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History of Schiller School in Elgin, Texas long forgotten.

In October 1885, a man named Joseph Schiller purchased 95.5 acres in Travis County. Joseph Schiller later donated this land for the Schiller School and the Schiller Cemetery. The school was named after Joseph Schiller. The Schiller School was first organized in 1889. The Schiller School was built as a one room schoolhouse during the same year. The Schiller School was located on Old Kimbro Road aka Old Highway 20 (State Highway 20) which is now known as FM 1100 near the Travis County-Bastrop County border.

Grades 1 through 9 were taught at Schiller School. Grade 10 was added on eventually later. Although Schiller School was primarily a K-9 school, Grades 10 through 12 also attended this school. Students ages had ranged from 6 to 17 years of age. Sometimes students who were 18 attended this school.

At first the school was referred to as the Bohemian School because most of the students were children of area Bohemian farmers. Many children of farmers in the Elgin area and Manor area who attended this school had either German ancestry, Bohemian ancestry, came from a German background of course, or were of Bohemian ancestry and came from a Bohemian background. Student population was mainly compromised of German and Bohemian origins. Student population was mainly caucasian/white. Although there were black/African-American students who attended Schiller School as some historians report in history reports.

Schiller School had operated its own school district from 1889 to 1947 before being consolidated through a series of school district consolidations. School district for Schiller School was Schiller School District better known as School District No. 31 or District No. 31. Manor ISD and Elgin ISD helped fund this school district when there was a lack of funds.

The room was enlarged to a size of 60 x 30 feet in 1894. In 1916, a new one building was acquired by the school district. Henry Neidig purchased the 1889 school building for a price of $100. A second room was added in 1926. The second room was built by Fred Rose.

In 1947, the Schiller School consolidated into the Manda Common School District. The Manda School District was dissolved in 1960 and was divided among Manor ISD, Pflugerville ISD, and Elgin ISD. Most students were bussed to Manor ISD and Elgin ISD though. Rather than Pflugerville ISD. Although a majority of students were bussed to Elgin ISD being that the Schiller School was located closer to Elgin than Manor.

Only the Schiller Cemetery remains today in tact with 15 burials. Graves are still in tact with markers. A chain link fence surrounds the Schiller Cemetery. The Schiller Cemetery is surrounded by a barrage of trees. The Schiller School had been demolished long ago.

The Schiller School and the Schiller Cemetery was located next to 17500 FM 1100, Elgin, Texas, US 78621.

*Schiller School District was better known as District No. 31.
*Schiller School mostly consolidated into Elgin ISD.
*Manda School District also went under the title of Manda Common School District.
*Old Highway 20 was US 290.

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