Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,266

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Born 2wice ‎– 6 Inna Mornin' for a single review.

Born 2wice ‎– 6 Inna Mornin' was released as a cassette single on Bigga Records in 1995 with distribution from INDI, Southwest Wholesale, and Select-O-Hits. This cassette single contains alternate versions of the songs 6 Inna Mornin'  and The Jack which were included on Born 2wice's second album called Portrait of a $erial Player. Most of the tracks were jacked from Born 2wice's first album called U Have The Right 2 Remain Violent. Guest appearances include Ice-T, King Tee, G-Money, 3-2 (RIP), and Cocco Budda from Dallas radio station KNON 89.3 FM. Born 2wice is a legendary Houston rapper that does not get the credit he deserves.

Born 2wice’s 6 Inna Mornin' pays homage and tribute to Ice-T’s 6 In The Morning. Only this tribute version of 6 In The Morning has a more updated polished sound with heavy bass on top of that infamous gangsta rap sound. Processed beats help make this track stand out. Born 2wice gets on the Scarface tip as he sounds exactly like him on this track.

Now for those who didn’t know, Born 2wice was the only artist to fuck with an East Coast artist in Texas back in the 90s. Nobody else in Texas had included Ice-T on their album or single if they were a rapper in Texas back then. Born 2wice was the first Texas rapper to include an East Coast artist on an album. That is why he is considered legendary in Houston rap.

The Jack features King T from Aftermath Entertainment. Born 2wice sounds very similar to Willie D and Scarface combined together on The Jack. King T helped write and produce The Jack recording. Born 2wice and King T make history together on The Jack as legendaries. They remind us Armeggdon is near.

Geto Life takes us on a journey through low class living as Geto Life visits the subject of poverty. Issues such as substance abuse, income inequality, abuse, drugs, institutional racism, political corruption, and murder. Born 2wice gets on the Scarface tip as he sounds exactly like him on this track also.

9 Oz. Of Terror '95 revisits 9 Oz. Of Terror '93 from the U Have The Right 2 Remain Violent album from 1993. The Underworld is a very spooky horrorcore rap track. Born 2wice reminds us Armeggdon is near.

I rate this single, 6 Inna Mornin’, 5/5*****!!

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