Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,325

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will do a review on Social Distortion self-titled album.

This band is not another one of those cheesy glam rock bands that are overrated. The self-titled says it all. This is one of their most successful album reaching gold status and reaching #128 on the BillBoard. This band should be listed in The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Social Distortion is that good. Thanks to Epic's sponsorship and effort, Social Distortion had more time and money to work on their album. This album was WAY overlooked and flew off the radar. This album is probably the most overlooked rock album in the history of Rock music. I think the Social Distortion self-titled album is overlooked in its own way and its own right.

Other than that, I rate this self-titled album, 4 1|2/5****(.

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