Saturday, June 17, 2017

How global warming effects the country of Australia.

Because the country of Australia is close to the ice glacier continent called Antarctica along with such countries as Chile and Argentina, Australia as a continent will be effected by global warming and the ozone layer itself. The environment of Australia is effected by global warming due the continents close proximity to the ice glacier continent of Antarctica. Australia along with Chile and Argentina are closer to the ozone layer thus making most of their lands arid deserts and uninhabitable. Global warming has certainly made the desert environment of Australia more arid, full of droughts, and somewhat uninhabitable in past 10 to 20 years. The effects of climate change and global warming certainly play a role in the metropolitan/rural divide in the Australian environment. These climate changes from global warming effects will have a toll on the Australian environment someday eventually.

Most of Australia has been considered as uninhabitable and unlivable for human life for much of Australia's history. Most of the land has always been desert ever since Australia was discovered by the British monarchy as historians state. Global warming has effected Australia along with Canada, Liberia, Poland, and the United States along with several countries across the planet Earth.

Subtropical cities such as Brisbane and Perth have much brighter subtropical weather year round than the rest of the continent of Australia. Floods do occur in beach cities of Australia due to their close proximity to the warm subtropical weather from the Australian coastline. More floods in Australia are the result of global warming and climate change as meteorologists claim in the broadcasted weather news and believe.

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