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Former Natchez General Hospital in Natchez, Mississippi to be converted into senior apartments.

The former Natchez General Hospital is expected to be converted into a senior-living apartment building for senior citizens. The building will house more than 100 people. Brownstone Affordable Housing is going to spend more than $5 million to convert the vacant building into rental units geared for medium-income elderly people. Work is expected to be complete by 2020. Despite some opposition from residents, plans might go through.

Days numbered for East End Grain Silos in Houston, Texas.

The days for the East End Grain Silos located in the Second Ward of Houston, Texas are numbered. Several condominiums are being built on and around the former property of East End Grain Co. as of 2019. 1 single family condominium has already gone up just 2 acres across the street from the address of 507 North Nagle Street. Recently homeless people have been camping near the grain silos. However citizens seem to not be bothered by this.

History of what Mixerr Reviews is about.

Mixerr Reviews is an independent news blog from Austin, Texas, US that often strays away from mainstream news and mainstream media. Mixerr Reviews talks about news that the underground scene cares about.

Michael Mixerr started doing his own reviews in October 2011. As many media news outlets, sources, and newspapers influenced him to do so. In him doing so, Michael Mixerr matured his writing style for Mixerr Reviews into a more organized well laid out newspaper format.

At first Mixerr Reviews was sort of a mail order only newspaper though as some thought it would be. It was through email only at one point. Mixerr Reviews was only available to those who knew Michael Mixerr on a personal level and the only way you could get it was through him. Meaning that Mixerr Reviews was available in Austin, Texas, US only. But in September 2012 is when Michael Mixerr made Mixerr Reviews available to the whole world through the Internet and not just locally in Austin only.

Mixerr Reviews was originally intended to be a music news blog. But Michael Mixerr wanted Mixerr Reviews to be a indie news blog. As times changed, so did Mixerr Reviews and all the other reviews changed in formatting to along with time. He has matured overtime. The reviews are useful sources of information to many people around the world. There is no propaganda allowed on Mixerr Reviews.

Mixerr Reviews/Mixerr Reviews Blogspot ATXN mission is being a local business while being a well known independent news organization that covers many news. We cover many news topics that corporate news media organizations won't debate on and is too afraid to discuss while they are on the air during live broadcast. Being descriptive and accurate is one of Mixerr Reviews priorities. Mixerr Reviews talks about topics no news organization would ever cover, discuss, or debate on. In other words, Mixerr Reviews is basically a news blog.

Interesting history of East End Grain Silos in Houston, Texas explored.

The East End Grain Silos were constructed out of concrete in 1930. A total of 4 grain silos were constructed using concrete foundations. East End Grain Co. owned the property which these 4 grain silos were located on. The grain silos occupied 2 acres worth of land. These 4 grain silos were located on the banks of Buffalo Bayou. The grain silos used to be connected to a freight rail line next to the railroad tracks which separate the East End neighborhood from Downtown.

The first known renovations to the grain silos occurred during the 1930s. In 1940, all 4 grain silos were renovated again. The silos not only operated as grain silos but as gravel silos as well. Cement concrete was mixed and manufactured inside these silos.

In 2011, the storage building for East End Grain Silos were demolished. All of what remained in 2013 was a gravel pit. The only remainders left were the 4 grain silos which can be viewed as a landmark of Houston's industrial past. Recently homeless people have been camping near the grain silos. However citizens seem to not be bothered by this. Nature has growing on and around the grain silos.

The East End Grain Silos are a great place to view Houston's industrial history from the past. However not much is there for the time being. Trees are growing/have grown inside 2 of the 4 silos.

The East End Grain Silos are located at 507 North Nagle Street, Houston, Texas, US 77003.

History behind Beckwith School in Flint, Michigan.

Beckwith School is one of many schools in Flint, Michigan that have been forgotten and faded away with time. The Beckwith School itself served as one of the many early educational institutions of Flint, Michigan along with many others. Not much is known about the Beckwith School itself.

Beckwith School began its life in Flint, Michigan in 1896 as a single story house. This single story house was a one-room school where 1st grade through 6th grade were taught. At that time, Beckwith School was a 1-6 school. (7th grade was added later.) After students completed 6th grade, students were bussed into Flint to attend Flint Community Schools. Westwood Heights School District (Westwood Heights Schools) operated the school from 1896 to 2001.

Beckwith School had its own school district called Beckwith School District which it operated on. The school district was never well off financially. So they relied on Westwood Heights School District and Flint Community Schools for help.

1920 is Beckwith School moved to location on Clio Avenue between Carpenter Road and Pierson Road. 7th grade was added in 1920. School was taught in a two story house this time as opposed to a one story house. After students completed 6th grade and 7th grade, students transferred over to Flint Community Schools to attend Flint Central High School.

During the 1931 is when Westwood Heights School District, Beckwith School District, and Flint Community Schools had an agreement to pay the tuition of the students attending high school at Flint Central High School. Not many school districts could not pay the tuition of their high school students. Especially the rural school districts. That had meant many students didn’t get a chance to go to high school,

In 1947, Beckwith School moved to a different location on Ridgeway Avenue near the intersection of Doran Street & Ridgeway Avenue. This building was a single story red and brown brick building with a black and brown roof. For the most part, the color of the roof was black. 1950 is when Beckwith School became a K-8 school. Beckwith School became Beckwith Elementary School.

Students began attending Beecher High School operated by the Beecher Community School District in Beecher, Michigan in 1952. After 8th grade is when students transferred over to Beecher Schools to attend Beecher High School.

Beckwith School and its school district merged into Westwood Heights School District in 1957. This left Westwood Heights School District to operate Beckwith School as an elementary school for students in grades 1 through 6.

For whatever reason, 1974 is the year when Beckwith School closed. This left the school to be abandoned. Westwood Heights School District began searching for tenants they could lease from. Luck came their way in 1976. Genesee Christian School became the first tenant to lease from Beckwith School. Genesee Christian School leased quarters in the former Beckwith School in 1976. At that time, the 2-year-old school had about 100 students.

In 1987, Genesee Christian School had relocated to a bigger space thus leaving the school vacant again for the second time. Westwood Heights School District made no improvements to the building during that time.

In 1989 during the 1988-1989 fiscal year, Beckwith School burned down in a fire. The cause of the fire left just a part of the building standing and the basement was left open. That fire left the basement exposed. However the exact cause of the fire remains unknown.

1991 is when Beckwith School was demolished. The parking lot was repaved over with cement. The asphalt has since been covered up.

Beckwith School was located at Ridgeway Avenue, Flint, Michigan, US 48504.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Donald Trump signs hemp bill into law.

The Marijuana Times, High Times, and report that the US Congress passed a bill to legalize hemp and President Donald Trump says he will sign the bill into law. The bill President Donald Trump will sign into law is called the 2018 Farm Bill. (Ref:

The 2018 Farm Bill includes a provision to legalize hemp throughout the entire country. This bill will allow farmers to grow it as any other agricultural commodities available once the bill takes effect. It will be the first time in decades that hemp will be finally legal after the bill is finalized. Hemp soon will become legalized. (Ref:

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 34 states have passed some type of policy allowing hemp to be cultivated at the state level. States such as Arizona, Texas, Colorado, and North Dakota are considering legalizing hemp to help the industry.

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,670

Think Factory released this soundtrack album called Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le as a digital download online via SoundCloud in 2016. Michel’le had some input on what songs she wanted to use on the soundtrack for her autobiography/biopic film called Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le. A copule of songs from her debut album were re-recorded and included on this soundtrack album. The first 3 songs are remakes from her debut album and the last 2 songs are new songs.

Her beautiful R&B voice gives life to these great songs. The soundtrack has a bit of that old school late 80s New Jack Swing sound with a touch of R&B/soul. However on ta songs that were re-recorded, Dr. Dre’s vocals were removed. Michel'le flipped the script on Dr. Dre because when Straight Out of Compton came out she was not included the movie. She was left out. So Michel’le had re-recorded the songs with a new male voice instead of using Dr. Dre’s vocals. Plus there was more than high possibility of rights issues when songs were being chosen for the soundtrack.

The soundtrack is about a woman who held on to her dream through poverty, domestic violence, and drugs. In with it came the fame and betrayal from men she loved, dated, “married”, and trusted. These songs are filled with such passion.

The soundtrack for Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le is absolutely amazing but too short to be considered a full album. Only 5 songs are included on this soundtrack album. Think Factory could have used more songs from Michel’le’s catalogue to make this soundtrack into a full album. But then again, there is always a “rights” issue. Nevertheless Michel’le did a great job performing on all of these songs. She truly deserves more fame than this. She is one of the really under appreciated singers out there.

Nicety was re-recorded and rearranged with a slightly different sound yet some of the percussion was left intact. The song is an uptempo song with that late 80s New Jack Swing style. Nicety came from her debut album that was released on Ruthless Records in 1989.

However Dr. Dre’s vocals were left out of this version of Nicety. Michel'le flipped the script on Dr. Dre because when Straight Out of Compton came out, Michel'le was not included the movie. She was left out. So Michel’le had recorded the songs with a new male voice.

The song is about how Michel’le is not like every other girl. She tells men to not get their hopes too high and don't be like other guys assuming that every girl is just like that type. The way she appears to you may not be true to you. Michel’le is not like your girl. She wants to be treated right. Michel’le says men will try anything just to take women home.

The hook clearly explains what type of girl Michel’le is which sums it all up. Read below.

Some people think I'm nice
Some people think I'm nasty
But if you really want to know
Just ask me...
And I'll say I'm nicety
Hooooo-hoooo-hoooo say I'm nicety

No More Lies was re-recorded and rearranged with a slightly different sound but with Dr. Dre’s vocals removed. Her then-boyfriend Dr. Dre produced No More Lies of course. Her unique Minnie Mouse voice can be heard on this song. The song No More Lies has a bit of that old school late 80s New Jack Swing sound with a slight touch of hard rock. R&B/soul meets rock music on this song. No More Lies came from her debut album that was released on Ruthless Records in 1989.

No More Lies is a song aimed at men who are abusive and unfaithful to their lovers. However this song is aimed more at unfaithful men then it is abusive men it seems. Men exaggerate, lie, and are unfaithful at times. Michel’le states there's a little exaggeration in almost every man.

Something in My Heart was re-recorded and rearranged with a slightly different sound. Her beautiful R&B voice prospers through out the song. Percussion and woodwinds are still the same. This song came from her debut album that was released on Ruthless Records in 1989.

The song was basically about the feelings she had towards Dr. Dre. Michel'le was truly in love with Dre. She had no limit to the love for him. Her love for him during that time was unconditional. Dr. Dre knew that he had all of her love.

So Glad I'm Standing Here is a new song that was recorded in 2015 by Michel’le for the Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le soundtrack. This song is a Michel’le solo and a piano solo. Her vocals are still on point.

So Glad I'm Standing Here is an inspirational song of life and love. Michel’le encourages people to come together and raise up their voices in this song of hers. It is very refreshing to hear Michel'le sing about positivity. Overall So Glad I'm Standing Here is a powerful song!

There were times Michel’le remembered where she had to fight just to hold her head up. There were times when her friends tried to make a fool of her. Things her heart attack that people just couldn’t see. Some said she was hopeless. Strong willed she was. That’s why she is still standing here today. Michel'le is finally at a happy point in her life.

Michel’le encourages people to come together and raise up their voices close to the middle of the song. If you’re lost in your troubles, this song is perfect for you. It will uplift your spirits.

Her voice is just as powerful was ever on Moonlight. The song has a bright cheerful mood. An angelic chorus backs up her vocals.

Sometimes she wish the world would spin slow. But she can’t decide. The fast life is the only life Michel’le knows. Time knows no limitations. She knows theres more to life than this. We were born to live. Tonight’s a full moon. Let the light shine through. Michel’le says all you have to do is let the light find you.

Her past life is nothing like the one she knows. She hopes for a bright future. Michel’le is just trying to make something out of her life. There is no easy answer for that. She has to keep moving on in life.

I rate this album, Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel'le, 5/5*****!!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,669

Avril Lavigne’s self-titled album from 2013 was highly slept on by the music industry and the general public. The album still contained some of Avril Lavigne’s iconic piano ballads and heavy rock influences. The album itself is a Here’s To Never Growing Up.

However music critics grew tired of her ideas and anthems. Many music critics responded with mixed reviews. Avril Lavigne’s self-titled album was her least successful album to date despite having Here’s To Never Growing Up and Rock N Roll as buzz singles. The album peaked at #5 on the BillBoard 200 yet suffered from low sales.

If the songs What The Hell, Wish You Were Here, Everybody Hurts, Not Enough, and Smile were included on this album, the this album would have been more of a success. Now if Avril paid attention to the backlash of controversy over the Hello Kitty music video, then her career and album sales would not have suffered.

Avril Lavigne went back to her rebellious punk rock roots on the song Here’s To Never Growing Up. It's about being young and wanting to be young forever while living in the moment by having fun. The song itself is a nostalgia trip. Its music video on YouTube received millions of views online. Here’s To Never Growing Up was a hit and the lead single.

This song has a moderate tempo of 82 bpm and is composed almost entirely in the key of F major. This song has a moderate tempo similar to Complicated from 2002. The song has a “punch” in its sound due to constant usage of a kick drum. Guitars and drums are the melody.

At the beginning is where Avril references English rock band Radiohead. Ironically Radiohead is also featured in the chorus. At the chorus, she continues "We'll be running down the street yelling kiss my ass"

Avril declares her celebration to never maturing in the second verse. It is clearly a "celebration of being forever young".:

This is who we are
I don't think we'll ever change
They say 'Just grow up.’
but they don't know us
We don't give a fuck!
And we’re never gonna change

The songwriting on Hush Hush conveys such deep meaning as the song emits a barrage of feelings. Feelings such as regret, anger, hopefulness, and desperation. Hush Hush is a piano driven ballad that is an original song written by Avril Lavigne herself.

The song starts with a calm vibe where Avril whispers “hush” repeatedly. She seems to be trying to calm someone down or maybe even herself. This could have been after a fight or a breakdown. The chorus is full of pain and regret. She whispers in a peaceful and comforting way “hush hush” planing to ease the sorrow along with the mood.

Verse 2 is where Avril is now filled with regret.

[Verse 2]
When I try to forget you
I just keep on remembering
What we had, it was so true
And somehow we lost everything
Hush hush, now (Hush hush, now)

The chorus is also filled with pain, sorrow, and regret as well.

Rock N Roll has some fun, rebellious anthems. The song is about care-free non-conformance where Avril sing-shouts lyrics in her usual cadence and piercing voice. Her usual piercing falling cadence shimmers throughout the song. Chords from the guitar are electronically synchronized to a full drum kit.

This rock song is similar to classic rock anthems such as I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll, Detroit Rock City, I Wanna Rock, and We Will Rock You. The song itself pays homage and tribute to the genre of rock music hence the appropriate title.

Avril does not care about conforming to current trends of music set up by the corporate executives who control the music market. She does not care about conforming up to the standards of mainstream hipster music. Verse 1 sums up everything about Avril not conforming to current trends of music.

[Verse 1]
I don't care about my makeup
I like it better with my jeans all ripped up
Don't know how to keep my mouth shut
You say, "So what?" (What)
I don't care if I'm a misfit
I like it better than the hipster bullshit
I am the motherfuckin' princess
You still love it

You know what she’s really all about. She reminds us that she is still the princess of rock ‘n roll. It was due to her success int he early 2000s that she had earned this nickname. Avril Lavigne is the Punk Rock Princess. She stays true to what she does. She does not care about reputation unlike everybody today.

The chorus is full of rebellion as hinted in the lyrics.

When it's you and me
We don't need no one to tell us who to be
We'll keep turning up the radio
What if you and I
Just put up a middle finger to the sky?
Let 'em know that we're still rock n roll

Hello Kitty as a song was a PR disaster. The Hello Kitty music video was slammed by the news media along with the press. Avril Lavigne was accused of racism and cultural appropriation (or misappropriation depending on how you look at it) over the video's stereotypical depiction of Japanese culture. Avril Lavigne did not take the backlash very seriously which her hurt music career in a sense.

Mix the subgenres of J-pop, dubstep, and EDM, and the result is this song called Hello Kitty. The song is clearly inspired by J-pop. The song uses both the Japanese language and English language.

Bitchin’ Summer is a mid tempo carefree song about harmless rebelliousness. The motto to the song Bitchin’ Summer is “Come and party, do it while we're young”.

The time period of this song takes place just seconds before school is out. Everyone is waiting on the bell. The anxiety and tension is high in the air. The sun is shinin' down. A couple seconds, kids will be raisin' hell.

Now school is finally out! It's gonna be a bitchin' summer. Nothing else matters. So we might as well party while we're young.

Falling Fast is a song that would fit appropriately on a Taylor Swift album due to its melody and pop rock elements. The song seems to be a pop rock crossover.  The whole song is about falling fast.

I rate this album 3/5***!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,668

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing.

Avril Lavigne decided to take a different musical direction with this album. The whole album is more pop oriented than rock. By 2007, Avril Lavigne became an international pop sensation sellout across the globe by having decided to go the pop route. This album is more girly and cheery. The album tackles subjects such as dating and relationships which is what she did on her last album Under My Skin.

The Best Damn Thing is the title track and lead single that is a cheerleader pop song about how Avril Lavigne is “the best damn thing” your eyes will have ever seen toward any man out there willing to be her boyfriend. It is a pop oriented song. Avril Lavigne definitely went all out with this song. It’s painfully obvious she went the sellout route here. Avril Lavigne can create a scene as she is a scene. She’s a drama queen. She’s the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen! Like it or not.

The Best Damn Thing” was released as the final single on June 21, 2008. The song charted at #7 on the US Billboard Charts under the Hot 100 Singles chart. The song would later peaked at #95 on the Hot 100 Singles chart. However The Best Damn Thing didn’t perform as well commercially as some of her previous singles. Oh the irony.

Apparently a guy not getting the door for her really gets on her last nerves as evidenced in He Wasn’t from the Under My Skin album and on Verse 1 for this song. Where are the hopes? Where are the dreams? Her Cinderella story scene? Anyway peep the first verse.

[Verse 1]
I hate it when a guy doesn't get the door
Even though I told him yesterday and the day before
I hate it when a guy doesn't get the tab
And I have to pull my money out and that looks bad, yeah

Now Verse 2 is where Avril starts to get awkward and quite disturbing. Does this really need an explanation? She is talking about being on her period for fucks sake.

[Verse 2]
I hate it when a guy doesn't understand
Why a certain time of month I don't wanna hold his hand (uh-uh)

Now the bridge sung in a cheer the way cheerleaders performs their cheers and chants at pep rallies & sporting events. Now this is where the song becomes even more cheery.

Give me an A (always give me what I want)
Give me a V (be very, very good to me)
R (are you gonna treat me right?)
I (I can put up a fight)
Give me an L (let me hear you scream loud)
(Let me hear you scream loud)
One, two, three, four!
You won’t get rid of her never.

I Can Do Better is someone getting over someone whether it be a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, or a certain crush. Whatever the case, this song certainly is rubbing it in their faces you can and will find someone to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. That you will find someone better. It’s basically that simple.

It is evident and painfully obvious that Avril is tired of this shit. So don’t ask why and don’t deny it.

I'm sick of this shit, don't deny
You're a waste of time
I'm sick of this shit, don't ask why

Hot is a “burlesque” pop rock ballad where Avril sings away her feelings about a boyfriend. This boyfriend of her makes hot “hot”. It’s so ridiculous. The song uses a heavy punch of rock music.

She wants to lock her boyfriend up in her closet and do some crazy ridiculous things to him. She makes some references to BDSM, bondage play, and sex.  The lyrics explain what she wants to do to her boyfriend.:

[Verse 1]
I wanna lock you up in my closet
When no one's around
I wanna put your hand in my pocket
Because you're allowed
I wanna drive you into the corner
And kiss you without a sound
I wanna stay this way forever
I'll say it loud

Now you're in
You can't get out

It’s clear he makes Avril so hot. He’s so ridiculous. She can barely stop (or breathe). That gently kiss is what she is longing for.

I rate this album, The Best Damn Thing, 4/5****!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,667

The raps on E - From The Block To The Booth are not that great and are below average on this album. E doesn't really stand out as a rapper. His flows are wack and his lyrics are unintelligent. Subject matter he covers for topics on the tracks are nothing new. It's all rehashed subject material about the lurid tales of street life. Despite all the effort put into graphics and artwork design, the album is rather lackluster. The lyrics are filled with weakness. Not much effort is put forth in songwriting. The concepts are weak.

Despite Bay Area rap heavyweights being on the album, the albums effort is weak. The only good standpoint for the album is the graphics artwork design. If you want to support Bloc Star Entertainment, buy X-Raided albums, Loki, or At All Costs albums instead.

I rate this album 2/5**.