History behind the word brehsive.

Brehsive was a word packaged as slogan Michael Mixerr started in late 2013 for Mixerr Reviews in order to generate more marketing aimed towards the West Coast of the United States and Canada. In 2014, the word "brehsive" became widely used in the Internet on various forum boards. 2014 was the peak year for usage of the word "brehsive".

The word brehsive has been seen on major social networking websites such as Blogspot, Blogger, Facebook, twitter, t.co, Google+, and Instagram. As well as independent news websites such as siccness.net, thecoli, and YouTube. Michael Mixerr was the founder of the word brehsive.

Here is what brehsive means. Brehsive is similar to saying cool in a situation worth praising that requires it. Brehsive means cool in short terms for those who did not know. In short context, the word brehsive means cool or formidable. Brehsive is another term (or substitute depending on how you look at it in terms of context) for the word "awesome".

Brehsive is also an extended formality of the word bro (brother). Add the noun suffix "-sive" and you get the end result of the word brehsive. The word brehsive is an aggressive adhesive term for such said awesomeness. That is where the word brehsive originated from.

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