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Thursday, August 30, 2018

El Paso Congressman Beto O’Rourke ran 10k from US to Mexico.

In early 2018, Congressman Beto O’Rourke from El Paso, Texas ran 10k from US to Mexico as a symbol of unity. All this is to gain the Hispanic vote across the United States. He does want to work in our economy. Beto O’Rourke is also running for US Senate against Ted Cruz.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Revisiting the UT Texas vs OU game of October 2013.

I was watching the football game on October 12, 2013 and saw that Case McCoy's defense was sloppy. The whole Longhorns defense team was sloppy. Especially defense by Case McCoy. To me and early all of the Longhorn fans, Case McCoy stood out the most for us. So did Mack Brown since he has been the coach for the Longhorns football team.

The Longhorns without Mack Brown would be like Dallas Cowboys with out Tom Landry. Mack Brown should NOT be fired. He should just be bumped down a position. We want to Mack Brown to be with Longhorns as long as he wants. Regardless of what anyone says.

For the past 3 seasons in 2013, the Longhorns have not been doing so good as they usually do during football games. Well Texas football games in particular have not been doing so well. Oklahoma football usually does poorly and has been doing very well recently. The Sooners in particular. This had been going on for at least 3 months or so. 
But things turned around during the UT Texas vs OU football game on October 2013. During the first half of the first session, Longhorn fans saw things turning around for the Longhorns and the Sooners!

Halfway through the first half of the football game Case McCoy changed his defense by a lot! The defense played by Case McCoy was sloppy. He could played a lot better during the UT Texas vs OU game of October 2013. Despite the fact that us Longhorn fans still thought that Case McCoy's defense was sloppy. The defense team has been doing a lot more practice recently this year. 

Despite that, there have been less Longhorns fans attending the football games in Austin because of the bad football techniques. The Longhorns were great this game session despite the dwindling sales in game tickets sales. But luckily the Longhorns proved us wrong during this game as well the Sooner fans from Oklahoma here in Austin and the other sports fans here in Austin.

Football is an extremely hard sport. Remembering all the defenses, attack moves, tackles, blocks, and other sports techniques can be difficult to remember. Defense is not all easy. Take my word for it. And that is what I think about the recent football game as well as football in general. 

Revisiting the Ray Rice assault case of 2014.

For those who don't know Ray Rice had performed an act of aggravated assault on his fiancée Janay Palmer back in February 2014. The trial in New Jersey, US had taken a month to gather all evidence necessary for the trial. But on the date of September 8, 2014 is when all hell broke loose! September 8, 2014 is when TMZ leaked footage of the famous elevator incident with Janay Palmer.

Ray Rice knocked out and assaulted his wife during his sports term with the NFL. In fact there is a video of him assaulting his wife leaked out by TMZ. Ray Rice went from divorce counseling and a 2 game suspension which resulted into him getting kicked out the NFL. Some sports fans and news speculators will assume that's probably one of the factors to the reason why Ray Rice knocked out and assaulted his wife.

Police and other related court authorities have reopened the assault case and will pursue felony assault charges as well. Police have been called over to his house prior to this incident. Ray Rice does indeed have a prior criminal record with criminal charges along with it. Ray Rice has had his contract with the NFL, Baltimore Ravens, and Oakland Raiders revoked as a result from the negative publicity surrounding Ray Rice and wife. NFL did enforce the suspension and Baltimore Ravens did have Ray Rice cut out off from the team.

I have to say this to Ray Rice!: "Come on Ray Rice! Man, where is your nuts? Crying to the media because you hit your wife. That's some real bullshit right there."

Ray Rice had blew his chance with the NFL due to the controversy surrounding his outrageous behavior with his fiancée Janay Palmer.

Ray Rice had his chance to change his behavior during the mandated court-supervised counseling and yet after all this controversy surrounding him and still he has not changed. Ray Rice had blew his chance to renew any contracts that he may have had preplanned with his legal consultation team. What Ray Rice had done was completely unethical. In other news, Ray Rice had his chance with the NFL.

Barry Bonds joins Giants baseball team.

Barry Bonds is joining the Giants. The Giants baseball team from San Francisco, California. Maybe the Giants will have a better advantage now that Barry Bonds has been added as an addition to the team. Barry Bonds should coach the Giants for sure now and in the future. Barry Bonds does have a bright future ahead. ESPN has reported  "Barry Bonds joins Giants!".

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Remembering Ann R. Minter.

When Ann R. Minter was a senior at Southwest Texas Normal School (now Southwestern University) in San Marcos, Texas in the year of 1916, she was dubbed as the school’s “best girl tennis player” in the Pedagogue Yearbook. There is a slightest possibility that Ann R. Minter wonder many various state championships across the state of Texas. She won many awards whilst playing tennis at Southwest Texas Normal School. However not much is known about Ann R. Minter.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

MMA training in boxing.

MMA training is all about training to boxing. MMA training is about how to discipline your body and to focus your energy and mind in a positive place with full force training. To learn how to focus and discipline the body is the most important thing in MMA training. Focus on the opponent as you train your body during practice. Focus onto your punching hooks as you practice your jabs at your opponent. MMA training is a good way to start on boxing.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers playoffs on TNT from April 2015.

I first saw that the Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers playoffs were going to be on TNT. The TNT live broadcast was sure going to be a hit with basketball fans. When I first saw Wade vs. LeBron in the headline title I thought "Wade vs. LeBron in the playoffs? Sounds promising."

With that said, both Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers are on a roll. Most of their players get extra minutes on the basketball court. The Cleveland Cavaliers gained an average of 15 points with 16 wins during the April 2015 basketball game. LeBron seems to be in the lead. The Cleveland Cavaliers might need 3 more wins to win this playoff game. Glad to see both  Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers won some of the basketball games.