Saturday, June 17, 2017

What methods of promotion Kevin Anthony is currently using to promote him self as an established independent artist.

It's not as easy to promote yourself for self-promotion as everyone who's a musician or an artist makes it seem. That's just not the reality in self-promotion marketing.

Not only is Kevin Anthony using the newest ways of self-promotion by using the internet as a platform for promotions but he is using the oldest ways of self-promotion by word of mouth and posters. Word of mouth is the oldest form of promotion known to humankind. Word of mouth promotion has been around since almost the beginning of time. Kevin Anthony using the word of mouth promotion method is best way to get his stuff out there. You all can trust me on all this.

Other than that, his flyers can be seen online also! Kevin Anthony does use his promotion skills and marketing skills to the best of his advantage. In the business world self-promotion, professionalism, dress outfits, and marketing are the most important things!

Kevin Anthony has the potential to be a singer-songwriter behind the scenes of the music industry and publishing rights business. Kevin Anthony should hit the books on studying music rights. Kevin Anthony has a lot of potential and we hate to see all that potential go to waste. Other than that, Kevin Anthony is so dope.

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