Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,318

This is Michael Mixerr. This album review will be about Andy Wade’s comeback album Black & White World.

Black & White World is Andy Wade’s comeback album for the year of 2016 as he resurfaces onto the music scene once again. Andy Wade’s songwriting skills have improved since the sophomore album was released back in the year of 2015. His guitar playing skills have improved as well. The live instrumentation on this album is absolutely perfect. The grand piano, Jazz piano, and Gibson guitar were perfect choices of instruments to use on the Black & White World album. Andy Wade finds a great way to showcase his performance on this comeback album of his.

Andy Wade’s comeback album opens up peacefully with a short gentle piano solo. The piano solo plays out perfectly with live instrumentation. Quite similar to the piano used on Adele’s autobiographical love ballads. The piano solo is a great way to perform a return on a comeback album to.

Black and White is about “black and white thinking”. There is no grey area or “grey thinking”. It’s one side thinking or nothing at all. (One sided if you want to get technical.) The vocals help blend in the piano backing. Black and White is a funky pop tune that features some excellent quality vocals. The song Black and White is quite similar to Adele.

Prowl is a synth-driven instrumental. Prowl is an instrumental similar to the gentle piano solo on the introduction.

I rate this album, Black & White World, 5/5*****!

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