Saturday, May 23, 2015

Ted Nugent exposed!!

Ted Nugent is very complex with his political beliefs and such. Ted Nugent is the epitome of controversy, mayhem, insanity, propaganda, and loudness with his conservative politics. Ted thinks conservatism is great the coining the neoconservative term "pro-Ted". Even in the liberal 1960s he was pro-conservative with his politics. The behavior of Ted Nugent is outrageous! (As most news critics claim.) To him, loud is good. Ted Nugent is known to be offensive with his political viewpoints and beliefs. You're an ass if you are offended by this.

He's pro-gun in United States gun law when it comes to viewpoints on firearms ownership. Guns to him are an essential part of life. More guns are better than none is the ideology Ted Nugent lives by. Guns are needed in order to protect the family home. You see, a gun is very useful to a man. Ted is a firm believer of hunters rights.

By the mid 1980s, Ted Nugent had taken on the role of being a committed activist in the US State of Michigan.  In recent years such as 2014, Bill Maher says that Ted Nugent gives conservatism a bad name.

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