Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,263

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Bossalena - Purple Rose EP.

Purple Rose is a digital album that was packaged as an EP to be put online in the format of a digital download in 2017 from Bossalena. The physical copy of Purple Rose EP has 10 tracks with a 4 bonus track as an extra. The digital download version of Purple Rose EP only has 6 tracks instead of 10 tracks.

Watch My Step is about how Bossalena started from the bottom. She built her own studio herself. Bossalena takes shots at female rappers with a no hold barred attitude. She tells people how to watch her style. Just know not to test her. With 25 mixtapes/album under belt, she truly made a name for herself in underground music.

Bossalena takes shots with a no hold barred attitude on We Winnin. 2017 is the year she is truly winning. Bossalena sure makes winning easy. The hard heavy hitting bass and trap beats will surely rattle your speakers! The track is very futuristic sounding.

Air It Out is very futuristic sounding. Fuck the haters. It’s all about that money. Although the trap beats are played out. On Direction, trap music meets drill beats. On Direction, trap music meets drill beats. You can feel the music deep down in your soul. The hard heavy hitting bass will surely rattle your speakers on Whip It!

Although the trap beats are nothing new, the futuristic sound make the Purple Rose EP stand out. Air It Out and Watch My Step are highlight tracks. What’s unique about this Bossalena EP is that there is a different producer for each track.

I rate this EP, Purple Rose, 4/5****!!

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