Thursday, August 10, 2017

History about the Highland School in Pflugerville, Texas way long forgotten.

Highland School in Pflugerville, Texas is one of the many Austin/Travis County institutions that have been long forgotten which has faded away with time and history. Most local citizens have forgotten about  Highland School in Pflugerville, Texas. In fact, most have never knew about this school’s existence. For those who didn’t remember and for those who did not know, Highland School was a public school that operated from 1873 to 1936. Highland School was located near the intersection of Vision Drive & Foothill Farms near I-35 (IH 35) out on the rural countryside.

In early 1873, Highland School was built as a one room school building. At one point Highland School was built as a log cabin before becoming a modern one room school building. 1880 was the year Highland School was rebuilt and modernized into a one room school building. Overall Highland School was a rural school. 1902 is when some children from Merrilltown School in the Merrilltown School District were transferred to Highland School.

Highland School had its own school district (as many rural schools in Travis County/Austin did) called the Highland School District aka Highland School District No. 56 (School District No. 56). Highland School District operated as a school district from 1882 to 1936 for Pflugerville and Austin.

Highland School met its fate as most rural school across the United States did. The school was consolidated into a larger school district. Highland School and its school district were consolidated into Pflugerville Independent School District (Pflugerville ISD) in 1936. The building was moved onto to the site of where Timmerman Elementary School is now located. The building was destroyed by a tornado that hit Pflugerville in 1957. Highland School is no longer extant today.

The location of Highland School was Vision Drive, Pflugerville, Texas, US 78660.

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