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Sunday, June 4, 2017

MMA training in boxing.

MMA training is all about training to boxing. MMA training is about how to discipline your body and to focus your energy and mind in a positive place with full force training. To learn how to focus and discipline the body is the most important thing in MMA training. Focus on the opponent as you train your body during practice. Focus onto your punching hooks as you practice your jabs at your opponent. MMA training is a good way to start on boxing.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers playoffs on TNT from April 2015.

I first saw that the Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers playoffs were going to be on TNT. The TNT live broadcast was sure going to be a hit with basketball fans. When I first saw Wade vs. LeBron in the headline title I thought "Wade vs. LeBron in the playoffs? Sounds promising."

With that said, both Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers are on a roll. Most of their players get extra minutes on the basketball court. The Cleveland Cavaliers gained an average of 15 points with 16 wins during the April 2015 basketball game. LeBron seems to be in the lead. The Cleveland Cavaliers might need 3 more wins to win this playoff game. Glad to see both  Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers won some of the basketball games.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Politics of Flint revisited!

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will revisit and talk about the history about Flint, the crazy politics surrounding Flint, and what we can do to make Flint a thriving city it once was. So listen up very closely!

As many of you know or did not know, Flint started as a fur trade post in 1796. In the 19th century, Flint was a college town as Detroit was. In 1880, Flint built Mott College and U of M - Flint which was home to many upper class political scholars and many upper class people. In the 20th century, Flint was donned the name Vehicle City because of the number of cars Flint produced. Automobile manufacturers such as GM, Ford, Buick, and Chrysler had factories in Flint. Business was booming in 1950s and 1960s. The 1950s through the 1970s were the peak decades. Everything was going great back then. Basketball became a popular sport in Flint.

But the 1980s is when things started getting bad. During the 1980s is when politicians began taking advantage of its citizens and stopped caring about Flint all together. Companies such as GM and Ford started shutting down their factories and sending their jobs to other low wage countries. Crack cocaine hit the city very hard in the housing projects. Politicians started getting lazy, greedy, and corrupt like they are today and back then as well. The politicians didn't do anything about the cultural problems that needed to be solved. People then stopped caring.

Ever since GM closed down their automobile manufacturing plants in Flint in 1988, Flint has gotten worse year by year. GM basically outsourced their jobs to other countries. While Detroit, Saginaw, and Pontiac were economically suffering from the automobile plant shutdowns and outsourcing, the effects on Flint was absolutely devastating! In 1988, Flint was rated one of the worst places to live in the United States by Money Magazine and had the highest violent crime rate per capita. As well as the murder rate. Flint at that time was gaining notoriety for being a major violent crime center.

Things got worse in the 1990s! The 90s was the decade that proved to be the worst for Flint, Michigan. Nearly half the city of Flint was living on food stamps, the police department was reduced to 6 police officers, a lot of the buildings in Downtown Flint, and a lot of houses are being torn down as well as abandoned. In 1994, the Flint Police Department was reduced down to 6 police officers, so the city of Flint had to rely on Michigan State Police for support and help. There was only 4 police officers to cover every 2 blocks at that time! In the 21st century, things in Flint were getting better slowly. City officials have decided to rebuild Downtown Flint as well as the university area. The city officials are turning Flint into a college town in order to change from a factory town to a college town. Flint is transitioning from a blue collar town to a white collar town basically. They are doing well at promoting Kettering University. Despite having only 6 police officers for the whole city and having a high crime rate, life in Flint is not as bad as it used to be. Flint is getting slowly better, but there is still much to fix.

Today Flint is one of those American cities in decline right now as is Detroit. Flint is a lot like Detroit in many similar ways. Today Flint is one of those American cities in decline right now as is Detroit. Both Flint and Detroit have very high crime rates due to political corruption. Both cities are poor. Both cities have a Democratic majority when it comes to politics. Both cities had trouble coming to agreements when it came to workers unions.

It quite sad seeing a city such as Flint that was once great now in shambles. The cocaine trade has taken over the city. There have been more than 600 unsolved murders in 13 years in Flint. Flint right now has a population of 100,000.! That's scary with all those crimes, isn't it?! There are not enough police officers in the Flint Police force as I had mentioned earlier before.
Luckily both cities are rebuilding their downtown areas, but Downtown Flint is nearly done being rebuilt while Downtown Detroit is just getting started. Both Flint and Detroit were car manufacturing cities. They were both blue collar towns. But the bright side is that basketball is BIG in Flint, Michigan! Just as it is in San Antonio, Texas.

In conclusion… if the local citizens of Flint and the city officials had taken more action in the past, things would have been a lot different. Both sides should stood up to the big corporations and made stay in town. Sure there are drugs and political corruption in Flint just like in every other city on Planet Earth. As I said, things are not all that bad. They will get better.

As for fixing Flint, here is what you should do…
So citizens, do not give up your hope on your legislators and politicians. Talk to them and tell them how they can fix the problems in Flint that effect the Flint area. Tell your local politicians of how they can help bring Flint back to what it once was. Tell your local politicians how they can put money back into the city, bring in more business, fix the roads, get more housing, more funding for the government, and fix education.