Saturday, June 17, 2017

Ted Cruz and his views on immigration.

This was discussed during the Republican National Convention of July 20, 2016. Ted Cruz did not debate too much of this subject or admit anything much however in August 2016. Ted Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump as president for being anti-immigration himself as Ted Cruz is also known for having a stance against immigrants and being anti-immigration. Both of them are known for their anti-immigration attitudes and stances. Especially Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz is nationally known for that.

What's so ironic and idiotic is that Ted Cruz himself is an immigrant. He migrated from Cuba to Canada early in his life and after living in Canada for some years, he finally migrates to the United States. So in a literal sense, Ted Cruz is an immigrant. United States is home to immigrants from countries all over the world. So for Ted Cruz or Donald Trump to say the government should close off the border of Mexico to immigrants is nonsense. Him or Donald Trump saying to build a wall across the Mexican border is illogical nonsense. This logic did not work in China when their government built the Great Wall of China located on the border of Mongolia 5,000 years ago and this logic will not work now. Our technology is better than it was then. Therefore Ted Cruz' stance on immigration is flawed.

[Ted Cruz caught a lot of flack from the US Republican Party for not supporting Donald Trump. Republican candidate Ted Cruz was supposed to endorse Donald Trump in his ongoing presidential campaign originally. But Ted Cruz did not endorse Donald Trump for president because that was never a part of Ted Cruz's political agenda. Not because of his stance on immigration.]

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