Sunday, June 4, 2017

Opium crops still rise in Afghanistan's premium economy.

In the 1990's, Afghanistan was producing a large amounts of illicit crops. These illicit crops were known as opium. Opium is known to be highly addictive and effective for medicine. This led the country of Afghanistan to be first place in the world for opium production. But it was not long until these opium crops were banished from existence in Afghanistan.

The year 2000 is when opium was banned in Afghanistan. It was due to the political influence of the Taliban that led opium to be illegal by government policy. By then, governmental policies had taken a u-turn in laws of the land in Afghanistan. The crops of opium were highly effected by these laws. Production of opium took a massive decline over the years to come. By 2002, most of the opium crops were destroyed by the Taliban. However in 2016, opium usage would continue to rise despite all the country of Afghanistan's hardships. Opium remains a problem to this day still.

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