Sunday, October 23, 2016

Flint Water Crisis reported by Mixerr Reviews again!

Governor Robert Snyder has shined light on about the Flint Water Crisis. Governor Robert Snyder shined light on these important health issues about the dangers of lead in drinking water in the city of Flint, Michigan this year in 2016. The city of Flint had failed to add the federally mandated chemicals used to control corrosion into drinking water source.

There is lead in Flint’s water! The amount of lead found in Flint water is hazardously astronomical. Studies showed that 10% percent of samples containing 27 parts per billion of lead in the Flint River water. Additional tests revealed astronomical lead levels. Citizens whom drank this water have seen an increase risen in their blood level. Some levels of lead are considered by the EPA to be undetectable.

Lead typically gets into drinking water when pipes and fixtures that contain lead corrosion or lead paint fixtures. EPA considers lead “hazardous waste.”. The EPA reports that lead pipes and fixtures are more likely to be found in homes and businesses built before 1986.

Although lead in Flint’s water was reported by Robert Snyder last year, much of this have been ignored by the Government of Michigan. No fluoridation chemicals or harsh disinfectants have been used in the Flint water source whatsoever. Some areas of Flint worsened due to the elevated lead levels in the river. As a result, the city switched its water resources from the Detroit water system to the more corrosive Flint River in 2016. However this is not the end. Many residents are still finding lead contaminating their water supply at home.

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