Saturday, August 12, 2017

Carlson School history forgotten.

Carlson School was first built in 1881 to serve the Manda Common School District. Miss Mitchell was one of the first teachers to have taught students at Carlson School. Her teaching career at Carlson School lasted from years 1881 to 1900. L. C. Nelson and K. H. Eklund were the school’s trustees. Mrs. Bert Nanguson served as the principal. Students who lived in Manor, Coupland, Lund, and Manda attended this school. Carlson School was a K-7 where grades 1st through 7th were taught.

In 1900, Miss Edna Slaughter taught the school. Miss Edna Slaughter was a strict school teacher who expected students to work hard during the school year. She did mete out corporal punishment when needed. Miss Edna Slaughter was strict and stern with her students. Students were often reprimanded if they were to get out of line with their behavior. She accepted no flaw from students in their own classwork.

A newer school building was built in 1907. Construction to build the school took less than a year. The new school building replaced the old school building. The old school building was demolished in 1907. The original 1881 Carlson School was demolished.

In 1934, Carlson School had an attendance rate of 41 students. Average daily attendance was 32 students per day.There was one teacher for 41 students. The cost per year for student was $11.68 per year on average. 120 days was the average school semester. The teachers who taught got paid for six months.

The 1930s is when Carlson School became a K-8 where grades 1st through 8th were taught. Students who wanted to complete their high school education past the 8th grade had to go into town in Manor, Texas. 9th grade was taught here for a short period in the mid 1930s. However that didn’t last long due to shortages in funding.

1947 is Carlson School was consolidated into Manor ISD and in 1952 the Carlson School was demolished. 2 private homes have since been built next to the former Carlson School campus. By 1964, all that remained was the gravel from demolition. The original Carlson School has been demolished and no longer intact. Remnants of this school are no longer in tact. An empty field of green grass took over where Carlson School once was.

Carlson School was located at the intersection of Manda Carlson Road & Lund - Carlson Road, Manor, Texas, US 78653.

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