Monday, September 4, 2017

Berg's Mill School history long forgotten.

Berg’s Mill School is one of the many forgotten educational institutions of San Antonio and Bexar County. The Berg’s Mill School was a rural school located way out in the county in San Antonio, Texas. Not much is known about the Berg’s Mill School or its history. Many historians have not covered this school written in books. Many citizens of San Antonio seemed to have forgotten about this school’s existence or its presence.

Berg’s Mill School was constructed believably as a one room schoolhouse in the year of 1896. The one room schoolhouse was probably built as a single story structure. 1896-1897 is the first school year the Berg’s Mill School operated from. By then Berg’s Mill School was considered both as a rural school and a “county school”.  This school was a co-ed school. Most of the pupils were children of Mexican descent.

Student enrollment never went past 100. School attendance boasted a bumbling small population. Despite a small bumbling population of students, attendance seemed not to be very high. School attendance in the 1930s boasted a bumbling population.

Manual training and sewing were taught at this school. Boys were taught manual training while girls were taught sewing. Girls learned sewing at a young age. Girls held an intense interest in sewing.

In 1940, Berg’s Mill School closed. In 1940 when Berg’s Mill School closed, students who attended Berg’s Mill School were transferred and redistricted to Harlandale ISD and Southside ISD. Berg’s Mill School pupils were then transferred to San Juan School (now San Juan Elementary School). Berg’s Mill School closed due to the curbed growth of San Antonio growing southbound. Post World War II growth absorbed the population.

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