Friday, September 2, 2016

Mixerr Album Reviews #850

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Voodoo Mob - 210 Soldiers!

Voodoo is a prime example of the rap sub genre called Doodooism. Doodooism is heavy bass and heavy percussion with usage of reduced treble. Voodoo relies heavily on the usage of bass. A low pitched vocal sample saying "voodoo" is looped every 2 seconds. This track is similar to something you would hear from Twice Tha Power, Spooky G & Blackjack, DJ AK, Brown Tribe, Tribe 46, Chuy Loko, DJ Trini B, Namik, Kyle Lee, Mr. Irok, or PKO. 

Voodoo Mob gets stupid low and slow with the the bass settings on Slow and Low Bass. The bass is low and super heavy. Low bass has always been prevalent in San Antonio hip hop and rap along with San Antonio culture. Also low bass has always been a part of the music scene there. The dubs are killer. 

210 Soldiers is a San Antonio rap classic! All bass heads and rap heads enjoy and appreciate the heavy usage of bass this single has to offer. Underground rap fans will dig this! I rate this single, 210 Soldiers, 5/5*****!!

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