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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The future of Mixerr Politics.

The future of Mixerr Politics is clear that Michael Mixerr will incorporate Mixerr Politics into Mixerr Reviews clearly for business purposes. Mixerr Politics has shut down as business due to lack of readership and schedule constraints. Michael Mixerr’s schedule constraints have led him to have put Mixerr Politics on hold as a side project. In other words, Mixerr Politics is a side project that has been put on hold for now.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Politics surrounding former Texas governor Rick Perry.

For those who don't know and who don't remember, back in late August 2014 former Texas governor Rick Perry was indicted by a grand jury on felony charges for abuse of power by misappropriating, abusing, and misusing funds. Texas Republicans and Texas Democrats are highly focused on Rick Perry's indictment.

Lawyers and judges are tied together on this long standing court case battle against former Texas governor Rick Perry. This abuse of power court case has stalled his career as Texas State governor as it came to an end by the end of the fiscal year of 2014. Rick Perry's lawyers filed to have his charges dismissed. The defense motion to view a grand jury testimony is currently pending. He still has to face to charges that are filed for his indictment in the Supreme Court of Texas. A first motion to quash indictment has been overruled by a judge from the Supreme Court of Texas in January 2015.

Just an update! Rick Perry has been indicted for his charges handed tom him by the Supreme Court of Texas since February 2015. He has now stepped down from his position of Texas Governor. These indictments and charges are now official. The news has extensively covered this news topic. In other words, he is no longer the governor of Texas.

Turkey AKP political party results

TRT television says the AKP has had the support of 40% of Turkish voters. Yes, the AKP has faced an unexpected setback because there are 18 seats for senate below the minimum needed to keep its majority as Turkish government. The AKP might have been put to an end due to this setback! AKP representatives struggle to retain their preeminent places inside Turkish politics once had in their former glory years.

Reality of trickle down economics!

The reality is that the concept of trickle down economics has not worked at all! Trickle down economics have failed the many people across the world in several different countries. People across the world are tired of this concept but politicians don't really seem to care at all that people are suffering. These trickle down economics policies have failed us over the years and the years to come. The ideology of trickle down economics that revolves around in the world of the currency market to put it bluntly.

Trickle down economics is a concept that many economics experts have thought of over the years when it came to banking and currency investments. Sure there are economics experts that have a lot of theories and concepts from different ideologies. Very frequently are these economics experts right about their ideology of trickle down economics that revolves around in the world of the currency market.
Some economics experts call trickle down economics an ideal concept.

Why we need health care coverage for all.

Millions of people go uninsured every year due to unemployment and many other factors leading to health care law. Along with underemployment, lack of access to medical treatment, poverty, crime, asinine laws in the legal system, corrupt politicians, mental illness, and various other factors that lead to lack of health care as I said before. Policymakers do actually use corrupt politics in decision making towards health care law right now. Millions are uninsured eventually ending up homeless even with health care law in place.

Millions of people go uninsured every year due to policymakers corrupt politics in decision making towards health care law right now. Millions are uninsured eventually ending up homeless even with health care law in place. Policymakers decided somewhere along the line that part-time workers weren't working enough hours in order to qualify for health care coverage apparently. Only those citizens who are employed full-time get health care coverage. Health care should categorize all people to be eligible for health care coverage and not just a select few placed into law by lobbyists and high-profile lawyers whom that citizens advocated for.

We need healthcare for all!

What has the United States Government has been doing with funding for military weapons?

What the United States Government has been done and is currently doing with funding for military weapons is forcing the average taxpayers to fund unnecessary wars. In some cases the rich high class donate and make profits off of war. The United States Government has been using taxpayer funds through taxes in order to pay for military weapons.
These weapons are very much heavier and more technologically advanced than the rest of the world would have expected from Americans! These military weapons are often nuclear weapons of mass destruction which are deadly and quite lethal. Not only are these weapons highly dangerous and extremely expensive, these weapons offend many taxpayers due to the fact that they have to pay for them. You do too!

The "Big Ship, Big Guns" concept is currently the battleship-centric strategy the US Government is using with military weapons and equipment. That is why the US Navy and US Army somehow need accessibility to these weapons of war. These weapons include  fighter planes, fighter jets, hybrid aviation battleships, nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and of course, missiles. Most of the US tax dollars are spent on military weapons as I had said before.

Military weapons are used for self-defense mechanisms in the military. Not just nuclear mass destruction. An anti-missile defense system such as Aegis is carried by many naval and military vessels as well as destroyer ships. Anti-ballistic missiles are also used by Aegis. A wide array range of missiles are produced for Aegis. The US Navy and US Army uses American-designed anti-missile defense systems in the 21st century.

The concept of religious freedom under the United States Constitution.

During the time of birth of the United States, no country on the continent of Europe were church and state separated. People who were not accepting or practicing the religion of the state were often persecuted and killed! For example, Catholic France persecuted Huguenots who were known as French Protestants in the 1700s. The Christians in Spain persecuted the Jewish and Islamic peoples.

In some countries, people practicing a religion other then the state religion were "tolerated" despite not being legally permitted to vote and hold political office. The United States became the first country where church and state were completely separated in 1785. In 1787, the country's leaders wrote up the Bill of Rights guaranteeing religious freedom for all. All states followed suit in 1789. Establishment of religion is unconstitutional as the founding fathers believed. Presidents James Madison and Thomas Jefferson fought hard for religious freedom. William Penn believed no state has the right to interfere with religion of its inhabitants.

But not all these religious freedom ideologies were shared by all the colonists. Virginia had set up their state religion with the Church of England. Maryland was under Catholic rule. Some states had their own state religion and didn't permit Jewish people to live in their state. Maryland outlawed Jewish people from living in the state until 1827 when the US Supreme Court ruled out banning people that believed in certain religions from living in any states was unconstitutional. By 1960 religious freedom was allowed in all states in the US. Religious freedom has been mostly established by 1970. Established religion was abolished.

The United States Constitution guarantees religious freedom for ALL citizens within the wonderful country of the United States. The United States Constitution guarantees that church and state be separated. The US Government has no right to interfere with religion of its inhabitants or their religious beliefs. Which is why we in 2015 have freedom of religion!

That's the concept of religious freedom under the United States Constitution!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Ron Paul and other follies revisited!!

If Ron Paul had gotten people to listen to him, we in the US would be out of the recession a lot quicker and unemployment would decrease. A lot of people really did think Ron Paul was our only hope left. I'm afraid so! Even the protesters at the Occupy movements said so!

In the end, 2012 proved to be a bad year for Ron Paul because he quitting politics. Ron Paul knew that he didn't really have any powerful financial back from more powerful political parties in the US such as Republican Party, Democratic Party, and Libertarian Party. The Independent Party and Green Party don't have as much influence here in the US. I think Ron Paul would have a great candidate for the Green Party and the Independent Party.  No, I'm afraid not this was NOT a political move for anything. The corporations and politicians won. We the people lost. We lost. They won.

How you as citizens can make a difference in politics!

I will talk about how you as citizens can make a difference in politics. Here is how you all as citizens can be come politicians and make a difference!

Go to college to study up on politics, run for mayor for your local city, and try participating in any neighborhood associations available in your area. Talk to your local city council members and politicians. Because they are the ones who SHOULD CARE the most. Local elections matter the most! Local elections are where it's at!
Please be sure to remember to get out there and vote! Before it's too late!

Affordability on colleges.

Educational establishments across the United States need an overhaul in their systems and bureaucracy. The college loan rates are too high and the prices for attendance are sky high too. Not everyone can afford to go to college these days. Even in the past that was not true because when colleges were first new, many colleges were only available to the elite and super rich. More professors are being hired at the moment. The college educational system is currently being rebuilt. But not fast enough in many peoples eyes.

Politics of Flint revisited!

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will revisit and talk about the history about Flint, the crazy politics surrounding Flint, and what we can do to make Flint a thriving city it once was. So listen up very closely!

As many of you know or did not know, Flint started as a fur trade post in 1796. In the 19th century, Flint was a college town as Detroit was. In 1880, Flint built Mott College and U of M - Flint which was home to many upper class political scholars and many upper class people. In the 20th century, Flint was donned the name Vehicle City because of the number of cars Flint produced. Automobile manufacturers such as GM, Ford, Buick, and Chrysler had factories in Flint. Business was booming in 1950s and 1960s. The 1950s through the 1970s were the peak decades. Everything was going great back then. Basketball became a popular sport in Flint.

But the 1980s is when things started getting bad. During the 1980s is when politicians began taking advantage of its citizens and stopped caring about Flint all together. Companies such as GM and Ford started shutting down their factories and sending their jobs to other low wage countries. Crack cocaine hit the city very hard in the housing projects. Politicians started getting lazy, greedy, and corrupt like they are today and back then as well. The politicians didn't do anything about the cultural problems that needed to be solved. People then stopped caring.

Ever since GM closed down their automobile manufacturing plants in Flint in 1988, Flint has gotten worse year by year. GM basically outsourced their jobs to other countries. While Detroit, Saginaw, and Pontiac were economically suffering from the automobile plant shutdowns and outsourcing, the effects on Flint was absolutely devastating! In 1988, Flint was rated one of the worst places to live in the United States by Money Magazine and had the highest violent crime rate per capita. As well as the murder rate. Flint at that time was gaining notoriety for being a major violent crime center.

Things got worse in the 1990s! The 90s was the decade that proved to be the worst for Flint, Michigan. Nearly half the city of Flint was living on food stamps, the police department was reduced to 6 police officers, a lot of the buildings in Downtown Flint, and a lot of houses are being torn down as well as abandoned. In 1994, the Flint Police Department was reduced down to 6 police officers, so the city of Flint had to rely on Michigan State Police for support and help. There was only 4 police officers to cover every 2 blocks at that time! In the 21st century, things in Flint were getting better slowly. City officials have decided to rebuild Downtown Flint as well as the university area. The city officials are turning Flint into a college town in order to change from a factory town to a college town. Flint is transitioning from a blue collar town to a white collar town basically. They are doing well at promoting Kettering University. Despite having only 6 police officers for the whole city and having a high crime rate, life in Flint is not as bad as it used to be. Flint is getting slowly better, but there is still much to fix.

Today Flint is one of those American cities in decline right now as is Detroit. Flint is a lot like Detroit in many similar ways. Today Flint is one of those American cities in decline right now as is Detroit. Both Flint and Detroit have very high crime rates due to political corruption. Both cities are poor. Both cities have a Democratic majority when it comes to politics. Both cities had trouble coming to agreements when it came to workers unions.

It quite sad seeing a city such as Flint that was once great now in shambles. The cocaine trade has taken over the city. There have been more than 600 unsolved murders in 13 years in Flint. Flint right now has a population of 100,000.! That's scary with all those crimes, isn't it?! There are not enough police officers in the Flint Police force as I had mentioned earlier before.
Luckily both cities are rebuilding their downtown areas, but Downtown Flint is nearly done being rebuilt while Downtown Detroit is just getting started. Both Flint and Detroit were car manufacturing cities. They were both blue collar towns. But the bright side is that basketball is BIG in Flint, Michigan! Just as it is in San Antonio, Texas.

In conclusion… if the local citizens of Flint and the city officials had taken more action in the past, things would have been a lot different. Both sides should stood up to the big corporations and made stay in town. Sure there are drugs and political corruption in Flint just like in every other city on Planet Earth. As I said, things are not all that bad. They will get better.

As for fixing Flint, here is what you should do…
So citizens, do not give up your hope on your legislators and politicians. Talk to them and tell them how they can fix the problems in Flint that effect the Flint area. Tell your local politicians of how they can help bring Flint back to what it once was. Tell your local politicians how they can put money back into the city, bring in more business, fix the roads, get more housing, more funding for the government, and fix education.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Why the Patriot Act is neo-nazi fascism!

Today I will talk about why the The Patriot Act is neo-nazi fascism!

The Patriot Act is neo-nazi fascism!  The Patriot Act is proof that Nazism is alive and well in the United States. It is the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler's Enabling Act. Not to mention draft acts of that nature. It also infringes on many peoples right. Once you're convicted by the government, you're locked down in an indefinite detention center. There's really no way out.


I will talk about the bill called ACTA.
Everyone! A new law is in the works and it's called ACTA. ACTA is very similar to SOPA/PIPA indeed. If the bill passed, so many people would get into riots over infringement of free speech. This bill has harmful effects on everyone. It's like SOPA except it effects the WHOLE world! We must stop ACTA quickly!

Why SOPA/PIPA is unconstitutional!

They, the government, want to do it for the "safety" and "intellectual property" of "their" country, but they all are only becoming the perfect target for haters, and they start to complain when everyone wants to blast their asses. It turns your phone, internet, TV, and other devices into instant data acquisition for the Government. You have no privacy. Its like a Net Nanny, but for Americans (United Stats citizens such as myself and all the other Americans. The worst part is that no matter what country you are, US government will want to extradite you for crimes against US law. It's not happening yet but it might happen soon. This is what it does.

If the bill passed, so many people would get into riots over infringement of free speech. The bullshit he's saying is just a cover, he wants to hide anything he doesn't like. ie, children and women. Lamar S. Smith just killed his chances of getting anywhere in the world. Whose growing up and going to be voting soon and in the future? Whois this going to hurt the most in the future? Who is this going to hurt the most? College and high school kids. Great job buddy, you just committed political suicide.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

How State Executive Committees work in the United States.

I will talk about how State Executive Committees work in the United States.

Here is how State Executive Committees work in the United States. Every two years, State Conventions in every state of the US delegates elect one man and one woman from their local/regional district to serve on their committee. These committee members enforce very important proposals such as choosing board members or a chairman.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Jello Biafra

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will reflect on the politics on Jello Biafra.

Jello Biafra has made some anti-Bush statements along with Fat Mike of NOFX. For those who don't know, Jello Biafra has run for mayor of San Francisco in 1977. Jello Biafra ran as a candidate for the Green Party in 2000, performed with NOFX at the Rock Against George Bush and crashed the Democratic National Convention and Republican Convention more than twice. Jello Biafra had joined the Occupy movement of 2011 and 2012. So Jello Biafra is STILL relevant today. Jello Biafra has made some anti-Obama statements after Barrack Obama let 320 million Americans along with the rest of the world down. Even with all that Change and Hope crap. 

Because of some of his ridiculous requests he wants to have happen and because he has been compared to Crazy Leftists (Leftivists) and Crazy Centrists, nobody will really vote for him and take He is pro Green Party despite some pro Libertarian Party sentiments made long ago. But hey, that's just me.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

General Motors pullouts and outsourcing in Flint.

Today I will talk about the recent General Motors pullouts and outsourcing in Flint.
Ever since GM closed down their automobile manufacturing plants in Flint, Flint has gotten worse year by year. The city of Flint is going through a really rough time since GM pulled out a lot of manufacturing facilities and left a handful of only a few. However, Downtown Flint is getting revitalized and revived with new construction projects. So progress is being made since 2009.

The city of Flint is going through a really rough time with all the violent crime, drugs, and political corruption. Money Magazine had rated Flint one of the worst places to live in America in 1994. If people would have taken more action, things would have been a lot different. Citizens should have taken more action and paid attention to what was happening in Flint. Things would have been a lot different then they are now if action was taken earlier!

Gun Safety

Mixerr Politics reminds you to lock up all your firearms and ammunition from your children!  We don't anymore school shootings like Sandy Hook to happen. It's just safer that way to remember to lock up your guns. Don't be stupid.
Do not automatically trust strangers with guns. Never give a gun to anyone who has never used one before. Always make sure to have the safety tab on.

Story of Melbourne, Australia.

Today we will talk about why Melbourne is not the capital of Australia.

This is the story of Melbourne, Australia.

The city of Canberra was formed because Melbourne and Sydney could not agree between being the capital of Australia. In other words, neither city would agree on which one could be the capital. Melbourne was supposed to be the capital. There was hate between Melbourne and Sydney at one point in time. Melbourne is to Eagleton as Sydney is to Pawnee. Melbourne and Sydney are quite competitive.

Judicial corruption of Judge William Watkins.

Today's article topic will talk about US Court of Family Law Judge William Watkins and his abuse of judicial powers. I will discuss the his personal issues with clients on this article as well. Along with his breach of judicial powers.

Judge William Watkins is a judge in Family Law for US Court in Putnam County, West Virginia. He has been on the bench for more than 20 years and practices in family law. In the most recent years Judge William Watkins has had shouting matches with defendants and clients. 

The most recent example was with the divorce case of Lillian Hage during 2013 in United States Federal Court in Putnam County, West Virginia. Judge William Watkins even had the audacity to call Lillian Hague a stupid woman. He even told her to show up at one point. However he did not yell at her lawyer which is odd. He was more professional with the lawyer later. Judge William Watkins yelled at Arthur Hage for showing pictures of his house for Putnam County newspaper.