Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why the US government needs to take away corporate subsidies in yearly taxes revisited!

The United States pays more in taxes in corporate subsidies taxes more than any other countries scattered across the world. US citizens pay too much in corporate subsidies taxes. Corporations get a lot of handouts from the government as Phillip from the TheAdviseShow pointed out. Corporate subsidies are considered as entitlement. No more handouts!

Privatization is a business form of outsourcing. Privatization and outsourcing go hand in hand with each other in economic terms of free market economics along with free market trade. These jobs are being sent offshore and are never coming back at all! To sum it all up, privatization really means "outsourcing"! Watch out for that!

Is it possible to get a tax extension? No it's not always possible for a person to get an extension for their taxes. That's just not the reality in the world of accounting and finance. Taxes are due when they are due. Tax extension is only possible in very special unique circumstances. A tax extension is only given to certain people at certain times basically. Other than that, no, people don't get a tax extension. That's just not the reality.

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