Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,618

D-Law - Phazes was a digital album/EP released online on the date of December 24, 2018. The album is only available online. For this album, D-Law went a different musical direction by choosing more of an electronic sound similar to electro rap. Electronic meets rap on this D-Law album.

A text-to-speech features tells us “Welcome to Phazes. The moon is now full.” during the very beginning of the intro. D-Law used the Princess voice from Apple’s Accessibility extension. Not everyone will notice this electronic feature if they are not familiar with Apple products.

The intro takes at night during a full moon. We are in an urban setting by the nature of sound effects used and the soundscape. Of course the intro takes place outside.

The first half on the intro uses various clips of different voice samples and the second half of the intro is instrumental with uses an electronic soundscape. The intro for the most part is almost instrumental. The electronic distortion effects used fade over the bass and treble. An amp was most likely used to fade out the treble and the bass. An electronic piano is used at the second half of the intro.

D-Law uses a good amount resonance and wisely those good foley sound effects on the intro. For instance such as the car engine revving at the beginning, breaks stopping another car far away, and the glass bottles clanging.

Heavy Cuban Flow is D-Law stays fitted up with jewelry and how money is the key to flex. More money means more jewelry to D-Law. D-Law stays all fitted up. He showcases his awareness of haters scheming. He stays focused on himself instead. The main priority is for D-Law to get money until his last days. Hustling is the key to success. Money is the key to flex.

D-Law used to ride around the city driving in a Grand Prix. His mind was on the grind. He could have cared less about a plan B. He was chasing dreams in a town full of nightmares. Baltimore, Maryland is one of the many cities of America that is ridden with high crime rates.

Warped electronic synths are layered over the low bass on Heavy Cuban Flow. D-Law uses a touch of Cuban flavor by adding in a Spanish vocal sample at one minute into the song. The song does use a bit of both Cuban flavor and Spanish flavor with a touch of rap.

D-Law tinkers around the auto-wah sound effect on the track You Got It, I Got It. The sound is very similar to an instrumental electronic soundscape. Tempo for this track is very slow. D-Law produced the track by himself. The sound is very reminiscent of what you would expect to hear from Big Moe. However the sound is much more electronic than it is rap.

You Got It, I Got It samples the 80s hit song Junior - Mama Used To Say. The sample is played throughout the duration of the track. Electronic meets pop music on You Got It, I Got It.

No Accidents is about making it from point A to point B in life. We are just trying to make it from point A to point B in life. Life takes us on many detours. The track is laced with heavy bass over a worldly upbeat vibe.

The instrumentation is carefully laid out and arranged on the title track. The entire track uses auto-tune. We all go through phases in life.

This album is more of an EP due to the small number of tracks and its short time duration. Many people will not consider this album to be an actual full album due to its shortness, but instead view it as an EP. However this album is what rap music has been missing in todays times. The beats are dope and the lyrics are relevant to a modern day audience.

I rate this EP, Phazes, 4/5****!

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