Thursday, April 20, 2017

20,000 pound non-nuclear bomb dropped in Afghanistan update.

The United States Army has dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in the country of Afghanistan on the date of 4/13/2017. This non-nuclear bomb weighs up to 21,600 lbs. (pounds). Impact of the blast from this bomb was severe. Several citizens felt impact from the bomb blast in combustion after the bomb had been detonated. Several citizens reported seeing a mushroom cloud from 20 miles away after being dropped from being 21,600 feet in the air. A plume covered more than 10,000 feet. 11 tons of explosives were released.
The bomb that dropped was called a GBU-43. A GBU-43 weighs 21,600 pounds (lbs.) and is considered by most to be massive. GBU-43 is considered as “Mother of All Bombs” by The Pentagon. Originally this bomb was designed as a deterrent which was used in the Middle East in the year of 2003, but is now being used as a weapon of terror and mass destruction. GBU-43 is designated for combat use.

US President Donald Trump authorized a non-nuclear bomb to be dropped in Afghanistan in a militaristic effort to sweep out the combative militant ISIS group. The bomb was intended for an ISIS target. Particularly, this ISIS target was located inside a cave in Afghanistan. 800 ISIS fighters are present in Afghanistan. Most ISIS fighters are located in a village called Nangarhar. Afghan forces are battling ISIS there as well.

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