Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,370

This is Michael Mixerr. This morning I will review Jay-Z - 4:44!

Jay-Z drags to the death the overuse and usage of the word “nigga” all over the place making the track annoying and tiresome. Jay-Z could proved his point a lot better than he already did . There are all kinds of African Americans. Story of OJ is about the hardships of African Americans over the course in American history. Jay-Z covers grounds of racism on 4:44 as well.

The song 4:44 is about a coded timeline of the relationship between Jay-Z and his mother. 4:44 relates to the events they went through. Jay-Z was influenced by the sounds of Jazz when writing this song and the 4:44 album. Overall 4:44 is a fusion of Jazz and rap thus resulting in the sub-genre of Jazz Rap.

Moonlight samples The Dayton Family - Real With This and Whodini - Friends. Notice the trademark boombox. Caught Their Eyes pays ode and tribute to Prince for who Jay-Z befriended before his death.

The album is shit. Jay-Z can record an album better than this one such as Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint for instance. 4:44 is worse than the Magna Carta album. It seems that the 4:44 album was a cut and paste project.

I rate this album, 4:44, 0/5Ø.

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