Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,259

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Ericka Yancey - Ericka.

Ericka Yancey's debut album titled Ericka is a highly sought after album considered as a huge collectors items among fans of R&B/soul fans which is due to the limited amount of copies in quantity the album was pressed up in. In 1997, RCA Records only pressed up a certain limited amount of copies of her debut album as promotional copies to radio stations and record companies around the world. Internal conflicts with the record company is what led to this album from seeing a proper release as a retail release that was originally intended to be available in stores.

The version of Ericka with the silver CD is issued with a "not for airplay" watermark. Also pay attention to the silver lining which is a silver ring in the middle of the CD. Silver lining to this CD is one way to certify this version of Ericka is not a bootleg, cutout, in-store edition, club edition, or a CD-R. The only official pressings of the Ericka album are the versions with the black CD and a one with the silver CD.

Ericka represents how neo-soul harmony is supposed to be done. RnB meets the harmony of neo-soul on this album. Ericka Yancey could have made a name for herself in the neo-soul market had RCA not sabotaged the release for this album. Her career basically ended with this album unfortunately. She could have been on top where Angie Stone, Jazmine Sullivan, Usher, or Jill Scott are today.

I rate this album, Ericka, 4/5****!

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