Sunday, June 4, 2017

How the cities and towns located in the United States and Canada are rebuilding themselves.

Several towns and cities across the United States of America and Canada are rebuilding themselves as college towns while rebrandishing their reputation as cities. This method of urban revival is spite of urban blight has been a prevalent practise recently at the start of the 21st century. Several towns and cities across the United States of America and Canada rebuilding themselves politically and structure-wise.

Windsor, Ontario, in Canada has been working hard to rebrandish its reputation as a city as Windsor is known as the Detroit of Canada. Windsor suffered the nearly the same fate as Detroit did with automobile industry but still has more manufacturing jobs that the city of Detroit. Right now the city of Windsor is going through a tough time in urban blight as Detroit is currently. There's not a whole lot left but despite all the political downfalls, Windsor is managing to rebrand the city as a college town. Profit margins have been falling. Local politicians and citizens are working to bring Windsor back as a thriving city.

In fact, the city of Flint is rebuilding itself. Local politicians and citizens are working to bring Flint back as a thriving city it once was when GM was a huge factor in the town before GM outsourced their headquarters to Mexico in 1987.

In other words, Flint as a city is rebuilding itself as a college town with educational establishments in the city such as Kettering University, Mott College, Dort College, and University of Michigan - Flint. College campuses are recruiting more students in order to rebuild the city. So that means professors are being hired at the moment. Kettering University has been getting a lot positive news coverage in the press nationwide. The college educational system in Flint is currently being rebuilt.

Not only is Flint rebuilding itself as a college town but they are refurbishing and rebuilding the Downtown area of Flint ever since the year of 2008. The downtown area is looking nice now as there a lot of business transactions occurring in the downtown area of Flint. There are festivals filled with entertainment and music being held in Downtown Flint. Another bright side is that basketball is BIG in Flint, Michigan! There is a demand for the sport of basketball.

Both America and Canada are slowly rebuilding themselves. But there is still much more work to be done.

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