Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,322

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review George Michael - Symphonica.

Symphonica was the last classic masterpiece of an album from former British pop sensation George Michael of Wham! that was released on EMI in 2016. Surprisingly this is the only live album from George Michael. Most songs on this live album are cover songs however. The Symphonica live album had sold 50,000 units in a time span of a one week period debuting at #1 on the UK Album Charts on BillBoard. The fact that the string arrangements was recorded in a studio do not accommodate this live album to have a live feel. A 10 year gap between albums did not help popularize the Symphonica live album for George Michael.

New recordings You've Changed, Through, and I Remember You are new material for this George Michael live album. I Remember You was a digital download exclusively for the Symphonica album on Amazon MP3. Only two tracks were exclusively for Amazon MP3 despite not being intended to be a digital album.

Through is a new live song written by George Michael. Although Through was written in 2004, George Michael helps the song Through a fresh new pop sound with his powerful singing and vocals. So his powerful singing and vocals genuinely help Through standout powerfully. Through was a perfect original pop song for 2004 with originality. George Michael is known for his originality. The song Through is no exception or exemption to this matter.

Most music critics gave this album an average rating of 3/5*** stars. Regardless of how the Symphonica album was panned by music critics and long time hardcore George Michael fans the album was a mile to average success for a live album. Having live versions of cover songs will not always guarantee a live album will be successful as that is not always the case. George Michael could have chosen new material for his live album as sometimes new material for live albums proves to be better in results. Not much new material except for I Remember You and Through were included on the album.

I rate this album, Symphonica, 4/5****.

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