Thursday, September 14, 2017

Hudson Bend School history long forgotten.

The Hudson Bend School in Bee Cave, Texas and its history have been long forgotten. Many people do not know of the history of this school or are aware of existence. Hudson Bend School is one of the many early schools of the Lake Travis community, Travis County, Austin, and Bee Cave of course.

Wiley Hudson and his family settled in Hudson Bend near the Colorado River (now Lake Travis) in 1830. In 1860, men from the community built a one-room schoolhouse. Lumber was donated from nearby. A man named Mr. Watson was hired to be the teacher by the school. By 1890, Hudson Bend community boasted 2 schools called Hudson Bend School and Hirsh Creek School.

In 1901, both Hudson Bend School and Hirsh Creek School were consolidated into Teck School via Teck Common School District in 1901. Hudson Bend School stopped operating in 1911. The building was sold off to a private homeowner in the same year. Hirsh Creek School was demolished. Both schools no longer exist.

In 1985, a new middle school was opened by Lake Travis ISD. Lake Travis ISD officials decided to name the new middle school Hudson Bend Middle School after the former Hudson Bend School in an effort to remember their 19th century historic roots. After all, the name “Hudson Bend Middle School” originated from “Hudson Bend School”. The first school term Hudson Bend Middle School operated on was the 1985-1986 school year.

Today the legacy and name of Hudson Bend School live on at Hudson Bend Middle School at the location of 15600 Lariat Trail, Austin, Texas, US 78734. This middle school proudly boasts a high school graduation rate of 96.5% (96 ½ percent).

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