Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Brian McAnally found dead in Philadelphia group home.

On the date of July 28, 2016, Brian McAnally passed away in the group home he was living in. At the time of death, Brian was found dead in his dorm at the group home he was living in at the time. It was due to conditions regarding his health that he passed away. His mania had taken a turn for the worst despite getting emotional healing through therapy. Brian attended meetings with a behavior therapist and counselor on a regular basis. Despite all that, Brian was thriving in his group home better than he did at Eastern State School. Brian McAnally was 53. He left several family members behind whom he hadn’t seen for years.

In 1983 (after Brian McAnally turned 18), he was moved to a brand new group home which was located 4 blocks away from his fathers home in Kensington, Pennsylvania near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after living in Eastern State School for 4 years. Brian was thriving and doing pretty well in his group home better than he did at Eastern State School. He wasn’t as anxious or aggressive despite having been diagnosed with mania and schizophrenia earlier in his life. Later on, he was diagnosed with mental retardation.


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    1. From one of the comments from the NAMI Philadelphia website.

  2. This is so sad .he had somebody he felt close or a friend in his life at this point ?

    1. Yes. Brian did have someone he felt close to in his life at this point. He had a girlfriend named Lisa Nixon. She helped take care of him after Jim, his father, passed away.

  3. Do u know when his father died? i was alway curious

  4. May father and son rest in peace,They both loved each other .Brian's father was always there for him ,This is so heartbreaking ....