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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Forgotten history of Bexar County Girls Home in San Antonio, Texas explored and explained by Mixerr Reviews.

Much history of the Bexar County Girls Home in San Antonio, Texas has not been preserved and long forgotten. Not too much history is known about this institution and detention facility. Bexar County Girls Home was a detention facility operated by Bexar County from 1919 up until 1972.

Bexar County Girls Home was established on Walker Ranch when it was owned by Ganahl Walker, Sr. in 1919. What is now known as Walker Ranch Historic Landmark Park was home to several acres of ranch land for Bexar County Girls Home. The purpose for Bexar County Girls Home was to serve as a detention facility for delinquent girls between the ages of 11 through 17 years. (Ref: Bexar County Official Public Records - Real Estate, Document No. 916)

Plans for the new girls home called Henrietta Joske Memorial Home were announced by San Antonio Express in spring 1919. Henry T. Phelps helped develop plans. The plans were approved by order of the County Commissioners’ Court. The contract was drawn on a basis of cost plus 8% percent. (Ref: San Antonio Express, Plans Approved For Girls’ Home, March 18, 1919)

In April 1919, San Antonio Express announced Walsh & Burney won a bid for the construction of Henrietta Joske Memorial Home. Henrietta Joske Memorial Home was constructed by Walsh & Burney. The county donated a sum of $130,000. (Ref: San Antonio Express, Renditions Ready For Huth, April 9, 1919)

A contract was given to the San Antonio Public Service Corporation to install a lighting plant in the Henrietta Joske Memorial Home, at a cost of $1,720 at a meeting of the Commissioners' Court. (Ref: San Antonio Evening News, Page 10, October 9, 1919)

Remodels and additions were constructed in 1923 by Walsh & Burney as reported by Manufacturer’s Record. The Manufacturer’s Record of 1923 listed Bexar County Girls Home as “Henrietta Joske Memorial Home” and was located on what was then North Loop. Bexar County Girls Home had first went under the name of Henrietta Joske Memorial Home before changing to the current name. (Ref: Manufacturer’s Record, 1923)

On the date of December 2, 1926, a moss-covered fountain which was located in the patio of the county courthouse was sent to the Joske Memorial Home to make room for expansion. (Ref:

Over the years, Bexar County Girls Home went under a plethora of several names such as Bexar County Girls School, Bexar County School for Girls, Bexar County Home for Girls, Bexar County Juvenile Girls Home, and Henrietta Joske Memorial Home.

Bexar County planned for Henrietta Joske Memorial Home to be a county juvenile training school for girls from the beginning. This girls home eventually transformed into a detention facility despite there never being a high demand for housing juvenile female delinquents.


“The spirit of the agreement with the Government was kept and Live Oak Farm was operated and maintained according to its terms until August 1, 1920, when the inmates were transferred to the city jail. It became known in November 1919 that the city had transferred its interest in the property to the county and that the original building would eventually be used as the administration building for a county juvenile training school for girls to be known as the Joske Memorial Home. The erection Of a new building about 100 feet away was commenced about that time. The county officials interviewed contend that they never intended to carry on the work of the institution as a detention hospital after the close of the war and that they know of no contract with the Government which bound them to such a plan.”


In the middle of 1945, nine inmates of the Joske Memorial Home on North Loop Road were booked at county jail for staging a free-for-all fight to get better food. The girls demolished furniture and broke windows in their demonstration. Some inmates were drunk. (Ref:

By the mid 1940s, the Bexar County Home for Girls had a small working farm as a part of their rehabilitation program. Inmates helped with various duties of the working farm. Despite having a working farm, the detention facility was not very big. The girls who lived there had long juvenile records being held on trial or were being held for county juvenile authorities.

An auxiliary unit was established for Bexar County School for Girls called Bexar County School for Girls Auxiliary. The group was organized in 1952 to provide service to the girls and to integrate the school to the community. Bexar County School for Girls Auxiliary was a domestic nonprofit corporation. Bexar County School for Girls Auxiliary was disestablished in 1972.

“Members of the Bexar County School for Girls Auxiliary furnished school supplies, dental care, eye care, clothes, religious training, hand crafts and transportation for the girls who lived there. The group promotes social activities through monthly coffees and luncheons and stimulates participation in club-sponsored welfare work which include both Air Force and community services. Each year a Christmas party is given for students at Stonewall Elementary School and support was given to Christmas Clearing Bureau Brooks Youth Center and the Air Force Village.”  (Ref: San Antonio Express, Page 24, May 21, 1968)

Bexar County School for Girls Auxiliary provided many useful services for girls at the school. The auxiliary also hosted a picnic and a party. They also gave gifts to all the girls. The members of the auxiliary assisted with many activities at the school. They supervised the religious education of the students and see that each girl receives instruction in her faith

Mrs. Frank Jordan served as treasurer before being elected to the presidency of the Bexar County School for Girls Auxiliary. Geraldean Brown served a founding member and president of the Bexar County School for Girls Auxiliary. (Ref:

In 1960, $8,350 worth of improvements were approved by the court for Bexar County School for Girls. It took months of decision making by commissioners to decide appropriate improvements. Shortly after, Bexar County School for Girls received $8,350 worth of improvements. (Ref: San Antonio Express, Page 12,  December 17, 1960 )

San Antonio Express shed light on a controversial protest that took place on the date of October 15, 1961 in a news article.

Members of the Bexar County School for Girls Auxiliary protested administration of Bexar County School for Girls. This was because Judge John Onion moved the auxiliary be abolished. The Bexar County School for Girls accommodated four students with 10 employees to look after them. Judges have discussed leasing the school to the state while some have talked of closing it. Auxiliary members objected. This caused friction between the parties involved. So members of the Bexar County School for Girls Auxiliary began to form a protest.

Members of the Bexar County School for Girls Auxiliary wanted the detention facility to remain open to rehabilitate delinquent girls. Judge John Onion wanted the auxiliary and Bexar County School for Girls to be closed due to low population.

Most board members feel the ladies have overstepped their bounds. Judge John Onion called the women “busy-bodies” and “troublemakers”. Judges claim the women were becoming “too involved”. The auxiliary, a charter organization, was formed to help with the girls, providing clothing, and other services. Judges had resented the women barging in on other matters. During time in court, judges studied Onion's proposal to abolish the club. However the organization had been chartered as a domestic nonprofit corporation with the city.

Members of the Bexar County School for Girls Auxiliary also accused Chief Probation Officer Jim Lewis of freeing delinquent girls. They had demanded for his dismissal. However the judges say girl delinquents are scarce. (Ref: San Antonio Express, October 15, 1961)

By 1963, Bexar County Girls Home had their own school district called Bexar County School for Girls Independent School District. By then the facility expanded to include ages 12 through 21. Then the age limit grew to 23. (Ref: Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Page 4, June 12, 1963)

The Directory of Catholic Special Facilities and Programs in the United States for Handicapped Children and Adults lists Bexar County Girls Home under the address of “Route 13, Box 292, San Antonio, Texas 78209” with Myrtle Bailey as the superintendent. (Ref: Directory of Catholic Special Facilities and Programs in the United States for Handicapped Children and Adults, 1965)

Bexar County Girls Home shut down in 1972 after Ganahl Walker, Jr sold much of the ranch property to a Dallas developer. Shortly after, the former site of Walker Ranch was added to the National Register of Historical Places.

Existing site structures including building foundations of the Walker Ranch and Bexar County Girls Home were demolished in 1997. The demolition process lasted from 1997 to May 10, 1999. The only remaining structure of Bexar County Girls Home is the Main Hall located more 20 feet from the public view of West Avenue. (Ref:

Today the Bexar County Girls Home is now home to Walker Ranch Historic Landmark Park which is owned by City of San Antonio. Walker Ranch is now on National Register of Historical Places.

Bexar County Girls Home was located at 12603 West Avenue, San Antonio, Texas, US 78216. The original address for Bexar County Girls Home was Route 13, Box 292, San Antonio, Texas 78209.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Short history of Kamamalu of Honolulu, Hawaii explored.

The Kamamalu Building was constructed in 1956 and was equipped with fire-retardant asbestos within the interior walls. Hawaii Government bought property from the Hawaiian Trust Co. in 1968 for $2.5 million. Hawaii Government moved out of the Kamamalu Building in 2003. Asbestos was removed from the building in 2008. The state had problems finding enough money to fund the repairs. This included other hazardous substances as well. In 2016, new tenants moved in. New tenants included divisions of the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health.

Kamamalu is located at 1010 Richards Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, US 96813.

Kalakaua Plaza in Honolulu, Hawaii explored.

Kalakaua Plaza was built as a 4-story building and was designed by Architects Hawaii Ltd. in 1997 for about $45 million. The building itself is 82,390 square feet. 98% percent of this building was built using concrete. (Ref:

This lovely shopping plaza included a variety of shops and businesses such as the Official All-Star Café, a coffee shop, a clothing store, and a Banana Republic store. Kalakaua Plaza once housed the former Niketown complex. A subterranean parking garage was built for public usage in later years. 30 feet of space was dug for 2 levels of underground parking.

In 2007, Kalakaua Plaza was listed as being “stocked with the latest fashions”. Banana Republic and Niketown were the top selling stores who leased from Kalakaua Plaza. However this would not last long for a variety of reasons. (Ref: Fodor's 2007 Hawaii)

Kalakaua Plaza tried to capitalize on the demand for space in the Waikiki neighborhood during the boom years. They thought this would be enough to draw tourists to walk several blocks away from their hotels. However competition from retailers outside of the Waikiki neighborhood drew tourists towards those storefronts instead. The fact that most of these stores were national retail chains did not help. Overall it was a change in shopping habits that caused a decline for both Kalakaua Plaza and Niketown.

"Monthly rents along Kalakaua range from as high as $25 per square foot near the center to $8 on the outskirts. While $8 on Kalakaua might seem attractive, it is more than double what a business owner can get in a residential shopping area on Oahu.  The relatively high rent and lower foot traffic in the remote areas of Waikiki restrict what type of businesses can succeed.” says Kim Scoggins, Colliers vice president.


Niketown closed in 2009 and the tenant lease was not renewed. Niketown occupied 35,000 square feet on there guided property prior to closure. A drop in pedestrian traffic and change in shopping habits is the reason why Niketown closed down. Both Niketown and Banana Republic were original tenants.

In 2010, Los Angeles-based developer Robertson Properties Group purchased the remaining property of the Kalakaua Plaza building for $10 million. According to tax records, that parcel has a total assessed value of about $3.1 million. (Ref:

In 2012, the property was advertised for lease by its former owner Robertson Properties Group. In 2015, plans were announced by Star Advertiser for converting the Kalakaua Plaza into a seven-story, 230-room hotel tower. The owners of Kalakaua Plaza announced plans to redevelop its retail center into a hotel. The idea received strong support from the Waikiki Neighborhood Board. (Ref:

Oceanfront Hawaii acquired Kalakaua Plaza from Robertson Properties Group in early 2016. The owners of Kalakaua Plaza announced plans to redevelop its retail center into a hotel. Today Oceanfront Hawaii owns the property and is looking for any potential businesses to have as tenants on a lease for.

Kalakaua Plaza is located at 2080 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii, US 96815

History behind the property of 2714 Avenue H in Galveston, Texas explored.

J. C. Röhm was the first person to have owned the property of 2714 Avenue H, Galveston, TX. He was known as Pastor: J. C. Roehm, who was a Lutheran pastor. He was previously a pastor at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church at Frelsburg, Texas. He purchased the property in 1842. (Ref: Geschichte der Evangel.-luth. synode von Iowa und anderen staaten: Abgefasst im auftrag des Synodal-ausschusses, Johannes Deindoerfer, Johannes Deindoerfer, 1897)

Much throughout the 20th, his land was used as industrial property. This is no surprise as much land located in Northwest Galveston is zoned as industrial. Oil drilling equipment was stored in the warehouse built on this property of his.

J. C. Röhm sold his property to Mrs. Paul J. Edwards sometime during the 1920s. Mr. Paul J. Edwards and Mrs. Paul J. Edwards also owned the property of 2714 Avenue H much throughout the 1960s. (Ref: Galveston Tribune, Friday, September 27, 1963)

Mitchell Energy Corp sold the property to Wagner Oil Co via bill of sale in 2002. Today Wagner Oil Co owns the property. Wagner Oil Co occupies the location of 2714 Avenue H, Galveston, Texas, US 77550. (

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The real history behind 5905 Lohman Ford Road, Lago Vista, Texas.

This news article will explore the intricate lengthy history for the property of 5905 Lohman Ford Road, Lago Vista, Texas, US 78645. Many business operators used this property as tenants over the course of several years.

The property of 5905 Lohman Ford Road was once owned by Gary Hudson and Lisa Bruce. On this property which they owned is where a handful of tenants operated their local businesses at. One of their first tenants were Carmelita’s, Lago Music Hall, and Merlenes BBQ. Postal address of their property was located at the address of 5905 Lohman Ford Rd, Lago Vista, TX 78645.

Lago Music Hall was established first in 1994 opening later during the same year. Gary Hudson built all of the buildings in 1994. The dance floor has Gary and Angela engraved in a corner. Lago Music Hall existed as a live music venue from 1994-2006 before finally closing down. Gary Hudson and Lisa Bruce owned Lago Music Hall.

Carmelita Hanley started the Carmelita's business as a restaurant on the same property as Lago Music Hall in 1994. What started as a restaurant became apartments. Carmelita's later became a bar. No, Carmelita's was never a hotel. Carmelita Hanley was a tenant for 1 year and failed to pay rent which resulted in her business closing in 1995.

Merlenes BBQ was another one of their early tenants which operated business on the property in 1997. As a business, Merlenes BBQ had operated from 1997 to 2007. Merlenes BBQ was owned and operated by Marcelo Merlenes, who was Lisa Bruce's boyfriend. He acted as the owner of 5905 Lohman Ford Road.

He did modify the inside of those buildings. A partial removal of major retainer walls were done in a reckless attempt of modification. Those were his unfinished attempts to these buildings which permanently damaged them. Marcelo Merlenes destroyed several buildings on the property. His recklessness resulted in a once prime piece of property to undergo a pending demolition. Gary Hudson’s property used to be such a cute spot off Lohman Ford Road.

Marcelo Merlenes operated Merlenes BBQ without inspections or permits before finally getting shut down by City of Lago Vista. Sometime in 2007 is when he left Austin to go to the country of Bolivia. He later died in the year of 2007 while he was in Bolivia.

Some of the other tenants which operated businesses on their property were lukepages, Lago Tacos, Butch Y West, and Alternative Hair Solutions. Lago Tacos was located just less than an acre away.

Gary Hudson and Lisa Bruce sold the property to Sandy Lee on the date of 6/30/2010. Sandy Lee took ownership of the property in summer 2010. (Ref: Travis County Public Records, 2010093894)

In 2011, businesses operating on this property were shut down by City of Lago Vista building code enforcement. The reasons why were due to poor construction and code violations. Several buildings on this property were cited with numerous code violations by City of Lago Vista for poor construction and several structural errors. Some buildings were not structurally safe although floorplans were fine.

Sadly Sandy Lee got cancer and had to sell the property. 2016 is the year when Sandy Lee (Sandy Le) sold the buildings and property to a business called Taha Custom Homes Inc. (Ref: Travis County Public Records, 2016100608)

In September 2017, the buildings and property were put up for sale after being abandoned for several years to any buyers who are business owners interested in commercial property to sale or lease out. (Ref: Travis County Appraisal District, Property ID 176674)

Taha Custom Homes Inc now owns portions of their property. Today the property and the several buildings are up for sale. Gary Hudson retains a 24 foot easement right of way for this property to this day. (Ref:

For now, the clean up costs are more than the property is worth due to Marcelo Merlenes lack of construction knowledge and care.

The location was 5905 Lohman Ford Road, Lago Vista, Texas, US 78645.

History of New Sweden Road Church aka New Sweden Methodist Church in Manor, Texas.

New Sweden Road Church aka New Sweden Methodist Church is one of the forgotten churches of Manor and Travis County. Not too much else is known about New Sweden School during its activity as a church. Mixerr Reviews explores the history of New Sweden Road Church in this news article.

A small settlement called New Sweden, Texas (New Sweden, TX) decided to replace their old church building in 1915. The old church building being replaced was the New Sweden Road Church aka New Sweden Methodist Church. Services were held in the New Sweden Lutheran Church on New Sweden Church Road during construction of a church building.

In 1916, a church building was constructed at the site of 12177 New Sweden Church Road in the New Sweden community and settlement of Manor, Texas New Sweden Church Road in Manor, Texas. The church was a bright yellow colored building located west of New Sweden Lutheran Church. New Sweden Road Church served the near the New Sweden community and settlement along with Manor & Manda.

In 1942, the Austin American-Statesman newspaper credited and condemned Henry Munson, Albert Munson, Victor Bengston, Martin Anderson, Albin Holmburg, and Edwin Berggren as active honorary pallbearers from New Sweden Lutheran Church. They were active in church services and the New Sweden School Board as well as Manda School Board. They served on the Board of Deacons of the Church.

From a February 26, 1933 radio program ran by Texas Extended School and Community Health Education Program for New Sweden School states the following.: “The first pupil school in this community was held in the old New Sweden Lutheran Church (the church that was is where the cemetery is now at FM 973 and New Sweden Church Road)…… the present two room school was erected in the summer and fall of 1915…. this building was made possible by a bond issue voted by the community in the spring of that year.”

In 1960, church attendance was 25 churchgoers every Sunday. Throughout the 1960s, church attendance was 25 to 35 churchgoers. Religious services were held at this church. This church also a community center.

New Sweden Road Church (New Sweden Methodist Church) was never really a financial success. Money was always tight for this church. Church attendance was 25 to 35 churchgoers every Sunday. Although attendance for New Sweden Road Church was never very high, their attendance rate was 25 to 35 churchgoers every Sunday.

Church attendance was rather low as the church was never popular with the community due to the fact that the more success and prominent New Sweden Lutheran Church had more attendees using their facilities up to the road.

So New Sweden Road Church closed in 1986 thus being coming vacant. New Sweden Road Church was left abandoned in 1988. The bright yellow colored building of New Sweden Road Church collapsed even further into the ground after years of vacancy in 2018.

New Sweden Road Church was located at 12177 New Sweden Church Road, Manor, Texas, US 78653. Postal address for New Sweden Road Church was 12178 New Sweden Church Road, Manor, Texas, US 78651.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Behind the mystery of why G & S Welding in Hammond, Indiana is up fore sale or lease.

In a recent audit, Indiana State Board of Accounts discovered real estate agent Edward Kruza had not documented the use of his government money. He failed to file the conflict of interest statements with the County Recorder. E.T. Kruza Realty wrote $35,000,000 bond deals for juniper steel which came from G & S Welding. He owns the property of which G & S Welding is located on.

Edward Kruza failed to pay his huge past due property tax obligation on the property. So he had to put up a handful of properties for sale including G & S Welding. The ware house has been up for sale at a price of $395,000. (Ref:

The address is 304 Gostlin Street, Hammond, Indiana, US 46327.

Fire damage of Bucko Construction Company still extant.

Fire damage on buildings owned by Bucko Construction Company are still extant today. No effort has been made towards renovating the buildings. Since then, Bucko Construction Company has filed for bankruptcy and shut down their location in Gary, Indiana.

To recap, a fire broke out on the workplace inside one of their storage units in June 5, 2005 which resulted in $120 dollars of property loss. The fire soon spread out into open land and an field located back behind the buildings. Actions were taken by Gary Fire Department to extinguish the fire. This fire incident was reported and registered in the Federal Emergency Management Agency. (Ref:,+Gary+IN)

Bucko Construction Company was located at 890 Chase Street Gary, Indiana, US 46404.

Some history of Trenkamp Flats explored.

Trenkamp Flats was built as an apartment complex in 1894. It was a high-class building when it was first opened. On top of the front entrance is a Terra Cotta cartouche with the caption “Trenkamp Flats”. Lots of woodwork was constructed for the interiors. Some units have hardwood floors. Balconies are all over this building. There iseven a skylight in the stairway. The tall ceilings help bring light in to the stairway.

By the late-1800s, it became open house to college students from nearby Milwaukee School of Engineering. The location was perfect to house students due to its close proximity towards downtown.

After 2004, residents who lived near the apartment building claim Trenkamp Flats has seen better days due to the influx of students constantly moving in or out. Nearby residents complain that building managers do not seem to care enough about maintaining this apartment building. It has seen better days as the owners don’t seem to care.

Today the Trenkamp Flats building is recognized under the US Department of Interior under the National Register of Historical Places.

Trenkamp Flats are located at 1301 North Milwaukee Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US 53202.

Former Edison Junior High School faces urgent need to be repurposed.

Edison Junior High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been vacant for the past 9 years. Now Edison Junior High School faces a need to be repurposed for revitalization needs. Milwaukee Public Schools is planning to sell the property. The sale of this property is going to be for redevelopment purposes. No asbestos abatement is necessary as there is no asbestos. Edison Junior High School is located at 5372 North 37th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US 53209.

TMW Technology Plaza for sale or lease in Beachwood, Ohio.

A 26,518 square foot, two story office building called the TMW Technology Plaza is up for sale or lease. The property is conveniently located next to RTA light rail and I 271. The property is a located in a prime area of real estate. Amenities include a two story reception area, conference rooms, and an on-site lunch room. (Ref:
Market value for this property has shot up to an extremely high price value of $2,408,000. The market value shot up at a high rate with a tax amount of $95,935.92. However the assessed value does not match up with the market value is much higher than the assessed value. The assessed value is much lower than the market value. The assessed value is $842,800. (Ref:

TMW Technology Plaza is located at 21111 Chagrin Boulevard, Beachwood, Ohio, US 44122.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Carwash for sale in Mount Morris, Michigan.

A carwash has been put up for sale in Mount Morris, Michigan for a going price of $150,000. The highest price this carwash is going for is $400,000. This car wash has 7 bays on a 4,594 square foot lot. Carwash property is zoned commercial. A. Hurand last owned the property. The location is 643 Walker Street, Mount Morris, Michigan, US 48458.

Norm’s Quik Stop in Mount Morris, Michigan up for sale.

Norm’s Quik Stop is now up for sale. The property has been on the market for 29 days. The owner is looking for any potential buyers interested in purchasing this property. The lowest going price for this property is $59,900 and the highest going price is $79,900. The storefront located on this property cannot be used as a liquor store. This building is in a convenient location with easy access to expressways off Saginaw Street. Listing courtesy of Inca Realty, LLC.

(Ref: )

Norm’s Quik Stop is located at 11225 North Saginaw Street, Mount Morris, Michigan, US 48458.

Fresh Start, Inc. Halfway House now up for sale as senior housing.

A former halfway house once operated by Fresh Start, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio is now up for sale. Fresh Start, Inc operated this halfway house as a drug treatment center for men with substance abuse issues. This 46,172 square foot building is located on 1.16 acres with a parking space. Senior Executive Director Michael Smith has put this property up for sale. This building will have a capacity of 100 beds. Parking lot space is available. He plans on redeveloping this building by converting it into senior housing. He is looking for any potential buyers in the market.

loopnet lists this property under a category of Senior Housing For Sale right beneath said location address. In fact, many realer websites have this property listed under senior housing as well. (Ref:

The former Fresh Start, Inc. Halfway House is located at 2415 East 55th Street Cleveland, Ohio, US 44104. Their phone numbers were 216-431-2554 and 216-531-1373.

Here is the history of the property and building.

The property was cleared to build King's Hall Apartments in 1920 which is when the original structure was built. King's Hall Apartments operated from 1920 to 1968. An addition was added in 1967. Remodeling was done to the exterior with an additional layer of bricks. In 1968, King's Hall Apartments was sold to Fresh Start, Inc. for an undisclosed amount of money.

Fresh Start, Inc was a participant in the State of Ohio’s Primary Residential Alcohol and Drug Program for many before closing down. Fresh Start provided 6 hours of therapy, lectures, workbook assignments, skill building groups, life skills, money management, and peer assessment. On average Fresh Start provided 2 to 3 hours of treatment per day during a 7 day period. (Ref:

Many alcoholics have gone through this program. These adult males were chemically dependent but were willing to accept treatment. (Ref:

Fresh Start Inc. closed its Cleveland offices in 2011 after former employees sued former chief executive officer Ruby Black for monetary fraud. Former employees received more than $18,000 in unpaid retirement funds and loan repayments according to the terms of a consent decree signed in US District Court. (Ref: Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 14, 2013)

Billy’s Auto Body now abandoned.

Billy’s Auto Body is one of the many body shops of Youngstown, Ohio that lay abandoned. This body shop performed auto repair. The City of Youngstown and private developers have been looking at that property for redevelopment purposes as this body shop has been sitting abandoned for a number of years. Billy’s Auto Body is located at 1641 Hillman Street, Youngstown, Ohio, US 44507.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Former Modgil Oil and Gas station in Windsor, Ontario, Canada abandoned after being put up for auction.

A former gas station operated by Modgil Oil and Gas has been abandoned even after being put up for auction back in 2017 for a price of $25,000 (Canadian dollars). The underground tanks have already been removed. No buyer’s premium was insured on this property during the time of auction. (Ref:

Although an MWH Environmental Site Assessment was conducted in 2011, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment was never made or conducted. This leaves some questionability on whether this commercial property is environmentally safe. Luckily the auctioneer required a minimum satisfactory Phase One Environmental Report prior to forwarding funds and an MWH Environmental Site Assessment report is available to interested parties.

It is now 2019 and this former gas station once operated by Modgil Oil and Gas has been abandoned after being put up for auction.

Modgil Oil and Gas is located at 4060 Sandwich Street, Windsor, Ontario, Canada N9C 1C4. The postal address is 4060 Sandwich St, Windsor, ON N9C 1C4.

This former Modgil Oil and Gas is now up for sale.
This former Modgil Oil and Gas is now up for sale.

Bethlehem Temple Of Inkster deemed an eyesore.

A former church called Bethlehem Temple Of Inkster in Inkster, Michigan is being deemed an eyesore due to it being abandoned for a number of years. Many say the church should be torn down. The church is an old brick building with broken windows everywhere. Residents were about the safety of children and predators that could very easily gain access inside.

Most of the interior has been vandalized and is in need of significant repair. Many windows are broken or boarded up. Inside wooden planks and plywood are scattered everywhere. A sanctuary inside the fellowship hall of this church which seats 400 people has been vandalized beyond what the eye can see or believe.

However the City of Inkster believes this old church building has many potential uses once cleaned up and restored. This property had owned by a bank since 2014. The City of Inkster would like the fellowship hall and sanctuary to be refurbished.

The former Bethlehem Temple Of Inkster is located at 26100 Annapolis Street, Inkster, Michigan, US 48141.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Former Natchez General Hospital in Natchez, Mississippi to be converted into senior apartments.

The former Natchez General Hospital is expected to be converted into a senior-living apartment building for senior citizens. The building will house more than 100 people. Brownstone Affordable Housing is going to spend more than $5 million to convert the vacant building into rental units geared for medium-income elderly people. Work is expected to be complete by 2020. Despite some opposition from residents, plans might go through.

Days numbered for East End Grain Silos in Houston, Texas.

The days for the East End Grain Silos located in the Second Ward of Houston, Texas are numbered. Several condominiums are being built on and around the former property of East End Grain Co. as of 2019. 1 single family condominium has already gone up just 2 acres across the street from the address of 507 North Nagle Street. Recently homeless people have been camping near the grain silos. However citizens seem to not be bothered by this.

History of what Mixerr Reviews is about.

Mixerr Reviews is an independent news blog from Austin, Texas, US that often strays away from mainstream news and mainstream media. Mixerr Reviews talks about news that the underground scene cares about.

Michael Mixerr started doing his own reviews in October 2011. As many media news outlets, sources, and newspapers influenced him to do so. In him doing so, Michael Mixerr matured his writing style for Mixerr Reviews into a more organized well laid out newspaper format.

At first Mixerr Reviews was sort of a mail order only newspaper though as some thought it would be. It was through email only at one point. Mixerr Reviews was only available to those who knew Michael Mixerr on a personal level and the only way you could get it was through him. Meaning that Mixerr Reviews was available in Austin, Texas, US only. But in September 2012 is when Michael Mixerr made Mixerr Reviews available to the whole world through the Internet and not just locally in Austin only.

Mixerr Reviews was originally intended to be a music news blog. But Michael Mixerr wanted Mixerr Reviews to be a indie news blog. As times changed, so did Mixerr Reviews and all the other reviews changed in formatting to along with time. He has matured overtime. The reviews are useful sources of information to many people around the world. There is no propaganda allowed on Mixerr Reviews.

Mixerr Reviews/Mixerr Reviews Blogspot ATXN mission is being a local business while being a well known independent news organization that covers many news. We cover many news topics that corporate news media organizations won't debate on and is too afraid to discuss while they are on the air during live broadcast. Being descriptive and accurate is one of Mixerr Reviews priorities. Mixerr Reviews talks about topics no news organization would ever cover, discuss, or debate on. In other words, Mixerr Reviews is basically a news blog.