Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mixerr Album Reviews #572

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review the debut Get Yo Booty Licked album by Selby Hood Productions. (Selby Hood Productions is now known as Selby Hood.)

Selby Hood was a local gangsta rap group that originated from the former Selby Elementary School located in the Northside of Flint, Michigan in 1991 which consisted of six dudes named Gargamel (Melvin Nappier), Cutt (Curtis Nappier), Mike Jarrett, Macy Dre (Broomstic), Cheese, and D along with more members from Selby Hood. Selby Hood is located on the Westside of Flint, Michiga

Selby Hood had changed their name from Selby Hood Productions from their previous debut album Get Yo Booty Licked from 1992 to Selby Hood in 1995 on their sophomore album Patience in order to modernize with the changes in musical style. That album was filled with  booty rap and sex rap filled with symbols of sexism along with the baby mama drama.
Selby Hood had mimicked the style and culture of Miami bass for the Get Yo Booty Licked album.

Get Yo Booty Licked was all about performing the sexual act of anilingus. Basically that means getting your butthole licked. The Miami bass sound matched up in synchronized order in a timely manny with the 808 beats playing throughout the background.

Go With The Flow is a basic freestyle rap track that is quite similar to Nose Grow Flow by New Def'nition. The raps are basic yet corny by todays music industry standards. I wasn't really feeling this song. But then again this 90's rap.

Sex is all about sex and sexism of course.

While the debut Get Yo Booty Licked album was a stellar solid debut effort, I didn't like most of the songs and tracks. Most of it was sex, sex, sex. Selby Hood Productions somehow still manages to make this albums listening experience consistent with the times.
I rate this album, Get Yo Booty Licked, 4/5****.

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