Sunday, June 4, 2017

Biography of Ida Oren Davenport.

Ida Oren Davenport was born in Wise County, Texas on the date of April 3, 1883. Ida Oren Davenport was the daughter of Thomas W. Davenport and Sarah S. Lispy. She was apparently born blind, but the family did not find out until later. They knew something was wrong with Ida. It was recommended by a doctor that Ida be institutionalized which was common at that time. Despite blindness being misdiagnosed mental illness. Ida was not mentally ill. She was just misdiagnosed. Ida's disability was being blind from birth. Her family sent her to live at Austin State School until 1938 when she died. She spent a remainder of her life at Austin State School.

Ida died in Austin, Texas on the date of November 7, 1938. She died of chronic laryngitis. Her death was very untimely. Her syphilis was another important illness that contributed to her death. At that time, there was no cure for syphilis whatsoever.

Ida Oren Davenport is a prime example case of misdiagnosed mental illness. Similar to Bernard Carabello.

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