Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,321

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Lil Sin - BIYO.

BIYO by Lil Sin (Ronnie Warner Jr.) is his most biographical album to date out of all the Lil Sin/Young Namar albums released in from his music catalog. Lil Sin gets autobiographical on this album of his. Most tracks on this album are related to the biography and life of Ronald Warner, Jr. bka Lil Sin. That is the reason why an attributed sentimental feel can be felt when listening to this album. His feelings on this album are both emotional and sentimental with a sense of pride. A sense of pride is what Lil Sin truly has. His vocals in his raps are loud and powerful.

What is different about this Lil Sin album is that the tracks are not separated into separate tracks but instead the whole album is played on one continuous track. BIYO album has 17 tracks. The duration is within 41 minutes to an hour (1 hour). BIYO is a Lil Sin solo album with no features.

Only 200 copies of the BIYO album on CD exist. This album along with his Young Namar albums were released locally in the city of San Antonio, Texas in 2006. BIYO was released on his independent label SoufField and PRC Recordings. BIYO was also released on his MySpace page back when MySpace was the popular “in thing” via Snocap when both MySpace and Snocap were still active. His entire discography was released through Snocap online along with his BLVD Records albums from the 1990s.

*[BIYO is slang for biography.]
*[Ronnie Warner Jr. is Ronald Warner, Jr. bka to you all as Lil Sin.]

I rate this album, BIYO, 5/5*****!

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