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Hydrogeological study of Maple Run Cave delayed.

A hydrogeological study of Maple Run Cave that scheduled to be completed was delayed by rain in April 2018. Both the hydrogeological study and the environmental study as part of the environmental study were delayed because of rain weather. Meteorologists spectate the March 2018 rain weather to be a contributing factor to have delayed the hydrogeological study of Maple Run Cave.

However environmental studies stopped due to rain and cold weather for now. Environmental studies will continue in May 2018 if weather permitting. Ecologists have found that Maple Run Cave connects to Goat Cave and Wade Cave inside Goat Cave Karst Preserve Park. Maple Run Cave is located in Austin, Texas, US.

History about the Del Valle Opportunity Center (Lamar School) revisited.

The Del Valle Opportunity Center (Lamar School also known as La Mar School and Lamar Elementary School) has been a pinnacle in community activities in Del Valle, Texas for years. It has shaped at-risk students and has turned them around to be positive contributing members of society. For instance offering extracurricular activities, vocational training, and therapy along with other classes. These students focus on graduating rather than the traditional school experience. The Del Valle Opportunity Center has operated as a K-12 campus.

In 1937, Del Valle Missionary Baptist Church sold 1 acre of land to the Colorado Common School District (now Del Valle Independent School District) to open the Lamar School. Lamar School was established as an elementary school for black students who lived in the Colorado Common School District in Del Valle, Texas. Lamar School would educate black students in grades 1 through 7. 8th grade was added later. From 1937 to 1968, Lamar School would operate as Lamar School Elementary from 1937 to 1968.

From 1937 to 1957, Lamar School operated as a two-room schoolhouse before expanding into a modernized school campus eventually relocating into an actual building. For 20 years, Lamar School operated in a one story two-room schoolhouse. From 1937 to 1969 is when Mr. Norma Miller was principal and teacher at that school. Mrs. Norma Miller was vice principal and teacher at that school.

In 1940, the church sold an additional 5 acres of land to the Colorado Common School District to open the Lamar School which would eventually become Lamar Elementary School. Lamar School was a negro school.

In 1957, the Lamar School relocated into an International style L-plan building. The two-room schoolhouse was demolished and cleared out to make way for additional portables for the school district. Several buildings were built across the 6 acre campus. Portables were added as additional buildings to the Del Valle Opportunity Center. The architect of the building was Arnold E. Whittmann.

Until 1968, Lamar School operated as a school for African American students residing in Del Valle and the surrounding areas. The school was desegregated in 1968. 100 students attended the school in 1969.

Lamar School would eventually become the Del Valle Opportunity Center in 1970. A few extra additional portables were constructed as well. Del Valle Opportunity Center would become a school for at-risk students overtime. Del Valle ISD Opportunity Center has also went under the name Del Valle ISD Opportunity Center.

The school has had its share of violence and other mishaps occur as similar situations occur in such school settings. For example, a 15 year old stabbed another student in 1992. Police were called to the scene of the crime and arrested those who were involved during an investigation.

The Del Valle Independent School District school board passed a bond on February 22, 2007 to relocate the Del Valle Opportunity Center to another new building. Expansion was to be opened approximately in 2010. The Del Valle ISD School Board called a May 12, 2007 bond election for $105,800,000 dollars. The new Del Valle Opportunity Center was part of the $105,800,000 package.

In 2010, the Del Valle Opportunity Center was relocated to the new location of Del Valle High School. The building mysteriously caught on fire in November 20, 2010. The cause of the fire was determined to be unknown. Del Valle Opportunity Center was all but abandoned by 2011. The school had been vandalized with graffiti for a couple of years. The International style L-plan building quickly fell into rural decay.

The Del Valle Opportunity Center was sold to a commercial owner who now has a real estate business located there. In 2016, the Lamar School was demolished by commercial owner. The demolition process was a quick and speedy process due to the International style L-plan building being one story.

Del Valle Opportunity Center has had a series of mysterious fires occur to the inside of the school building. Fires would always start inside a classroom. The origins of these fire would come up with no leads. The leads would come up as empty leads.

On the morning of October 22, 2007, Del Valle Opportunity Center suffered from a classroom fire before any students were present on campus. No students or staff were harmed. Del Valle Opportunity Center shut down for the day. All Del Valle Opportunity Center students were redirected to Ojeda Junior High School. Del Valle Opportunity Center continued to serve students at Ojeda Junior High School until Monday, October 29th. (Ref: News Radio KLBJ, Del Valle Fire Affects Opportunity Center)

District officials and fire officials never discovered any leads in the final report from the Travis County Fire Marshall regarding the official cause of the fire. Visual reports indicate that the fire was contained to one classroom only and does not appear to be caused by vandalism.

On November 20, 2010, Austin firefighters received a call around 4:50 PM. On Monday, November 20th that the Lamar School building was up in flames. Firefighters were able to control the blaze in just under an hour. FM 973 was shut down for an hour causing traffic delays near the airport. Austin firefighters worked endlessly to stop the fire. Fire officials were unsure what might have ignited the fire or what caused the fire but will continue investigations.

Battalion chief Thayer Smith stated, “The fire was confined to one end of the school building”. “Smoke was everywhere.”

On December 2, 2010, Austin firefighters received a call around 4:50 PM that the Lamar School building was up in flames. The fire its was contained to one classroom but had somehow later spread through the entire building. Fire officials later determined the cause of the fire was from faulty electrical wiring.

Del Valle Opportunity Center (Lamar School) was located at 3311 South FM 973, Del Valle, Texas, US.

History of former Del Valle Middle School in Del Valle, Texas revealed.

On the date of January 16, 1964, Edward Thomas Flow and Ruby Kieke Flow deeded land on a warranty deed to the Colorado Common School District (Now Del Valle ISD) for schools to be built on. New schools were much needed for the school district. Another building program was passed during the 1964-1965 school year and resulted in the construction of a new junior high school and a new middle school. 1965 is when Del Valle Middle School constructed. Del Valle Middle School opened in August 1965. Grades 6 through 8 were taught at this school.

Prior to 1965, Del Valle Middle School students and Del Valle Junior High School students were educated at the 1948 Popham School (Popham Elementary School) campus. Del Valle Junior High School shared the same building as Popham School prior to 1965.

Del Valle Middle School was built next to the then Del Valle Junior-Senior High School and had shared the same campus just less than a block away. Both schools shared the Panther Fieldhouse. Both schools shared the Cardinal Baseball Field.

In 1993 when Bergstrom Airforce Base closed due to military budget cuts, Del Valle Middle School was selected as one of the 5 schools to be relocated and demolished by the Airport Noise Mitigation Program. Airport Noise Mitigation Program was initiated by Austin Bergstrom International Airport. The Airport Noise Mitigation Program verified that Del Valle Middle School was located in the flight path of the ABIA Airport. The Airport Noise Mitigation Program required Del Valle ISD to relocate 5 to 6 of their then present schools alongside the Colorado River. These schools could not be sound proofed due to high maintenance costs and lack of funding. 

1996 is when the land of the 5 Del Valle ISD schools were sold to the US Government and City of Austin on a memorandum contract for grand total of $45.6 million dollars. Schools were being slowly relocated at that time.

By 1999, Bergstrom Airforce Base was converted into the now present day Austin Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA). Del Valle Middle School was demolished and relocated to the location of 5500 Ross Road in 2000. The district offices, a couple of maintenance sheds,  and Del Valle Panther Fieldhouse are the only remaining structures left of Del Valle Middle School.

Del Valle Middle School was located at 2404 Shapard Lane, Del Valle, Texas, US 78617.

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,425

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Trey Lorenz - Trey Lorenz.

The Trey Lorenz album was written during the Mariah Carey promotional tour of 1990. Trey with Mariah Carey and him became good friends during her 1990 promotional tour. Mariah Carey was said to have co-wrote songs for his solo album. She did the backing vocals for his debut album. Top writers made contributions to the songwriting along with Trey Lorenz himself. Most of the album contemporary R&B love songs and musical pop hits. The album was released in 1992 on Epic Records.

Someone To Hold was minor hit track composed by Trey Lorenz and co-written by Mariah Carey. You can tell Mariah Carey wrote this song just by looking at the title for this composition. The song Someone To Hold is a passionate love song sung perfectly by both Trey Lorenz and Mariah Carey. Mariah Carey sings the backup vocals for Someone To Hold.

However the song wasn’t a commercial success. Someone To Hold could have been a Top 40 hit. Lack of promotion led to the song not charting. Epic Records dropped the ball on the debut album for Trey Lorenz by not pushing or promoting the song properly as a minor hit for a single.

When Troubles Come is a song that will bring you to tears as the song itself is a tearjerker. When dealing with a lot of pressure with the world was crashing down on you, the song When Troubles Come uplifts and brightens your spirits along with others spirits. This upbeat tune always brightens up spirits. The song When Troubles Come is perfect for dealing with  life and personal relationships.

The verse "You're gonna need a friend" is about accepting people to come into your life. The verse is also about accepting love to be in your life. This verse sheds light on life and personal relationships.

Both Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz wrote the passionate song How Can I Say Goodbye. Mariah Carey wrote this song obviously. How Can I Say Goodbye could have been a hit track. Just To Be Close To You is an impassioned cover of Lionel Richie - Just To Be Close To You.

It’s truly bad that his solo work wasn't a commercial success. Trey Lorenz could have been the Trey Songz of the 90s generation. That’s for sure. With the right management, promotion, support, and finances, he could have reached stardom. Trey Lorenz has a beautiful voice possessed with true vocal quality backed by excellent instrumentation arrangement.

I rate this album, Trey Lorenz, 5/5*****!

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Mixerr Album Reviews #1,424

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Dre Bone - My Saddest Day EP.

Dre Bone released an EP entitled My Saddest Day on Stay True Records on an agreement with Stoney Burke Recordings in the year of 1996. The EP is 5 tracks of uncut unfiltered funk and raw rap without the watered down mainstream radio sound.

Dre Bone is from Cleveland, Ohio where being real is the religion and hustling is a way of live. Trippin’ Wit Da Fiends is about his career as a hustler in the late 1980s. He started hustling on corners of neighborhoods and various ghettoes. His hustling was no hobby. It was a must.

Lot of Niggas was a track that was spun and played at the hottest clubs all over Cleveland in the 90s. The hottest clubs all over Cleveland would give the song a few spins at a time. The song was already hot by 1997.

Choke Da Erb has a smooth laid back electronic sound to it. Choke Da Erb is about trippin with the fiends (dope fiends). Most of the track is extremely laid back smooth funk drifting into slowness. Choke Da Erb was played at the hottest clubs all over Cleveland in the 90s. The hottest clubs all over Cleveland would give the song a few spins at a time. The song was already hot by 1996 and 1997.

Trippin Wit Da Fiends is similar to Choke Dad Erb with its smooth sleepy electronic sound. Trippin Wit Da Fiends was popular among dope fiends of Cleveland, Ohio.

I rate this EP, My Saddest Day, 4/5****.

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,423

This is Michael Mixerr. I'll review some gangsta ass shit from Mack The Jack'a! The album is The Skanless Presents…Mack The Jack’a.

His first album came out on cassette U BE U in 1993 which was released in the Saginaw area and sold 5,000 copies locally! This is one of the realist albums to ever drop outta Saginaw in 1993 next to Hank's debut album. Dope G-Funk lyrics and beats filled with horrorcore violence on top of that classic smooth gangsta rap. Mr. Pratt of Killa Productions and Gee Pierce of U BE U Studios were responsible for the production of this album. The finest rap from Saginaw, Michigan!

Mack The Jack'a - The Skanless Presents…Mack The Jack’a was released in early 1993 on cassette only and sold 5,000 copies locally in the Saginaw area. Soon the cassette sold out in the Saginaw Valley area very quickly within months time.

Stevie Mack is Mack The Jack'a on the Intro: Stevie Mack off the Jackin’ Side of the cassette. At first we hear children playing outside on a sunny day. Children play during daytime. The sun is shining and birds are chirping.

They are chanting,

Stevie Mack Mack Mack
dressed in all black black black
he has a semi-automatic matic matic
down his back

A man tells them to get their asses inside the house before Stevie Mack comes out before night. As far as the man is concerned that nigga Stevie Mack is dead. Now we hear footsteps approaching the door. The door creaks open only to hear a murderous bloodshed has occurred by multiple gunshots. To where? Who knows?

The intro is very short, playalistic, and killa! Mack The Jack'a showcases what is to be foreshadowing a wild ride throughout the entire album. This is one hell of an intro and is pure fucking fire! Mack The Jack'a ain't the one to fuck with after all.

Mack The Jack'a is a self-explanatory track about who Mack The Jack'a is and about what events were going on in his life at time he recorded this album of his. Such as how he was doing financially, him having a child so his pockets start hurting from a financial standpoint, living a life of crime, selling crack cocaine, dealing with the turmoil economy of Michigan, and how Saginaw as a city got bad with its share of problems.

Mack The Jack'a is a repetitive track to most professional music critics but fuck them! This track is the shit! Mack The Jack'a repping U BE U to the fullest on this one. The G-funk synths gives you that eerie vibe that Esham displayed at one point. The notes shift from a B-Flat major to A minor swiftly in a perfect manner. The musical notes use the AB method by going from B-Flat major to B-Flat minor to and then to A minor.

Mack The Jack'a - Mack The Jack'a samples Barry White - Never Gonna Give You Up which is what your hear sampled in the background. The piano samples musical notes from the Barry White song. Gee Pierce and Don Q produced Mack The Jack'a with Mack The Jack'a being the co-producer. The track has a 70s soul sound backing 90s gangsta rap.

Mack The Jack'a lets everyone know that you could never live this life of crime that Mack The Jack'a is rapping about. You ain’t never lived this life. How can you understand this? Stevie Mack is Mack The Jack'a!

It's 1993 and times are hard in the city of Saginaw. Saginaw as a city got bad overtime with its share of problems. Of course Saginaw as a city has its share of problems as many cities do and still do. Mack The Jack'a doesn't give a fuck about his bad luck. It runs through his family. He gets his bad luck from his father.

His mother threw him out of her home. She is trying to save her happy home. He’s going through changes in his mind. That never stops. Mack Tha Mack The Jack'a was selling stones at the time on the East Side of Saginaw and the Sunny Side (South Side). Another person’s territory doesn’t mean shit. He’s higher than a kite smoking on monkey paw. Mack The Jack’a was raised on the streets. Mack The Jack’a caught you slippin’ on that pay phone. Your murder is just a mystery.

He knows that he’s a threat. When Mack The Jack’a is on a certain side of town, people jet. That nigga strikes a nerve. Now Mack The Jack’a is pumping bricks and dimes to annihilate away his competition in the illicit drug trade. He has a connection to a drug dealer on Greg Street.

Mack is trying to cope with everyday responsibilities. He has a child that is a baby. The baby is no problem but his pockets started hurting from a financial standpoint. Here is where track transitions to the repetitive “Mack The Jack'a Mack The Jack'a Mack The Jack’a” chorus. The rest is about "being about that life" knowing that haters never could live this lifestyle of crime that Mack The Jack'a is rapping about.

Don Q and Gee Pierce both produced the track Doin’ Dirt. Gee Pierce plays keynotes from his keyboard and produces at the same time. Doin’ Dirt is about how Mack The Jack’a does his dirt, commits crimes, criminal mischief, and his criminal lifestyle he lives by.

Mack The Jack’a does his dirt and commits crimes which abides by the criminal lifestyle he lives by. He raps about how he sells cocaine and various drugs around the city of Saginaw, Michigan. He did his dirt in his day like a dirty dog. Mack doesn’t give a fuck if he has to lay the law down (lay down the law in his case). He does his dirt during the daytime and nighttime. To sum it all up, Doin’ Dirt is about commiting crimes.

Feelin 4 A Killin' is one of those killing track that makes you want to kill someone. A person perhaps you had a grudge against in the past or for whatever fucking reason. This is that music you play before you kill somebody. [A killing song.] It's kill a cop music in a skanless way. Feelin 4 A Killin' is much more darker than Cop Killer by Body Count. This that Skanless sick ass shit no one can fuck with!

Mack The Jacka has a feeling for killing so don’t press your luck. The bullets he shoots you could never duck. He has a 9 millimeter on his belt. Mack The Jack is going to be creeping thru your bedroom. Better say your prayer because he is going to kill you. You’ll meet The Jack’a but you’ll never get to speak a word. You’ll look into his eyes and realize it’s Stevie Herd. (Stephen Herd is the legal name of Mack The Jacka.) While you are bleeding he will leave out the front door with your dough.

The killing starts again. Mack The Jack’a is on a killing spree. He’s not worried about the police. If the Burt Street Boys can kill them, Mack The Jack’a can kill them too. Burt Street Boys are a local gang originating from Saginaw’s Eastside neighborhood where Mack The Jack’a is from.

Now Mack The Jack’a is at his house down in the basement staring at the ceiling. His body is numb and his finger is twitching. He has that killing feeling. Mr. Pratt sniffed much cocaine. Mack The Jack’a stays strapped with a black get while roaming the streets of Saginaw. He kills for getting paid. He has a feeling for a killing.

Saginaw Police are at his door telling him to open up. Mack The Jack’a gets into a standoff with police at this point in the track. However the standoff only lasts minutes. He’ll buck them down with his 9 millimeter in pairs. He will be laughing when he is done.

Mack The Jack’a goes to his shrink doctor in the middle of the track. He asks his shrink about his problems and the shrink tells Mack The Jack’a “I’m scared of you!!” So now Mack is smoking on that monkey paw. A news flash across the TV channel broadcasts about a crime wave (or in this case a murder spree). 60 homicides committed in Saginaw. The killings are a trend.

Cross Thoughts is the first track on the Mackin Side of the cassette. This is where things start to pick up again. The dark grand piano notes at the beginning tell us otherwise. The horrorcore element is very much prevalent in this track here. Cross Thoughts is very horrorcore.

If you dig deep inside the mind which contains a box of cross thoughts. It's all about the thoughts of a deranged killa. A boss takes a loss. Mack The Jack'a puts in work on the emphasis a ⅓rd of the way through the Cross Thoughts track.

Cross Thoughts talks about how Mack The Jack'a grew up in a cycle of poverty and how he overcame poverty. Mack The Jack'a needs SSI but is ineligible to qualify for SSI, so he turned to the illegal drug trade as an inevitable result. Mack The Jack'a makes references to voodooism. The horrorcore element is here is voodooism. Mack The Jack'a hit hard on this track!

Steady Stackin' is a track that calms the whole mood down for the Mackin Side of the cassette. The Fleetwood Mac sample is prefect calming down an albums mood for the entire album. Steady Stackin' untwists the violence down. Ironically the track is about steady stacking income while leading a life of crime. This is one playalistic track!

Mack The Jack'a is peeping out a lick in the neighborhood while selling drugs. Mack is warning us it’s about to be a fucking bloodbath. A .38 is in his possession but he needs a bigger gat. Mack calls Mr. Pratt on the telephone. Mr. Pratt answers the telephone. At this point in the track is what appears to be a drug transaction taking place.

Here is what is said in the telephone conversation.
Mr. Pratt: What up?
Mack The Jacka: I need one, P.
Mr. Pratt: Yo Mack, I’ll meet you up at Jones on Genesee.

Mack The Jacka drives up to Genesee Avenue to meet Mr. Pratt at the intersection of Cherry Street & Genesee Avenue as planned. So they meet up at Jones on Genesee.

Mack The Jacka jacked a nigga around the block for 2 grams worth of 2 kilos of cocaine. He shot that nigga’s parters at their crib where they kept the packs of crack cocaine. Now Mack The Jack'a is the only nigga in his hood pumpin' crack. Now these niggaz talking shit but it ain’t shit (at least to Mack The Jack’a of course). If they approach The Jacka, they get pistol-whipped. According to Mack The Jack’a, if you are throwing up that piece (piece sign), your ass is weak. Your ass is considered weak to Mack The Jack’a.

Mack has peeped you out rolling in your truck. When you see him of course that means bad luck. Mack The Jack’a is Mr. Bad Luck. The chase is on for Mr. Pratt and Mack The Jack’a. He needs the loot (cash). Mack The Jack’a is a true living factor of the streets, jack. If you’re ready for a war, Mack The Jack’a has come prepared. This is what he warns crackheads including the ones he’s fucked over and fucked up. There was so much dirt that niggaz got hurt. These niggaz got hurt because they weren’t true to the game. Mack The Jack’a is the type of nigga to rob your ass, take your shit, and sell it back to you.

It takes heart to be a part of the world Mack The Jack’a lives in. It takes a heart to be a killa, G. It's all about money mackin', big pimpin', and pistol packin'! Always be about getting your own money. He has plans on making it rich in the drug game. He is selling half of the stacks of his candlesticks from his box.

Mack The Jack'a gives shout outs to the Skanless Family. [Particularly Damon The Demon Seed and Bone Skanless (R.I.P.).] Mack The Jack'a explains at the end of Steady Stackin' about how he found Bone Skanless. Mack The Jack'a went through the roughest and foulest ghettoes to find this nigga, That Nigga Bone. (Bone Skanless that is.) And that all 3 of them together comprised membership of the Skanless Family.

The last track is Outro - Skanless Family with Damon The Demon Seed, Bone Skanless (R.I.P.), and Mr. Pratt. This is one hell of an outro! Mack The Jack'a is taking these niggaz out on this outro! Quite Funkafied if I might say so. Mack The Jack'a is a part of the Skanless Family along with Bone Skanless and Damon The Demon Seed. Not to mention Mr. Pratt among several others. One thing is for sure is that the Skanless Family knew how to be Skanless on a level that nobody knew how to fuck with! This is that Skanless sick ass shit no one can fuck with! It's Skanless Family 4 Life!

In order, Mack The Jacka goes first, Damion The Demon Seed goes second, Bone Skanless goes third, and Mr. Pratt is last. Mr. Pratt was part of the Skanless Family in the 1990s. Mack The Jacka is heard first at the beginning and at the very end to say the least.

I'm not sure what the difference between Skanless Family and Skanbino Mob. I'm not sure if it's all one family or not. With that said, Mack The Jack'a, Bone Skanless, and Damon The Demon Seed were ahead of their time. The Jack'a is the fucking man! Bone Skanless, Mack Tha Jacka, and Dirty Jerk should have blown up on a national scale across the United States and Canada. They just didn't have the money to push their projects right. If they had, that would have been a different story. Skanless Family was the Wu-Tang Clan of Saginaw.

I rate this album, The Skanless Presents…Mack The Jack'a, 5/5*****!!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,422

This is Michael Mixerr. I will talk about the All I Want For Christmas Is You single by Mariah Carey.

All I Want For Christmas Is You is the best song Christmas holiday song that Mariah Carey has done to date so far! You will definitely fall in love with the song All I Want For Christmas Is You! All I Want For Christmas Is You a breath taking, ice breaking Christmas song. All I Want For Christmas Is You is a Christmas love song written by Mariah Carey herself. That's how I fell in love with this song. You will enjoy all these classical Christmas holiday songs I had enjoyed too.

Mariah Carey such her heart out on in 1995. Her version of stands out the most and is the best Christmas rendition song of Joy To The World from the 1990s decade. In fact, her version of Joy To The World stands out the most. Mariah Carey had sung her rendition of Joy To The World perfectly.

I rate this single, All I Want For Christmas Is You, 5/5*****!!

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,421

This is Michael Mixerr. I will review Tenta B. And Tha R.P.T. ‎– An Interview with Tha Playa.

Tenta B. And Tha R.P.T. is a hip hop/rap group from Little Rock, Arkansas that once represented Arkansas hip hop. Tenta B is none other than Ty Burns. Tha R.P.T is Demond "3D" Ivey, Eric "E Frost" Ticey Brewe, and Shannon "DJ Duce" Brewe. Tha R.P.T is Tha Rock Town Players.

An Interview with Tha Playa is very much similar to Ganksta Nip - Interview With A Killa in terms of comparison with gangsta rap. The rough raw Arkansas rap sound can be heard on this track. Mix that with a smooth late night sex jam. Arkansas Times calls the track An Interview with Tha Playa “the great lost Little Rock sex jam of the decade”. Arkansas Times refers to the track An Interview with Tha Playa as “the greatest Little Rock sex jam of the 1990s decade”.

An Interview with Tha Playa is a reference and bears a cultural connection to An Interview with The Mayor hence the title. An Interview with Tha Playa is said to be believed to be a reference to and bears a cultural connection to the book An Interview with The President hence the title as well.

Victims Omen is where Tenta B. And Tha R.P.T. frustratingly vents out about victims lost gun violence and gangs. The song was written in 1995. During that period is when the gangs had already started to risen up in Little Rock. It was peer pressure during those times. An 11 year old kid named Nate sung that hook on Victims Omen.

Player has a really dope bassline. Player is some really dope smooth player (playa) type shit. Tenta B. And Tha R.P.T. such choose their production wisely.

I rate this album, An Interview with Tha Playa, 5/5*****!

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Mixerr Reviews discovers Wade Cave in Austin, Texas revisited.

On the date of October 15, 2017, Michael Mixerr of Mixerr Reviews discovered Wade Cave at Goat Cave Karst Preserve in Austin, Texas while during a caving outing. Wade Cave is one of the many forgotten caves of Austin/Travis County being that Wade Cave is one of the lesser known caves. Not much is known about the history of Wade Cave or the discovery backstory for it.

Wade Cave is difficult to enter group to due to the steep drop inside the cave and not just the steps. Bringing groups will be difficult to due to a steep drop inside the cave. Going in small groups is recommended when touring Wade Cave.

Wade Cave is a cave with a subtle moist environment with a high level of moisture perfect for mosquitoes and bats. Mosquitoes and bats are the natural wildlife that inhabit Wade Cave. The moist environment is a subtle breeding ground ideal for mosquitos among other insects, spiders, flies, and other insects of course. Many insects inhabit Wade Cave as insects inhabit and compromise a huge portion of natural wildlife in the caves of Texas. The caves of Goat Cave Karst Preserve Park are no exception however.

“Upon entering Wade Cave, I felt a sense of moisture the first 20 seconds I was down there. You can feel a sense of moisture down in that particular cave. The moist environment is a subtle breeding ground for mosquitos. I had noticed mosquitos had been swarming over me while I was 20 feet-30 feet into Wade Cave.” said Michael Mixerr.

Apparently Balcones Canyon Preserves is contracting construction of steps into Wade Cave. A staircase with rails is going to be installed sometime in 2017. Construction began August 2017. Rails have been secured around the perimeter of the Wade Cave entrance. Yellow caution tape has been placed. During construction, contractors found out that Wade Cave connects to Goat Cave and Maple Run Cave inside Goat Cave Karst Preserve Park. However in April 2018, construction stopped due to cold weather and rain.

A hydrogeological study of Goat Cave, Maple Run Cave, and Wade Cave is anticipated to be completed in 2018.

Former Anson Jones School of Abilene, Texas said to be haunted.

Many urban explorers who enjoy the activity of urban exploration claim the former Anson Jones School building is haunted. Many claimed to hear voices behind closed doors. The swings move by themselves. Doors open without warning.
Over 100’s people have trespassed onto the school property within the past 4 years. Anson Jones School was an elementary school that was a 1-7 school which taught grades 1 through 7. Anson Jones School was known as Anson Jones Elementary School.

Anson Jones School was built in 1947 with renovations made in 1950. This school is located just south of I 20. The school building was built as a 36,207 square foot building on a land tract of 10.33 acres. In 1950, 3 extra classrooms were added.

In 1954, school zoning changes effected Anson Jones School. 7th grade students began attending North Park School. By then Anson Jones School was a 1-6 school. A $110,000 9-classroom addition was added to Anson Jones School in 1957.

Abilene Reporter-News reported that Anson Jones School had vandalized multiple times in the of 1962 with hundreds to thousands dollars worth of damage done. At one point in time, Anson Jones School became the Taylor County Learning Center. Taylor County Learning Center was a public school that served grades 5 through 12.

Sam Daggubati purchased the property in 2002. Property owner Sam Daggubati had plans to build an Indian Cultural Center at the location in 2007, but nothing happened. (A Hindu Indian Cultural Center.)

Today has the school listed for sale at the price of $1,500,000. The building is currently up for sale to any tenants interested in purchasing the property. The property has been up for sale for the past 5 years.

Anson Jones School (Anson Jones Elementary School) is located at 2002 Jameson Street, Abilene, Texas, US 79603.