Monday, August 15, 2016

Wubbing craze takes over the internet!

Wubbing was a new dance craze and fashion that was introduced on The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show of Summer 2014. Wubbing is supposedly a dance that consists of sexual acts by the dancer wearing the wub under the "guise" of dance. Other nasty gestures or acts are performed to say the least in such socially inappropriate gesture of lewdness. Most of these sexual acts performed are considered homosexual in nature. Wubbing requires specific shorts with a wub attached.

The wub is the phallic part in the middle of the wubbing clothing. The wub resembles the male reproductive organ called a penis. You can't do wubbing without the wub. Dances using the wub consists of lewd, foul sexual acts performed to say the least. The wub is attached to a pair of latex brand shorts as wubbing requires specific shorts. It's faux penises (dongs) on bike shorts.

Wubbing was fashion clothing that came and went. Wubbing was a fad that came and went. It never stuck around that much in people's mindsets. After 2014, people forgot about wubbing and went on with their lives only to catch on literally to the next big thing as the world's culture is programmed that way. To sum it all up, wubbing is the gayest fag fad of 2014 and of the 2010s. This form of dance is social degradation.

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