Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,255

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Throttlerod - Nail.

Throttlerod - Nail is an indie rock album unheard of and obscure to most. Nail by Throttlerod seems to have been over looked by the masses and general public. Nail seems to be very similar to the XTC - Bone Bag Buffet album in terms of graphic design. Throttlerod - Nail also has a similar vibe to the Animals album by Pink Floyd with tracks such as Horse Paw and Rabbit.

The song Nail is a representation of what is wrong with the world. According to Throttlerod, everyone is wrong. According to Throttlerod, everything is wrong. The black color represents darkness as Nail has a dark mood. To sum it all up, Nail is nothing but a representation of perpetual negativity.

Throttlerod stands up against to all odds on Stand’em Up. They will take the fall in the silence of your stand. They can read your mind as your stare off in a moment of silence. The positive aspect of Stand’em Up is Throttlerod encouraging us as the listeners to fight our own battles because nobody else will fight our own battles for us. Throttlerod also encourages you to fight your own battles because nobody else will fight your own battles for you. (That is from the listener perspective.)

Throttlerod does not wish to seek empathy or enemies from anyone on the song Horse Paw. The mood is dark and negative of course.

I rate this album, Nail, 4/5****!

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