Monday, February 20, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,118

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Sicx - If These Walls Could Talk again due to popular demand.

Here is why I, Michael Mixerr, decided to review Sicx - If These Walls Could Talk.
Necr00 kept asking and asking me to review Sicx - Deer Hunter for 3 weeks back in August 2016 all because I commented on the Brotha Lynch Hung 1993 concert video that is on YouTube. I was very adamant against reviewing Sicx albums because of the legal drama surrounding him and the fact Sicx is a pedophile. Somehow I finally gave in. This album review can be another example of me giving into on demand pressure from fans. Pressure from fans does a lot to me in situations similar to this. For example the SPM - Reveille Park I wrote got me many death threats. That caused a lot of internet drama for me not to mention the stress.

Thank you havoc00 and Darrin for talking me into doing this album review. This will be the last Sicx album review I ever write for obvious reasons. In fact, this will be the last Sicx album review from Mixerr Album Reviews period. Hopefully this album review won’t ruin Mixerr Reviews credibility.

This Sicx album review written and composed by Mixerr Album Reviews will however explain the gruesome truth behind those illegal actions behind the If These Walls Could Talk album released on Siccmade/Madesicc in 1999. Very few people knew the gruesome details behind this album. The sexual abuse, rape, and pornography.

1999's If These Walls Could Talk album has pictures of him sitting in the room where the sexual crimes took place. The front cover for the album cover of If These Walls Could Talk has Sicx sitting in a blue room. The particular room Sicx was sitting in was in his house located in Sacramento, California and that particular room was called the "Blue Room". The Blue Room is where Sicx and his wife raped children, sexually abused them, and used them as actors for pornography videos. Him and his wife performed horrifying sexual acts on their own children as well as children that were not theirs. The Blue Room was also known as the rape room.
One can wonder what sick things the blue walls would tell 'if these walls could talk.'

There is one more horrifying aspect of the If The Walls Could Talk album. There was the photographing of young girls who were not only used as actors, but they used as prostitutes by other people. These other people took them away against their own will and some of those children were never seen again.

Back in 2001, Maxmillian Kunitz and his wife Anna Lopez (alias Aniya Jamison), were arrested and charged on 69 counts of repeated child molestation, rape, and distribution of child pornography. He pled guilty to all charges in connection with the crimes in court. Maxmillian Kunitz was given a 69 year sentence in prison. In other words, Maxmillian Kunitz (Sicx) got a life sentence. He’s not getting out anytime soon.

I rate this album, If These Walls Could Talk, 2/5**.


  1. If your going to review something at least get ur facts right 1st he got a pleasure deal which meant he is convicted of 4 charges and he got 32 years well they both agreed to the deal

    1. The sentence might have went from 32 years to 69 years. I could be wrong though.