Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,313

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review the Boss Chick album by Nicole Wray.

This album was released on Playmaker Music and Danizha from Atlanta, Georgia in 2010. A lot her music with Danizha was released digitally during the 00s and 2010s. A lot her music has been released independently.

Boss Chick is a collection of songs that Nicole Wray recorded from 2002 to 2010.  These songs were leftover cuts from her unreleased albums such as Lovechild, Changes, Nicole Wray, Young Talented & Beautiful, Miss America, and Kill Cupid. As well as her Independence Day album/mixtape in 2006 on FOE and Playmaker Music. Even though this album was mostly a collection of leftover studio sessions and unreleased songs as well as new songs, it's better than no album at all. Nicole Wray fans should be thankful this album got released.

(This is the clean version of the album called Boss Bitch. It has different artwork and different songs than other  album. A lot of profanities were cut out from the ones that were on Boss Bitch and a couple of songs were altered and deleted for the clean version. Miserable People was left out on this version.)

Anyway… On with the album.

Who Are You is one of those fast paced songs to ride your bicycle to. It is 2 minutes and 45 seconds long, which makes it kind of short. Nicole Wray reintroduces herself to the R&B game for 2010. This song is also to all those haters out there that have been hating on Nicole Wray. She was living in the ATL at the time when she recorded this song and even refers to herself as an ATLien! (Note the OutKast reference!) This one was recorded in 2010.

Wash Away is one of those depressing songs to wash away your pain to. Nicole Wray tells us why she wants to wash away all her pain inside. It feels like Russian Roulette to the dome (head). I love the zither/koto playing in the background. Props to whoever was playing the zither/koto on this song. This one was recorded in 2010.

Pandora's Box is a fun mystery song. This song sounds like it was recorded in 2008 or 2009. Focus from Aftermath Entertainment produced this song. If you listen closely, you can hear the drums and beats sample to Computer Love by Zapp. Pandora's Box sounds like a dreamy love song. Focus does a great job on this song.

Ms. America is a song to the ladies when their man made them feel like Ms. America. This song was from the Miss America era. The song is for the ladies out there who feel famous. Ms. America is a song that speaks for itself.

Money is a song that speaks for itself. Money is something we all need! Money is a necessity. Gotta get that green. This song is for the strippers out there in them strip clubs downtown or wherever you at. For all them sexy pole dancers. That sums up this song here.

He Must Know is a slow jam and a club song. It's a perfect song to play on a boat cruise or in a restaurant. This song is definitely a perfect song to play in a restaurant during the day or at night! It reminds me of a soft Beatles Song. This song was done in 2007.

Drumz is a love song with very loud beats from 7 Aurelius. Drumz sounds like it was recorded in 2010 even the production sounds a bit distorted. It's another great song! Drumz is from her 2010 albums Boss Bitch and Boss Chick. Drumz has 122 BPM. It's another great song as you will love it! You can get to love the distortion a bit.

Callin' has either a Curtis Mayfield or an Isaac Hayes sample at the beginning. It needed a music video to go along with it. Another 2010 song. If you listen closely, the bassline is sampling The D.O.C. - Let The Bass Go.

Dice Roll was on the 2006 Independence Day album. Dice Roll features rapper Young Fell. It's a bit shorter than the original version on the Independence Day album. It's a sad mid tempo song about real life and reality. Everyday is just another hustle.

Eye Candy is one of those 2010s rave club songs. On of those hot party clubbin' songs as some people like to call it and refer to as. All the girls want to be like Nicole Wray. I love the ATL crunk music, trap beats, and club music added to this track.

I Like It is the hit single for this album! I Like It samples 2pac - I Get Around. It has a 90s feel to it. I Like It was recorded in 2009. I Like It had music video to go along with it. This whole song is bananas and off the hook!

The last song is Back Up Against The Wall. Back Up Against The Wall was a song that was supposed to be on the 2005 Lovechild album when Nicole Wray was signed to Rocafella Records and DDMG. As you all know that didn't happen due to the Jay-Z and Dame Dash feud between 2004 and 2006. (Which sucked.)

Back Up Against The Wall features UK hip hop/rap group SAS. Back Up Against The Wall was recorded in 2002. Back Up Against The Wall needed to have a music video along with the song.
(SAS was signed to Rocafella as well when Nicole Wray was there. SAS was also known as Eurogang. SAS was also signed to Cam'ron's Diplomats Records in the mid 00s.)

I rate this album, Boss Chick, 4/5****!

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