Monday, March 25, 2013

San Diego rapper Big June supposedly caught with contraband in jail cell.

San Diego rapper Big June (Clyde Price) had some contraband in his jail cell recently at FCI Phoenix. His release date got pushed back. His projected release date was 10/27-/2013. Big June gets out on June 1, 2013 and going to be released into a nearby halfway house at an undisclosed location.

Word the yard where Big June is at he had been there since 2010 due to a gang injunction list after his 2010 album called The Movie was finished. Big June has been incarcerated more than 3 times. FCI Phoenix officials said he got a write up and his final release date got pushed back to 2014.

According to Big June's attorney Daniel Green:

“According to the statements that the corrections officers filed, he was caught with tobacco and marijuana, conspiracy to smuggle drugs into a correctional facility as well as being caught with a cell phone charger. He was able to get rid of the phone before they searched his cell and only got caught with the charger. He said he will try and appeal the decision, but the violation will not look good at his parole hearing.”

Big June is out of solitary and back in general population. They have dismissed all charges for contraband and he is back on his regularly scheduled release date.

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