. Mean Gene is good at what he does.

DJ Clay did a superb job on Wheels of Steel. The samples are on point.Anything you know that DJ Clay does is the shit!! It hits hard. DJ Clay definitely goes hard on the wheels of steel wether it be live in concert or in the recording studio.

Now onto the Live Concert version of Yes Yes Ya'll!! Mean Gene put his heart and soul into performing live at his concerts on stage! For the  Live Concert version of Yes Yes Ya'll that is! Mean Gene is good at what he does. You can feel Mean Gene rockin' it during one of his live concerts on this one right here! He knows how to put on a good show. The crowd at the end went wild!! The Live Concert version of Yes Yes Ya'll was not included on his 1995 Back To The Old School album.

I rate this single, All Night Thing/Yes Yes Ya'll, 5/5*****!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,398

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Various Artists - Poets & Gangstas.

Poets & Gangstas was a compilation album of artists from San Antonio, Dallas, and Fort Worth released on Youngsta Records in 1995. Youngsta Records was based in San Antonio, Texas. Poets & Gangstas is a gangsta rap compilation of sorts.

The first song is the title track with Nino, Kottonmouth, and Pops. This song has that San Antonio Doo-Dooism sound with heavy bass and heavy guitars. That's what San Antonio rap and hip-hop sounded like in the mid 90s. Pops is from Lake Como, Texas. Kottonmouth is from Dallas, Texas. Great song! Think Creepin' On Ah Come Up as the track Poets & Gangstas is very similar to Creepin' On Ah Come Up

The Murda Afta Murda song is not the remix that is on Kottonmouth's 1995 debut album on Youngsta Records. This is the original version. It is one heavy ass G-Funk bass track! DJ Snake produced the beats. It would have been dope if this version was on his 1995 debut!

The song Ill Regala was written  and performed by the rap group Ill Regala. Ill Regala was a rap group from the Westside of San Antonio, Texas in the mid 90s. The duo was more the less unknown outside the highway loops of San Antonio. Ill Regala has both a hip hop and rap sound. A funky guitar loop resonates all over the track. The song Ill Regala is hip hop sound meets rap.

Nino tells us how he talk the talk and walk the walk on Walk On Walk. This song has that San Antonio Doo-Dooism sound with heavy bass and heavy guitars.

Million Me's is song by Mad Wisdom with a Kenyatta Banks sample. Bhumble The and DJ Snake produced the drums and bass used on this track used. Million Me’s is just a dope ass freestyle song. Mad Wisdom is from Fort Wort, Texas and was on Youngsta Records and Midwest Records from 1995 to 1998.

All In is a smooth fast song by Pinhead aka C-Lo from Fort Worth. He was in P.K.O. in the 1990s. Do or die is the mission. So don’t ask why, fool. Pinhead sounds a lot like Ice Cube.

What I Luv Most is a song by dat infamous playa K-Sam. This is a different version of the original version that appeared on the Infamous Playa EP by K-Sam in 1994. DJ Snake produced the beats for this song of course. This is one playalistic remix!

K-Sam details his life in the illicit drug trade as an infamous drug dealer. His life as a drug dealer filled with danger that comes along with the lavish thrills. He is often able to take out of state trips throughout the entirety of this song. K-Sam tells us why he loves being a drug deala. He stays strapped at all times. He ain't gettin' caught slippin' by no motherfuckin' BG. K-Sam got that fresh candy on his hoopty.

Gangsta Mental is an instrumental drums and bass track done by the one and only legendary DJ Snake from Dallas. DJ Snake was going back and forth from Dallas to San Antonio at that time in the mid 90s working for both Youngsta Records and Profile Records. DJ Snake needs to make a comeback with Ron C again like he did in 2004.

No Luv is a song by Chilly D. He is an OG from the Westside of San Antonio. He had his own label from 1997 to 2003 called Hunt Dawg Records. No Luv would later appear on his 1997 debut Too Thuggish 4 U. He had a group called SAOGz also.

The final song, Poets & Gangstas (Remix), is a remix of the first song with an unknown quirky rap group called ANIA. ANIA was apparently a one time rap group that collaborated to perform this song.

It would have been more dope if C-Stud Vill, Lil Sin, C-Ordell, Sweet-P, Denise James, K-Ski, Staci Russell, Mr. Joshay, Ricé, Finesse 1, Dirty Red, Jr. Boy, Twice Tha Power, MC Falcon, and Sharon Lincoln had made features on this dope ass compilation. But for whatever reason they didn't. Which is too bad.

If you mix Ruthless, Bad Boy, Rap-A-Lot, Black Market Records, AWOL, Grapetree, Motown, New West, and Luke Records, you'll get Youngsta Records! Think about it that way. Be sure to buy this dope ass compilation if you because it is long out of print! You won't regret it!!

I rate this compilation, Poets & Gangstas, 5/5*****!!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,397

This is Michael Mixerr. I will review Raw Breed - Killa Instinct.

5-man crew from the Bronx, New York was set to release a 3rd album (well second if you don’t count the Lune Tunez album that got redistributed by MCA which WB redistributed also) in 1996 called Killa Instinct. But the album that was planned to be released on Warner Brothers Records never hit shelves in music stores or the public. Instead the album remained unreleased. Warner Brothers Records shelved the album due to its explicit content deemed too hardcore for the public. That was until 2017 when the album was released publicly for the first time ever on CD & LP on the label Dust & Dope Recordings.

The liner notes of Raw Breed - Killa Instinct explain the history of the album. Included is a detailed article about how their follow up effort was censored. The article inside the liner notes explain clearly that the follow up effort was a censored retail release. Included is all the original artworks from the actual Killa Instinct album that was to be released in 1996.

Raw Breed - Killa Instinct was dubbed “the banned album within the hip hop community” due to the fact Warner Brothers Records shelved the album due to its explicit content deemed too hardcore for the public. It was the hardcore content, explicit nature, and phat ghetto rawness as to reasons why the album never saw light of day until now.

I rate this album, Killa Instinct, 5/5*****!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,396

This is Michael Mixerr. I will review Raw Breed - Lune Tunez.

Raw Breed - Lune Tunez was released on Continuum/Warner Brothers in 1993. Raw Breed MCs sound just like Onyx on this album as well as their other albums. It could be coincidence. (Or coincidental at that.)
Jimmy Crack Corn is a menacing narrative of a psycho criminal that is on the loose. Kind of similar to those horror movies that take place where a psychopathic criminal is on a murder spree located on a college campus. Of course the track gets deep, dark, and brooding. Foxhunt is a well-executed East Coast production styled song where the rappers talk about going to college campuses in search of some pussy or this case “tail”.

I rate this album, Lune Tunez, 4/5****!!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,395

This is Michael Mixerr. I will review Raw Breed ‎– Blood, Sweat & Tears.

Raw Breed ‎– Blood, Sweat & Tears was a byproduct released before the Puff Daddy era where pop rap was at its peak even though this album was released the same year Puffy was in his prime on his way reaching celebrity status in stardom. Raw Breed MCs sound just like Onyx and Mobb Deep on this album as well as their other albums. The group has similarities to Onyx. It could be coincidence. (Or coincidental at that.)

Everyday Tactics showcases how street savvy/streetwise Raw Breed really is and exactly how raw they really are. Raw Breed as a rap collective proves to be both street savvy and streetwise. The track Everyday Tactics has a Mobb Deep sound.

I Want It is a cut about how to get from rags to riches. Everything's Lovely has a smooth swing jazz sample. Overall the sound is very deep and brooding. I Want It showcases a barrage of street smarts and savviness.

Overall this is a dope album despite running a bit long. This album is a perfect representation of 1997 New York hip hop before the Puff Daddy era. Most rap fans have slept on Raw Breed as a whole. This album is no particular exception to that case.

I rate this album, Blood, Sweat & Tears, 4/5****!!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,394

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review the classic MOSS - MOSS Erb-N-Reality.

This album was released on Imperial BlewBack Entertainment from Flint, Michigan in 1995 on CD and cassette. This album was different from the ghetto tech sound and gangsta rap coming from Flint rap at that time. It was more like East Coast and G-Funk blended and mixed together. It's not only as sample crazy as a lot of rap was in the 90s. They freestyle over the sampled instrumentals too. Compare the likes of Method Man, Shyheim, U-God, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Kevin Brown, Nikki D, Main Source, Heather B., Monie Luv, Native Nuttz, Skillz, and FOE from Black Market Records all mixed together.The groups accents are lot different from the average Flint rapper and any rapper in Michigan.

This album was really different from all the rap albums in Flint at that time. The album cover for Erb-N-Reality stood out because there are 2 men laying in a pool of blood yet MOSS is NOT a gangsta rap group rather an intellectual lyrical group. (Possibly looking at a shooting victim here.) The origins of the photo are unknown because the members of MOSS refuses to reveal the origins. MOSS should have released a 2nd album as a follow up album to their debut. That would have been the shit!

(MOSS means Ministaz Of a Sinista Society. Members are Big G, Cognac, Scurvy, Googiemac, and G Storm. MOSS is from Merrill Hood which is a neighborhood located in Northside Flint.)

The track Erb-N-Reality shows us morbid sad reality of daily life inside urban reality. Erb-N-Reality shows us how life in Flint can be hell. How people can become fiends and how people can become crack heads. It's not all prostitution and killings. The song shows no solutions or answers to the problems. Overall the song is filled with negativity with no solutions to the sadness of urban reality.

But life is not all that bad in Flint since the late 2000s revitalization attempts of the area of Downtown Flint is slowly rebuilding especially with Kettering University. Don't forget that folks.

8 MC's has that deep dark, grimey mid 90's East Coast sound to it. Particularly that grimey NYC sound. East Coast hip hop meets Midwest rap on 8 MC’s. Think Onyx, Das EFX, Necro, Ill Bill, Almighty RSO, Non Phixon, Orko, U-God, Bahamadia, and The Undatakaz. It has jazz samples like as many East Coast hip hop and rap songs did at that time. Flint was a gutta and ghetto place at that time and it still is. 

8 MC’s is the MOSS posse cut which is a hardcore rap freestyle that is a posse cut that includes all members unleashing verses including Big G, Scurvy, and Googie Mac. MOSS members Googie Mac, Cognac, and Scurvy stand out the most as usual. However MOSS members Scurvy and Googie Mac stand out the most as they are the ones all over this album with Big G and Cognac. Overall 8 MC’s is a MOSS posse cut.

The track 8 MC’s was produced by The Beat Faktory who produced for legends such as The Dayton Family, Project Born, DOA, Took N Bone, Mean Gene, Bootleg, Shoestring, and more.

The song Googie Mac has the dope Wu-Tang Clan - 36 Chambers sample in it! It really showcases Googie Mac’s rap style and East Coast flow. His accents is a lot different from the average Flint rapper and any rapper in Michigan at that.

The song Googie Mac is a solo cut recorded and written by none other than Merrill Hood rap legend Googie Mac. This is a solo cut where Googie Mac gets the spotlight to stand out the most on the MOSS album. He gets his time in the light. Hip hop meets rap on Googie Mac.

On Sodom and Gammorah, an unnamed voice tells us not to adjust the sound on our speakers for the next 34 minutes on the b side of the cassette. The voice tells us how city people are evil. For example calling them thieves and murderers. The voice tells that the city of Flint is like Sodom and Gammorah. Flint has reached a point beyond redemption. People get robbed and beat up in these city streets of Flint. The Jazz sample is from J. Blackfoot.

Fully Automatic was a dark song with the high pitch note violins squealing in the background. It had that dark and grimey NYC sound as well. Gangsta rap meets East Coast hip hop on Fully Automatic. D.I.D is a G-Funk track which is the hardest shit ever! You will love the Jamaican intro at the very start. B-Def from Detroit is on this Moss posse cut.

You will love the Isaac Hayes sample used on Confessions. It has a sad yet sentimental feel. MOSS gets holier than a bible on Confessions. Each member of MOSS gives a confession about their life and sins. DJ Psycho was responsible for production.

DJ Psycho does the cuts on Verbal Murder. Bangtown (Pharlon Randle) produced Verbal Murder. Verbal Murder is a Cognac solo which is a solo cut that has an East Coast rap and hip hop feel. The track Verbal Murder is similar to Fully Automatic.

The Rick James sample used in Marijuna was a genius idea. Bangtown knew what he was doing as he, himself, was the person who produced the track Marijuana. War - Cisco Kid is used as a sample on Marijuana. No Escape tells us there's no escape from Flint. No Escape has samples from the film called Shocker. The track No Escape is similar to the track Sodom and Gammorah.

I rate this album, Erb-N-Reality, 5/5*****!!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,393

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review the single Killa Instinct by C-Loc.

This IS NOT the same C-Loc from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This C-Loc is white and better know as Shawn Curry. He is from Clinton Township, Michigan near Flint. This cassette single was released on Hustlin' Records in 1995. His kind of style is similar to Esham and White Lee (Lee Laury) of Criminal Background. C-Loc does mimic Esham's acid rap. There weren't a lot of white rappers that did acid rap in the 90s. So that's why C-Loc stands out.

Streets of War is a real acid rap track with a pinch of Esham influence. Gangsta rap meets acid rap as well as horrorcore rap on Streets of War. No Streets of War is not written from a militaristic point of view.

Killa Instinct is about being in that killa mode! As Lil Black of CKC would put it as "pants saggin', minds in that killa mode!". It's very dark and grimey track. Gangsta rap meets acid rap as well as horrorcore rap on Killa Instinct.

I rate this single, Killa Instinct, 5/5*****!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,392

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Gina Thompson - Snippets From If You Only Knew.

Snippets From If You Only Knew were snippets of songs for the then upcoming If Only You Knew album in 1999 on Missy Elliott’s Goldmind Inc. label and EW. 

Missy Elliott never gave Gina Thompson a chance while she was under her wing at Goldmind Inc. from 1996 to 2001. Elektra and Goldmind never really played her videos and didn't really put in much effort as into promoting the If Only You Knew album.

Ya Di Ya was the first single for her second album If Only You Knew featuring Missy Elliott which was released in 1999. Ya Di Ya has that Spanish mix and feel inside the percussion. The beats are very futuristic. Missy Elliott is known for her futuristic beats on her songs. Ya Di Ya is a standout track! The music video could have been improved with a little more money. Not their fault. Elektra, EW, and WMG were on the verge of going bankrupt around 1999-2001.

This is what Ya Di Ya is all about.:
Gina is saying that the man she is trying to get with is talking a lot of irrelevant nonsense. Irrelevant nonsense makes her want to leave him and not want to be bothered with him.

Gina just came from a late night, but once she got in she didn't feel right. The guy is uptight from the first time they met because Gina did not return his page. If he pages her once or twice, that's nice. It's crazy for ten times that he pages her. The mess that the guy is talking about Gina wants to say bye to him. The guy she is trying to get with is talking about irrelevant nonsense and it makes her want to leave him. Gina does not want to hear it. She does not want to be bothered by him. He is just really getting on her nerves.

Gina is not in the mood for the drama this evening. So Gina think the guy should be leaving because she doesn't need this or him because is it doesn't pay the bills. There are more guys with more skills that will definitely satisfy Gina. His talking is weighing out his good looks. Right now Gina thinks he should be walking right out that door.

On the last verse before the hook repeats, Missy Elliott wonders why the man she wants to get with is aggravating her. Everything he says agitates her. He’s bugging her with all that nonsense. Missy Elliott keeps it real on this song. She said don’t even play me unless he pays her bills.

So Gina asks him to take her number down from his pager so he can call her later. It’s obvious that Gina is tired of hearing from him. So she asks him to stop calling her for the night. Or week if she is really annoyed.

It Hurts seems to sample Toni Braxton/Deborah Cox ballad Nobody's Supposed To Be Here. The gospel interlude in the middle has a real church vibe to it. Gina Thompson takes it to church with her sultry gospel vocals on this one. It Hurts stands out the most on this album sampler. Her lyrics are laid back. Although it will stick in your head for days on end.

It Hurts is very similar in musical style and harmony towards the Deborah Cox ballad Nobody's Supposed To Be Here and the Lil Mo song called Why. In fact, the song It Hurts seems to sample the Deborah Cox ballad Nobody's Supposed To Be Here and the Lil Mo song called Why. The samples are both similar in both sound, composition, style, rhythm, and harmony. The sound, style and harmony stand out the most for this Gina Thompson song. Deborah Cox co-wrote this song with Gina Thompson herself.

Ladies Anthem has a really great beat! Her voice is really great on it! Ladies Anthem is an ode to all the ladies out there whether single or married. Hey girls just want to have fun as Cyndi Lauper stated back in the 1980s. Ladies Anthem have been great for a music video.

Up All Night is a romantic song with laid back lyrics featuring Jon B. This one is a standout track! Jon B produced this song. Caught Up has a hook that will stick in your head for days on end. The song Caught Up would have been a great choice for a single and a music video. However Caught Up is only a snippet of less than 2 minutes.

I rate this album, Snippets From If You Only Knew, 3/5***.

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,391

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review the ZOX - Take Me Home album.

Take Me Home is an album by Rhode Island based rock group Zox that was released in 2003 on Zox Music. This ZOX album somehow wasn’t that good as some people decided. Some of the songs end far too suddenly while others platter out too long as some have put it. Most music critics such as Allmusic have desensitized the listener away from listening to this particular ZOX album even if Take Me Home was well-favored album by hardcore ZOX fans or anyone interested in the Ska sound.

Canon is a tribute/cover song of Pachelbel's Canon which is recast simply as “Canon” right here that lingers into nearly six minutes. The Canon tribute/cover song is quite lyrically impressively though. The climate offers a scenic view. This tribute was a good idea.

Rain on Me is a sad ballad of feels and honesty that is quite similar to Homebody. The composition track Rain on Me is quite sad. Rain on Me is quite an intelligent ballad.

I rate this album, Take Me Home, 4/5****!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,390

This is Michael Mixerr. I am reviewing today Jennifer Knapp - Evolving.

Evolving is a collection of Jennifer Knapp songs from 2008 to 2009 which released May 11, 2010 as an EP on CD. Many of these songs are considered to be rudimentary recordings by her standards. Additional vocals were added on top of acoustic layers inside of these songs. She claims these songs are too good to forget and too good for the public to forget which are considered to her as simple and pertinent. These demo songs here evolve from a quiet place to a wider world.

I rate this EP, Evolving, 4/5****.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,389

This is Michael Mixerr. I am reviewing tonight Kindred Idol ‎– Conscious In The Mudvein.

The album Conscious In The Mudvein was dedicated to those who believed that the world is in total disorder and chaos. Kindred Idol wanted to make the world a better place for all with this album. They wanted more peace in other words. Despite that, the graphic design and artwork for this album does not look very peaceful. Artwork and graphic design resemble total disorder instead.

Conscious In The Mudvein is one of the many overlooked and overshadowed metal albums in music history. The album Conscious In The Mudvein has some awesome raw material. The lead singer growls into the microphone on many songs on this album. The slow churning guitar riffs performed give the album a grunge sound and edge. Sound gets very heavy as the album progresses. Kindred Idol will remind you of Def Leppard or Black Sabbath. I would suggest this album to anyone who likes metal.

I rate this album, Conscious In The Mudvein, 4/5****!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,388

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will write a short album review on DJ Snake - Turnt Up Bass Classics.

DJ Snake combined songs from his albums Till Bass Do Us Part and King of Bass onto one album which is this one right here. Did you know that DJ Snake bass test tones can help equalize balance in your speakers? Well if you purchased his newly remastered state-of-the-art digital download album of his Turnt Up Bass Classics album that was released on iTunes back in 2016, then you will know what I am talking about. For instance songs such as How Low, Moments in Bass, and Frequency use a 26 Hz bass test tone that will surely clear and equalize your speakers. The album is mainly a mixture of electronic, dance, rap, pop, and hip hop. The bass is blasted heavy throughout the entirety of the album.

Art of Bass is an interpolation of Beatbox by Art of Noise. DJ Snake pays tribute to British electronic band Art of Noise on this song. The drum programming plays a role the heavy percussion ridden song. It's an electronic mix n mash of Art of Noise songs into one single track. Most of the percussion selection is electronically programmed and not produced live. No live instrumentation was used on this song.

Super Boom was a 5 minute song that displayed DJ Snakes drum programming skills. He incorporated a 46 Hz bass test tone in the background. If you use ultrasound headphones that are good, you probably can hear the 46 Hz bass test tone. Super Boom is rap and hip hop influenced in terms of music.

Nasty Bass is another rap and hip hop influenced song electronically programmed by DJ Snake. Nasty Bass was most likely influenced by the sounds of Freaky Tales by Too $hort. The bass gets super nasty on this song.

Frequency is a journey into sound and bass. He kept the frequency clear while producing this song creating a mega melody of influences from several musical genres such as electronic, rap, hip hop, soul, and pop. Frequency incorporates elements from the How Low? song.

How Low? is an electronic rap inspired song which percussion was programmed by the great DJ Snake. The percussion and bass are set to an extremely loud volume! The bass is set to a very low level.

Treble is faded and the bass is reduced on Bass Down. DJ Snake uses the bass reduction setting on this song. He masters it quite flawlessly. The percussion takes a sample of Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner. Bass test tones are used and sampled throughout the song.

First off is Moments in Bass which is sampled from Moments in Love by Art of Noise which is a 5 minutes long instrumental track. Moments in Bass is super low bass and heavy hitting high percussion. The beats were programmed by DJ Snake. A genius idea was to turn Moments in Love into Moments in Bass. Who else besides, DJ Snake and DJ AK, would have thought of that?

Buggin’ Bass starts off with an insect in the bass speakers. The main idea is bass on Buggin’ Bass. Low heavy bass is prevalent throughout the 5 minutes of this track. Buggin’ Bass is sampled from 3rd Bass - Step to the AM and Nemesis - Oak Cliff (1986 version and not the widely known 1989 version.)

Drop The Bass was a Nemesis track was on the 1989 version of the To Hell and Back album released on Profile Records from New York City. Drop The Bass is a classic Nemesis track! Only this track is an extended version of that track. The track Drop The Bass is the highlight track for Till Bass Do Us Part.

Just A Beat (Stomp Action) samples Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Moon and N.W.A. - On Tha Set. The beginning starts off with the legendary Pink Floyd - Dark Side of The Moon rock sample which is a classic! Breakbeats and programmed drum beats just continue on from there. Vocal samples are added into the mix too.

Too Damn Low is a 3 and a half minute long track of low bass. Super heavy low bass with repeated sound samples in ensemble. DJ Snake and DJ AK both showcase their legendary DJing skills on this album!

I rate this album, Turnt Up Bass Classics, 5/5*****!!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,387

This is Michael Mixerr. I will review DBC (Dead Brain Cells) AKA the Homicidal Maniacs - Homicidal Maniacs.

DBC (Dead Brain Cells) AKA the Homicidal Maniacs were a rap group from Flint, Michigan in the 90s. DBC (Dead Brain Cells) AKA the Homicidal Maniacs had cuts produced by Steve Pitts. One track produced by Steve Pits for the Homicidal Maniacs was called "Homicidal Maniacs”. The other cut was called “Raw”. Raw was nothing but raw and funky. The Homicidal Maniacs cassette tape was crazy and swept through Flint's underground. Their music even made its way to California. These dudes were the truth as they were the real thing!

I rate this single, Homicidal Maniacs, 5/5*****!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,386

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I am going to review Raw Deal - XXV Years.

Livin' In The Dope Game describes the lurid criminal activity that details how K-Mill led his lifestyle. The whiny G-Funk sine gives away an eerie vibe of hauntedness at the very beginning of the track. G-Funk meets gangsta rap on this track. K-Mill and Troubleman are vocal on here.

Here we are with 6 homies getting locced out and shermed out in a dope house. They appear to be plotting their next move. Everything is going smooth as Raw Deal has block sowed up. The guns are safe in stash spots. But keep a gun on your person just in case something were to happen. Things get hectic. These dudes were the truth as they were the real thing!

XXV Years (25 Years) is about a lifetime sentence K-Mill was facing for a murder he committed during his activity of crime. K-Mill had to murder a sucka in an act of self defense. When someone is trying to kill you, you fight back. Various acts of self-defense are used on the assailant. Whether it was intentional or not is clearly unknown.

What can you do when you're facing 25 years? Maintain your innocence and defend yourself. That's what people usually do. Some fight back with assault. In some cases criminals get a 25 years to life sentence in prison or jail.

K-Mill and Troubleman put us as the listeners on another level on On That Other Level. They take us to another level of the game with this track the best way they know how. Raw Deal reflects as a duo on this song. On That Other Level deals with pure genuine conflict.

If you are looking for longevity in duration in his album, then you're out of luck. The XXV Years album only consists of 4 songs making resemblance to an EP. Your expectations will be let down if you are looking for that. The songs are under 5 minutes at best making the album short and inconsistent in quality. The rawness in lyrics of this album is what makes XXV Years funky. Raw Deal comes with raw materials in their lyrics. Raw Deal's album was over the top hyper-masculinity. Perfect to a true fan of hardcore rap or gangster rap it was!

Raw Deal was a rap group from Flint, Michigan consisting of Kenny Miller (K-Mill) and Kimoni O. Jackson (Troubleman from Freaky Live) in the 1990s. K-Mill was the brains & vocals behind the Raw Deal group and Troubleman was the bread behind the group. Troubleman was responsible for the finances of Raw Deal and getting studio time for recording sessions on their albums. He took care and responsibility of the financial aspect for the group. Gangsta rap is what this group was about. The group only put out 2 EPs on cassette only.

XXV Years is the highest sought after album in Flint rap by music. The album XXV Years sells within the range of $400 to $700 on eBay and other online stores! With $400 being the lowest average price and $700 being the highest average selling price. Only a certain amount of copies were pressed which is why hardcore rap collectors want this album.

I rate this album, XXV Years, 4/5****!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,385

This is Michael Mixerr. I will review Cherokee Tribe -  Cherokee Stomp Dance.

The Cherokee Stomp Dance album was an album composed by the Cherokee Tribe of Oklahoma State. In 1993, Cherokee Stomp Dance was released as a cassette on Litefoot’s Red Vinyl Records label from Oklahoma. Cherokee Stomp Dance is a collection of songs, chants, hymns, rhythms, tribal dances, and percussion ensembles performed by the Cherokee Tribe.

On the J-card of the cassette inlay is a message from Tommy Wildcat stating the following:
“This tape is dedicated to our Cherokee people who recognize the need to teach and enlighten our children with tradition so that our ways remain alive and are never forgotten. - Tommy Wildcat”

I rate this album, Cherokee Stomp Dance, 5/5*****!!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,384

This is Michael Mixerr. I will review Turning Point - Deeper In Love for a single review.

Turning Point was a modern soul band from San Antonio, Texas during the 70s. Turning Point was part of the famous “Chitlin Circuit.” Turning Point consisted of Robert John Gomez Jr. (Robert Gomez Jr.), Ronald Warner Sr. (Ronnie Warner), Leonard Wong, Kort Odgen, Ricky Hernandez, and Jose “Sparky” Montoya among others. Robert Gomez Jr. and Ronnie Warner were the brains and bread behind Turning Point.

In the mid-1970s,  Robert Gomez Jr. and his band Turning Point built their reputation playing San Antonio’s legendary East Wood Country Club, which incidentally was part of the famous “Chitlin Circuit.” Turning Point practiced tirelessly and gigged nonstop in San Antonio until Warner Bros Records eventually scouted them. His bandmates had no interest moving to Hollywood to sign to Warner Bros Records. So nothing ever happened. Although short-lived, Turning Point received a considerable amount of local radio exposure with songs that are still praised to this day: Get up and Git Out and Walk with Love.

The whole Deeper In Love single is retro killer Texas modern soul with a boogie sound. Both songs Deeper In Love and Got To Get Up - Get Out are modern soul at its finest. Both of these songs were a direct inspiration for the band.

Got To Get Up - Get Out is killer Texas modern soul. Ronald Warner Sr. (Ronnie Warner) takes control of the song by singing the lead vocals. Ronnie Warnie shares the gift of love on this song.

Ronald Warner has been up and he’s been down. He’s been lost and sometime he has been found. He is feeling lonely in the city of San Antonio with its sound. Ronnie Warner is living for the city like Roger Troutman was in 1991. He is searching in the city of for its sound. Of soul music of course. Waiting for someone like to come around. To share with his dreams and emotional fantasies. The love is burning inside of him. He has to get out so he won’t loose control. His soul is weary.

He is searching for someone that loves him. Someone that he can trust. Someone that really cares. The gift of love will get us there by elevating us to a higher level of trust. Ronnie Warnie shares the gift of love in the middle of the song.

Deeper In Love is a nice follow-up song to Got To Get Up - Get Out which is the A-side to Got To Get Up. Deeper In Love is a song that mellows out and calms down the whole single with its slow tempo mood. The song itself is a love song obviously.

I rate this single, Deeper In Love, 5/5*****!!