Thursday, January 19, 2017

What happened to Brian McAnally?

For those who didn't know, Brian Mcanally was featured in the 1983 documentary called Children of Darkness which was broadcasted nationally on television in the United States on PBS that same year. Richard Kotuk filmed and directed the Children of Darkness documentary. Also Richard Kotuk focused much of his time filming Brian Mcanally due to his strange behavior inside said documentary. He was the star of the documentary as he was featured all over the place in regard to this documentary. The Children of Darkness documentary explored the lack of lack of mental health care in America for juvenile psychiatry.

After Brian Mcanally turned 19 in 1983, he was moved from Eastern State School in Trevose, Pennsylvania to a brand new group home which was located 4 blocks away from his fathers home in Kensington, Pennsylvania. Brian thrived and did pretty well in his group home better than he did at Eastern State School. He wasn’t as anxious or aggressive despite having been diagnosed with mania and schizophrenia earlier in his life. Later on he was diagnosed with mental retardation.

[Eastern State School went also under the names of Eastern State School & Hospital, Eastern State School/Eastern State Hospital, & Eastern State Hospital during its time of operation as a state institution from 1961 to 1996.]

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