Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,316

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review the folk rock album Quills - The Spirit Level.

Feathers and Tar is quite a mellow soft rock song. I was expecting Feathers and Tar to be a hard rock/heavy metal song filled with hardcore rock with hard hitting bradaggio. I was not expecting Feathers and Tar to be a mellow soft rock song. Nevertheless, Feathers and Tar proves to be a great slow soft mellow song played on by a Folk guitar heavily used in Folk music. When you The song itself will stick to you like feathers and glue.

Lost In The Crowd is about finding yourself about where you are in society and social groups. It's also about conforming to society's standards. Lost In The Crowd is an isolated desolate song. The crickets in the background add to an eerie effect. A Baroque harpsichord that is prevalent in English Folk Opera is used in this song.

Cocaine Nights is an unusual weird quirky tune. The brooding guitar notes playing fit in perfectly with this longish tune. Cocaine Nights deals with the abusive use of cocaine along harmful chemically unbalanced drugs. In other words, Cocaine Nights deals with the topic of drug abuse. We need an acoustic song like this during this day and time because there are not enough songs out there in the masses that deal with drug abuse and can relate to the crowd masses.

Statues is a smooth timid folk song. The reverb mixes within the echo background. To me, Statues was a good title for an instrumental track. If Statues was an instrumental track, it would have been a lot better. However I do think that Statues is an ideal track for an instrumental song.

The Spirit Level album is a complex masterpiece of work that truly somewhat stands out in music. Most of this album is filled with lovely melodies.

*Quills is a songwriter from Liverpool, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom.
*Quills - The Spirit Level was released in 2015.

I rate this album, The Spirit Level, 4/5****!!

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