Saturday, June 17, 2017

Frock coat sees a fashion revival.

In 2010, the frock coat had saw a recent fashion revival. Frock coats are back in style. It has been reported that men wearing frock coats have been sighted in metropolitan areas such as New York City, Paris, Nantes, Plymouth, Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford, and London of course. The frock coat has seen a fashion revival in men’s fashion.

Ever since the Regency Era of the early 1800s, noblemen and gentlemen whom had a fashionable sense of fashion wore a frock coat with a white undershirt with a necktie intact. The frock coat was very similar to the greatcoat. The frock coat was knee length and the greatcoat was calf length. Noblemen and gentlemen wore frock coats whilst out in public during the Regency Era.

A frock coat was the precursor to the formal modern dress coat. Gentlemen wore the frock coat fully during daytime. Most frock coats had an hourglass figure. A frock coat was considered to be standard business attire and morning dress of the Victorian Era on towards the Edwardian Era. The frock coat was universally worn in Britain, America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. France too at that. Frock coats were worn into the Edwardian Era of the early 1900s as the Victorian Era came to an unexpected abrupt end. Frock coats were becoming bigger too. Heads of government wore frock coats.

By the 1940s, the frock faced demise. After 1940, it had fell out of fashion. By 1950, the frock coat was all but a fashion accessory from the past. Trench coats replaced the frock coat.

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