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Del Valle Missionary Baptist Church not forgotten.

Del Valle Missionary Baptist Church was built in 1900. The Del Valle Missionary Baptist Church was built as a rectangular front gabled building with a gabled roofed entry and a triangular roof for the steeple. Take notice of the evenly parallel squared porch at the front entrance. An addition has been added to the rear. In 1937, Del Valle Missionary Baptist Church sold 1 acre of land to the Colorado Common School District (now Del Valle Independent School District).

In 1940, the church sold an additional 5 acres of land to the Colorado Common School District to open the Lamar School which would eventually become the Del Valle Opportunity Center in the 1980s. There are not any known cemeteries associated with this church. The building is currently shared by Hispanic and Black Baptist congregations.

Today the Del Valle Missionary Baptist Church sits vacant in its almost exact location of origin. As TxDOT expands State Highway 71 to 5 lanes, the Del Valle Missionary Baptist Church may be demolished by imminent domain for right of way purposes. Airport traffic from Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) has lead Del Valle Missionary Baptist Church to relocate 20 feet away from the original location.

The old location of Del Valle Missionary Baptist Church was 3320 State Highway 71, Del Valle, Texas, US 78617. It was located next to the Lamar School. The new locations are 17600 Blake Manor Road, Manor, Texas, US 78653 and 3178 Eva Street, Del Valle, Texas, US 78617.

Marquis Greer's independent record label Purple Elephant Music established.

Marquis Greer started the Purple Elephant Music independent record label out of Dallas, Texas.
The reason Marquis Greer started Purple Elephant Music because he believes there is not enough underground music out there for everyone. Purple Elephant Music is a full time hustle for Marquis Greer. He wants to expand the brand of Purple Elephant Music for his artists and MC's that collaborate and connect with him. He wants to connect with artists and producers. Expanding the brand for the Purple Elephant Music independent record label is Marquis Greer's main focus right now. Marquis Greer is expanding the brand for Purple Elephant Music right now.

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,264

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review the Handsome JET - ¬(゜~゜)Г album.

Jet Boogie is a Handsome Jet melody of all the songs on the ¬(゜~゜)Г album all onto one track. Think of this song as a mega melody. A loud heavy hard rock mega melody is what it sounds like. Hard rock meets heavy metal mega in this mega melody song. The volume is set quite loud! Handsome JET does his usual chanting, singing, and yelling through the enchanted power of music. Handsome JET himself takes the lead in this song as a vocalist.

Duck [アヒル] is a perfect song to play at night during the peaceful nighttime. Dusk has that peaceful nighttime vibe to it. Handsome JET himself takes the lead in this song as a vocalist. Handsome JET does his usual singing and yelling through the enchanted power of music. Take notice of the harmonics used on Duck. Toshio Sakurai sang on Duck. The song Duck has a rather happy upbeat vibe.

self-haunting is a duo cut with longtime Handsome JET Project members Toshio Sakurai and Handsome Jet. self-haunting is a dark song.

Only around 10,000 copies of ¬ (゜ ~ ゜) Г were pressed on CD and sold via Amazon, by Handsome JET directly himself, sold at GITADORA LIVE concerts, or were sold at those Handsome JET Live concerts hosted by Bemani with help of Konami. Most copies of ¬ (゜ ~ ゜) Г were pressed sold on Songs from Bemani games such as GuitarFreaks and Drummania were not included due to copyright reasons. Due to budgetary concerns, Handsome JET played with a single acoustic guitar. Toshio Sakurai sang on most of the dark songs such as Dusk and self-haunting. YUEI had nothing to do with this album.

Sadly however, ¬(゜~゜)Г and Honto was the only album from Handsome JET that was ever released. Lead singer Handsome JET died in May 2008 in a traffic accident while riding a motorcycle with his in Japan. The friend survived. Handsome JET sang a multitude of songs from Konami originals and licensed covers alike. His real name has never been revealed and is not known. Handsome JET Project and Handsome JET himself would have taken off to become a national success in Japan if the lead singer hadn't died.

*Handsome Jet is the name of the lead singer of the coincidental band Handsome JET Project. Handsome JET Project is Handsome Jet, YUEI (Yuei Uematsu), Kozo Nakamura, and Toshio Sakurai.
* [¬ (゜ ~ ゜) Г is a notation used to represent an emoticon.]
*He is credited as Handsome JET or Jetto-san (ジェットさん) as he was in the Bemani games GuitarFreaks and Drummania.

I rate this album, ¬(゜~゜)Г , 4/5****!

What methods of promotion Kevin Anthony is currently using to promote him self as an established independent artist.

It's not as easy to promote yourself for self-promotion as everyone who's a musician or an artist makes it seem. That's just not the reality in self-promotion marketing.

Not only is Kevin Anthony using the newest ways of self-promotion by using the internet as a platform for promotions but he is using the oldest ways of self-promotion by word of mouth and posters. Word of mouth is the oldest form of promotion known to humankind. Word of mouth promotion has been around since almost the beginning of time. Kevin Anthony using the word of mouth promotion method is best way to get his stuff out there. You all can trust me on all this.

Other than that, his flyers can be seen online also! Kevin Anthony does use his promotion skills and marketing skills to the best of his advantage. In the business world self-promotion, professionalism, dress outfits, and marketing are the most important things!

Kevin Anthony has the potential to be a singer-songwriter behind the scenes of the music industry and publishing rights business. Kevin Anthony should hit the books on studying music rights. Kevin Anthony has a lot of potential and we hate to see all that potential go to waste. Other than that, Kevin Anthony is so dope.

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,263

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Bossalena - Purple Rose EP.

Purple Rose is a digital album that was packaged as an EP to be put online in the format of a digital download in 2017 from Bossalena. The physical copy of Purple Rose EP has 10 tracks with a 4 bonus track as an extra. The digital download version of Purple Rose EP only has 6 tracks instead of 10 tracks.

Watch My Step is about how Bossalena started from the bottom. She built her own studio herself. Bossalena takes shots at female rappers with a no hold barred attitude. She tells people how to watch her style. Just know not to test her. With 25 mixtapes/album under belt, she truly made a name for herself in underground music.

Bossalena takes shots with a no hold barred attitude on We Winnin. 2017 is the year she is truly winning. Bossalena sure makes winning easy. The hard heavy hitting bass and trap beats will surely rattle your speakers! The track is very futuristic sounding.

Air It Out is very futuristic sounding. Fuck the haters. It’s all about that money. Although the trap beats are played out. On Direction, trap music meets drill beats. On Direction, trap music meets drill beats. You can feel the music deep down in your soul. The hard heavy hitting bass will surely rattle your speakers on Whip It!

Although the trap beats are nothing new, the futuristic sound make the Purple Rose EP stand out. Air It Out and Watch My Step are highlight tracks. What’s unique about this Bossalena EP is that there is a different producer for each track.

I rate this EP, Purple Rose, 4/5****!!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,262

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Code FI - Subliminally Focused Hip Hop!

From the industrial streets of a windy city called Chicago, Illinois hails a hip hop group called Code FI. Subliminally Focused Hip Hop contains conscious minded hip hop music for the intellectuals out there. Code FI is focused on hip hop for which the album centers around. Those who can appreciate old school hip hop music will savor this album.

Code FI represents Chicago by revolutionary styles on Why Test Me. Why Test Me is medium bass ridden and riddled with percussion although the percussions presence is not heavy. Why Test Me contains conscious minded hip hop music for the intellectuals out there which uses revolutionary styles with lyrical skills as Why Test Me centers around lyricism.

Cosmic Comatose has futuristic sounds similar to what you and I would hear from OutKast. The beats are futuristic beats. Yes Cosmic Comatose is a medium bass ridden track. East Coast hip hop meets Midwest gumbo funk on Cosmic Comatose.

Code FI takes us on an intergalactic voyage on Intergalactilude. The Intergalactilude is an intergalactic interlude. The Intergalactilude is similar to that electronic Daft Punk funk and OutKast. Intergalactilude is very futuristic sounding similar to what you would hear from OutKast. Electronic music meets hip hop music here.

I rate this album, Subliminally Focused Hip Hop, 4/5****.

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,261

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review J.M. Vox - Question Authority.

J.M. Vox is an unknown obscure rapper from Tacoma, Washington which is near Seattle, Washington. Most rap from Washington State is very overlooked and obscure. This J.M. Vox EP is no exception to that case. Old school rap and gangsta rap meet soul music on this J.M. Vox EP. Samples of soul music are incorporated into some of the tracks on this EP. Question Authority is his most politically conscious rap to date. By dealing with racial profiling and insurance.

At the very beginning of this J.M. Vox EP, the listeners are greeted by a soulful chorus singing in a peaceful harmony which leads to the track Question Authority. A funky bass line and a groovy percussion ensemble follow next after the soulful harmonic chorus. Question Authority is percussion heavy and politically conscious. J.M. Vox gets politically conscious on Question Authority. Question Authority are examples of both intellectual rap, political rap, and conscious rap.

J.M. Vox questions authority on the track Question Authority. J.M. Vox states that youth is a huge majority of the population. Youth is the majority. He questions who are the people who allowed certain officials to be in a position of authority. The problem such as allowing certain people as elected officials to be in a position of authority has a problem since the beginning of time. The system set J.M. Vox up for defeat and failure. But nevertheless, J.M. Vox still stands strong and tall through it all. He still stands proud.

Next J.M. Vox discusses the issue of racial profiling by law enforcement. Police say J.M. Vox is up to no good because he is a black man. Law enforcement often use racial profiling against black people in America. Now this is where J.M. Vox says to question authority. J.M. Vox tells listeners in his audience to question authority. The system is set up to design people for failure. Especially black people. But nevertheless, J.M. Vox still stands strong and proud.

Just A Thought has a super dope funky phat bass line. However this J.M. Vox track has much more reduced percussion ensemble as this track is not as percussion heavy as all the tracks provided on this EP. The production sound is quite processed.

Just A Thought is about living life without insurance and not being provided with proper healthcare. J.M. Vox raps about his experience on living life without insurance and proper healthcare. He cannot afford proper insurance or healthcare. Insurance and healthcare are too expensive for him to afford right now.

It’s 11:00 PM at night. His son is not feeling all that healthy. So at this point J.M. Vox rushes his son down to the nearest hospital. J.M. Vox is a DHS client as DHS (Washington) publicly serves citizens in Washington State who cannot afford proper healthcare or insurance to cover their medical needs. (His son is registered as a client under DSHS Children's Administration in this case.) It’s 12:00 AM and J.M. Vox is still waiting for help to cure his son.

Eventually they get help. The doctor gives his son an injection. Now the doctor tells J.M. Vox his son has had an ear infection. His son had an ear infection surrounding the inner side of his ear. The medical bill for their visit is extremely high. J.M. Vox is still broke with no money. The system is set up to design people for failure.

[DHS is Washington State Department of Social and Health Services better known as WSDSAHS or DSHS. WSDSAHS publicly serves citizens in Washington State who cannot afford proper healthcare or insurance to cover their medical needs. WSDSAHS serves the public of Washington State. DSHS Children's Administration serves minors.]

Funky Ballistics has a funky bass line similar to what you would inside of a Zapp song and a groovy percussion ensemble that accompanies the tempo perfectly. Percussion has a quite processed sound. Usage of cymbals from a drum kit appears to be fairly high. Funky Ballistics is another track on this J.M. Vox EP that is percussion heavy.

I rate this EP, Question Authority, 5/5*****!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,260

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Porn Flakes - Moo Jack City.

Raised Right covers the controversial subject of police brutality. It's a case of bad cop, bad cop. Porn Flakes takes an anti-police brutality stance on Raised Right. Police brutality already fucked up heads. Branemhax is an anti-religion song. Religion clogs up minds and brainwashes people. Brainwashing is what religion does to people. Brainwashed people are already fucked up. Dave!? is Porn Flakes first combined effort in writing an autobiography in rock music formation. The song is an autobiography of Porn Flakes.

I rate this album, Moo Jack City, 5/5*****!

Frock coat sees a fashion revival.

In 2010, the frock coat had saw a recent fashion revival. Frock coats are back in style. It has been reported that men wearing frock coats have been sighted in metropolitan areas such as New York City, Paris, Nantes, Plymouth, Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford, and London of course. The frock coat has seen a fashion revival in men’s fashion.

Ever since the Regency Era of the early 1800s, noblemen and gentlemen whom had a fashionable sense of fashion wore a frock coat with a white undershirt with a necktie intact. The frock coat was very similar to the greatcoat. The frock coat was knee length and the greatcoat was calf length. Noblemen and gentlemen wore frock coats whilst out in public during the Regency Era.

A frock coat was the precursor to the formal modern dress coat. Gentlemen wore the frock coat fully during daytime. Most frock coats had an hourglass figure. A frock coat was considered to be standard business attire and morning dress of the Victorian Era on towards the Edwardian Era. The frock coat was universally worn in Britain, America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. France too at that. Frock coats were worn into the Edwardian Era of the early 1900s as the Victorian Era came to an unexpected abrupt end. Frock coats were becoming bigger too. Heads of government wore frock coats.

By the 1940s, the frock faced demise. After 1940, it had fell out of fashion. By 1950, the frock coat was all but a fashion accessory from the past. Trench coats replaced the frock coat.

Culture surrounding Yiddish theatre long forgotten.

Yiddish language has flourish in the continent of Europe since the 1300s. Yiddish is the cultural instrument of Jewish and Christians alike.  Yiddish was the language of 'Judengaast' (Jewish Ghetto). In other words, Yiddish was the language of the streets. Also the home, the shop, wherever.

Yiddish theatre provided and opened wider horizons for the acting industry! Yiddish theatre had proved to be a successful hit in the United States and Canada during the early 20th century. Most plays in Yiddish theatre were centered around comedy much less than tragedy. The Golem play was one of them for example.

By the 1950s, Yiddish theatre began declining as successors of Jewish Europeans preferred English theatre over Yiddish theatre. Yiddish theatre wouldn't flourish forever. Immigration law was a factor for the demise of Yiddish theatre that was beginning in the 1960s. Yiddish theatre was great while it lasted.