Monday, February 6, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,107

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Twinspan - Anthems of Your Scene Phase again due to popular demand!

Twinspan - Anthems of Your Scene Phase was released as online as a digital download in 2016/2017. In other words, it was an online album. Anthems of Your Scene Phase is an album that all metal heads and punk rockers alike should hear and buy for today's musical and political climate that is against the mainstream music market if they have the time. This album is a breath of fresh air for metal heads that are tired of hearing that pop shit in the radio. However, the album is trash.

Metal fans and music news website Sputnikmusic all thought the Anthems of Your Scene Phase album was horrible. Sputnikmusic gave the album Anthems of Your Scene Phase 1/5* (1 out of 5 stars). One can see why metal fans would consider this album to be horrible. The instrumentals sound muffles and the vocals are too quiet. You can hardly hear the vocals on some of the tracks. Their choice of lyrics are bluntly terrible. Twinspan dragged metalcore through the mud with this album while they were experimenting on their sound. Overall, the album is trash.

240 HD is the best track on the album despite being almost terrible! 240 HD is everything that metal and punk rock should be. Not that punk pop bullshit you hear on the radio. Heavy thrashing percussion, loud distorted screaming voices with the occasional singing of course, killer overdub, and the fast paced tempo are what make this track so perfect. The singing came with compassion from the soul and heart.

Most of 240 HD is filled with soulful singing in certain parts of the song however, making 240 HD stand out on the album. That's how this song is different from any of the other songs on the album. As stated, 240 HD is the best track on the Anthems of Your Scene Phase album!

Downsides of 240 HD are the lyrics, inability to hear the vocals clearly as the vocals volume is set to an unbalanced low volume level, and the irritating loud distorted screaming voices. Mostly the inability to hear the vocals clearly on this song is what made 240 HD somewhat almost terrible.

Tear This Wall Down is an anger and angst driven ballad. So much anger is focused on those lies from someone who obviously lies to people. We can see the lies through your eyes. Twinspan wants to tear down the emotional wall that suppresses us all as humans. Twinspan has had enough as Twinspan has so much anger focused on this emotional wall that puts a lot of stress on us. There has to be a different alternative with dealing with such emotional pain instead of yelling, screaming, and violence. So the only way to tear down this fucking wall is to scream about it in song. That's the only way to tear down this emotional wall.

The leader of the oppressed people does not want to tear down this wall. Twinspan directs their anger toward the leader and leaders for them spouting such lies to the masses of people. Twinspan won't stop rising up against the leaders in leadership until they get their point across and when the leadership finally understands the demands from the people for their leadership to stop lying. Twinspan represents the oppressed people who are tired of their leaders in power of leader not listening to their demands by demanding more civil rights. "For year we lived aloof" is the verse that describes how the people were oblivious to the lies from their own political leaders in political leadership.

Twinspan rises up against the machine in terms of political leadership hoping that the leadership will understand the demands from the people on the track Tear Down This Wall. Obviously Twinspan wants to tear down the emotional and political walls that oppresses the people who are citizens who are tired of their leaders in power of leader not listening to their demands by demanding more civil rights.

Myself Benevolent showcases such true promise for their metal style when it comes to rock music. Myself Benevolent is a metal heads anthem. Take notice of the heavy hardcore metal sound of this anthem here. The instrumentation is truly perfect. Myself Benevolent is a violent metalcore song with an aggressive vibe. The aggressive vibe comes with metalcore of course.

Captain Hindsight is a upbeat heavy metal song that is what metal truly represents for metal heads. The song Captain Hindsight is a song that every metal head out there should listen to.

I rate this album, Anthems of Your Scene Phase, 2/5**.


  1. You just re posted the old review without really barely editing it into a negative review, review comes off as more positive than negative. Which is confusing given the low score. Further proving the pointlessness of a Re review.

    1. Read the top of this album review again. I focused on the negative aspect of this album review. Just not by much though. You are right.

  2. It's funny that my half assed written in 15 minutes review that I wrote while I was drunk after listening to this trash was more coherent than any of this literally reads as though you pasted negative comments onto a positive review. Shit album. Shit review.

    1. You are right. This is my worst album review I have written to date. If you have a link to your album review, please reply to me (Michael Mixerr) by sharing your link in the comments section to this album review.

  3. As much as it's debated metal core actually has some really good albums under it's belt, but if Twinspan's debut was the only metal or metal core album you had ever heard, you probably wouldn't think that to be true. Wrought with production and mixing issues and uninspired instrumentals completely unforgivably bad screams and vocals. It sounds more like a group of kids got together and pick and chose what they liked from other bands and tried desperately to imitate it, and nowhere else is that more blatantly obvious than in the over abundant use of audio clips.

    Their are guitar riffs ripped straight from other songs, incredibly unoriginal break downs throughout, and a complete lack of focus, their are so many bad ideas strewed across the length of this album you could make a drinking game out of it. Take a shot every time their is a breakdown. Take a shot every time you hear a recycled riff. Take a shot every time you hear the same basic song formula over and over again. Guaranteed to be *** faced in the morning.....or dead. If that's not enough the lyrics are just complete and utter shit, like high school conspiracy theorist poetry bad. Twinspan tells me the government is bad and the world is ***ed, but why and what is the solution? Well they sure as *** don't know. Just as I don't know why this album was allowed on the internet.

    In short : Their is next to nothing good about this debut, I'd applaud them for effort, if they themselves made any whatsoever. Everything on offer here is either boring or just uninspired. Bad debut, awful band so far, now let's hope they learn to craft songs in the future.

    Yeah my review was more of a rant than a full flegded review, but the album pissed me off because this band has potential and they fucked up all these songs royally in the studio with all this nonsensical extra bullshit. I intend to go back sober and edit up my review, but goddamn dude, I have seen most of your other reviews which were WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better written than any of these twinspan reviews, either go fully negative or fully positive you can't be on both sides, otherwise your whole review goes out the window.

    1. Now I understand. Thanks for your input.

    2. Also sorry for the late reply. I was busy participating in the Anti-Trump protest at the Capital of Texas.

  4. Replies
    1. I appreciate feedback and input from fans so that way I can improve my album reviews.