Tuesday, October 3, 2017

SH 45 construction in Southwest Austin expected to face delays until 2019.

The ongoing SH 45 construction in Southwest Austin is expected to be facing delays until 2019 to budget cuts enacted by the Texas State Legislature. The set completion date of the SH 45 (State Highway 45) remains the same as the SH 45 in Southwest Austin will open to the public in 2019. By 2019, construction will have been completed and the highway will be functional by then. Going both directions westbound and eastbound, SH 45 will merge regular lanes on Mopac Highway (Loop 1).

Construction on SH 45 alongside Mopac has been rather moving at a sluggish pace. Progress remains slow as usual. Rain weather from previous months in 2017 have delayed construction for SH 45. Mainly it was the rain weather from May delayed construction the most. Other factors have delayed construction for SH 45.

Various acres of land property have been purchased from several landowners in Southwest Austin by imminent domain enacted by City of Austin and TXDOT over the course 20 years. Several landowners had complained 2 decades earlier about how there will be too much traffic and noise complaints if there were to be a highway in Southwest Austin separating the neighborhoods of Circle C, Meridian, and Esquel apart from each other.

The southwest portion SH 45 is going to be connected to FM 1626 less than 2 miles north of the small town of Hays, Texas. SH 45 is expected to connect to I 35 and the southeast portion of SH 45. The latest SH 45 is expected be completed by the year 2019. SH 45 is a west-east highway in Austin, Texas.

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