Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,264

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review the Handsome JET - ¬(゜~゜)Г album.

Jet Boogie is a Handsome Jet melody of all the songs on the ¬(゜~゜)Г album all onto one track. Think of this song as a mega melody. A loud heavy hard rock mega melody is what it sounds like. Hard rock meets heavy metal mega in this mega melody song. The volume is set quite loud! Handsome JET does his usual chanting, singing, and yelling through the enchanted power of music. Handsome JET himself takes the lead in this song as a vocalist.

Duck [アヒル] is a perfect song to play at night during the peaceful nighttime. Dusk has that peaceful nighttime vibe to it. Handsome JET himself takes the lead in this song as a vocalist. Handsome JET does his usual singing and yelling through the enchanted power of music. Take notice of the harmonics used on Duck. Toshio Sakurai sang on Duck. The song Duck has a rather happy upbeat vibe.

self-haunting is a duo cut with longtime Handsome JET Project members Toshio Sakurai and Handsome Jet. self-haunting is a dark song.

Only around 10,000 copies of ¬ (゜ ~ ゜) Г were pressed on CD and sold via Amazon, by Handsome JET directly himself, sold at GITADORA LIVE concerts, or were sold at those Handsome JET Live concerts hosted by Bemani with help of Konami. Most copies of ¬ (゜ ~ ゜) Г were pressed sold on Songs from Bemani games such as GuitarFreaks and Drummania were not included due to copyright reasons. Due to budgetary concerns, Handsome JET played with a single acoustic guitar. Toshio Sakurai sang on most of the dark songs such as Dusk and self-haunting. YUEI had nothing to do with this album.

Sadly however, ¬(゜~゜)Г and Honto was the only album from Handsome JET that was ever released. Lead singer Handsome JET died in May 2008 in a traffic accident while riding a motorcycle with his in Japan. The friend survived. Handsome JET sang a multitude of songs from Konami originals and licensed covers alike. His real name has never been revealed and is not known. Handsome JET Project and Handsome JET himself would have taken off to become a national success in Japan if the lead singer hadn't died.

*Handsome Jet is the name of the lead singer of the coincidental band Handsome JET Project. Handsome JET Project is Handsome Jet, YUEI (Yuei Uematsu), Kozo Nakamura, and Toshio Sakurai.
* [¬ (゜ ~ ゜) Г is a notation used to represent an emoticon.]
*He is credited as Handsome JET or Jetto-san (ジェットさん) as he was in the Bemani games GuitarFreaks and Drummania.

I rate this album, ¬(゜~゜)Г , 4/5****!

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