Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,262

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Code FI - Subliminally Focused Hip Hop!

From the industrial streets of a windy city called Chicago, Illinois hails a hip hop group called Code FI. Subliminally Focused Hip Hop contains conscious minded hip hop music for the intellectuals out there. Code FI is focused on hip hop for which the album centers around. Those who can appreciate old school hip hop music will savor this album.

Code FI represents Chicago by revolutionary styles on Why Test Me. Why Test Me is medium bass ridden and riddled with percussion although the percussions presence is not heavy. Why Test Me contains conscious minded hip hop music for the intellectuals out there which uses revolutionary styles with lyrical skills as Why Test Me centers around lyricism.

Cosmic Comatose has futuristic sounds similar to what you and I would hear from OutKast. The beats are futuristic beats. Yes Cosmic Comatose is a medium bass ridden track. East Coast hip hop meets Midwest gumbo funk on Cosmic Comatose.

Code FI takes us on an intergalactic voyage on Intergalactilude. The Intergalactilude is an intergalactic interlude. The Intergalactilude is similar to that electronic Daft Punk funk and OutKast. Intergalactilude is very futuristic sounding similar to what you would hear from OutKast. Electronic music meets hip hop music here.

I rate this album, Subliminally Focused Hip Hop, 4/5****.

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