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Mixerr Album Reviews #571

This is Michael Mixerr. I am going do to the review on the hood classic Selby Hood - Patience for this particular album review today and revisit it again due to some errors I made. This album was released on the Black Sunshine Entertainment record label back in 1995. Patience is a hood classic album filled with melodic tunes laced gangsta rap verses with funky drum beats.

Selby Hood was a local gangsta rap group that originated from the former Selby Elementary School located in the Northside of Flint, Michigan in 1991 which consisted of six dudes named Gargamel (Melvin Nappier), Cutt (Curtis Nappier), Mike Jarrett, Macy Dre (Broomstic), Cheese, and D along with more members from Selby Hood. Selby Hood is located on the Westside of Flint, Michigan.
Selby Hood had changed their name from Selby Hood Productions on their previous debut album Get Yo Booty Licked from 1992 to Selby Hood in 1995 on their sophomore album Patience in order to modernize with the changes in musical style. That album was filled with booty rap and sex rap filled with symbols of sexism along with the baby mama drama. Selby Hood had mimicked the style and culture of Miami bass for the Get Yo Booty Licked album.

With that said… Everyone in Selby Hood and from Selby Hood was bumpin' this cassette tape back in the mid 90s! Whether it be in traffic at the stoplights, in the park, living room, inside the dining hall, or just in the bedroom. Many rappers and rap groups were trying to mimic the acid rap sound of Esham, Natas, TNT, Hasan The Sinister, Dice, Snypaz, Bone Skanless, and The Dayton Family.

Anyway… On with the album!
On this next track I will discuss how Gargamel explains why his life is caught in a freestyle due to his criminal lifestyle on Stayin' Alive.

Gargamel needs a job in order to be father his child but his life is still a drag because his life is caught in a freestyle due to his criminal lifestyle, but meanwhile Gargamel blazes up a joint up for the day and hope he exceeds and excels before he ends up in a jail cell during a sentence of incarceration. But Gargamel makes bail and gives his homies a call. He says "Fuck all ya'll that's waiting on my downfall!". He knows somehow things will never change. The price on the narcotic drug called cocaine now has a bigger name for itself since it's inception from being introduced to the United States by the CIA. He keeps focusing on his goal. That's his aim. So open your eyes and never try to hide your pride. It's 95 and it's all about stayin' alive henceforth the song title so on.
This song needs a 2015 remake. It's still relevant today. Stayin' Alive and the rest of the Patience album needs to be remastered.

Gettin' Low is the first posse cut at very end of Stress side of the Patience cassette. The Gettin' Low track starts off with distorted thunder and depressing piano notes playing in the background. A bird chirps. Low pitch vocals are added into the haunting soundclips of this erroneous track. However high quality sound kicks in real quick. Gettin' Low is very similar to Esham with his acid rap style.

Getting low as hell of a case of bud and 5 Rickey Roo's. Fire up the Freaky Live cassette. (Freaky Live is Flint's most wack group next to Took-N-Bone, and Raw Deal.) Dogs from Selby Hood will make a loc want to get ooted. No pills or angel dust. Getting burned up with red eyes. Board the Z-Train to take a low ride with niggaz with big triggaz. Weapons are involved on this posse cut despite the typical drug references. It's no clean effort for the radio.
The whole track is quite eerie and brooding similar to Esham with his acid rap style. A handful of rappers from Flint were copying the acid rap sound before Jake The Flake came out with Flint Thugs Compilation in 1998.

Pain starts off the Depressed side of the Patience cassette. Pain is all about feeling the stress and depression of dealing with pain. The mood of this particular track is frankly quite depressing. The Native American Indian flute music really give Pain a smooth mellow chilling feel to the album to the dark brooding mood album. Step all over this shit.

Listen to the rhythm of the rain. Can you feel Cutt and Gargamel's pain? On Rain I can feel they pain. I can relate to this track as my life drudges on slowly while combating stress, high anxiety disorder, dealing with the insanity in the world, and while dealing with unemployment. When it rains, it does pour. Black Hippiz must require it to rain everyday. So pass the nigga with the big bag o'light. Let me hit it after you. I thought you bitches knew that Broomstic can't be faded. Broomstic really went off flowed very good on this rap track. Cutt and Gargamel did too.

Life starts off the Stress side of the Patience cassette. Life is all about the experiences and situations that members of Selby Hood face everyday on a daily basis. Life is often filled with stress and depression. Sometimes aggression. Life is filled with emotional rain. No matter what the downfalls are in life we must keep uprising.

Patience is the title track for this album. Patience is about patience of course. In life we must learn to have patience. That is how we get stressed. Patience is a virtue we must have as humans. We deal with patience on a daily basis.

I Wanna Fuck is about sex of course. I Wanna Fuck is the successor track to Get Yo Booty Licked from the Selby Hood album entitled Get Yo Booty Licked released back in 1992. The Selby Hood Posse is horny as fuck and want to find some chicks to have sex with.

Flint Niggaz is the second posse cut at very end of Stress of the Patience cassette. 5 funky motherfuckers are gonna flow for ya'll. We got The Living Dead, Bugsy, Pistol Whip, Nickel Bag, Stikxz, and Gargamel at the very end. They explain growing up in the  Selby neighborhood in Flint, Michigan wasn't easy. Growing up isn't easy. Tales of dope sales are told. Not to mention the gritty raunchy sexual references. Getting out of the ghetto and escaping poverty is sort of the main theme for this posse cut. Gargamel ends this cut by saying "Flint niggaz are the wrong ones to fuck with." That's Gargamel's warning to us.

Moonlightin' is the get high track of the album. So pass the nigga with the big bag o'light. Let me hit it after you. I thought you bitches knew that Broomstic can't be faded. Moonlightin' is all about getting high and drinking alcoholic beverages.

Despite the low quality productions and low quality sound of the Patience album, the listening experience for this album was quite enjoyable. If you give this album a chance by listening to it, you can relate to the pain, experience, stories, and messages Selby Hood is giving out then you'll understand why I recommend this album for any of the underground rap fans out there. 95% of the albums that come out today don't even come close to holding a candle to the Patience album. That's real talk! 

This Selby Hood shit is quite eerie brooding and similar to Esham with his acid rap style that is not very common. A handful of rappers from Flint were copying the acid rap sound before Jake The Flake came out with Flint Thugs Compilation in 1998. Selby Hood is an example of that grimey acid rap. So I don't need to explain that.

I rate this album, Patience, 5/5*****!!

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