Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mixerr Album Reviews #1,412

This is Michael Mixerr. Today I will review Mad One - Ghetto Gladiator.

Mad One - Ghetto Gladiator is a Latin rap album filled with detailed experiences of living in poverty, going through the struggle, hype party jams, and Latin music with a Spanish flavor. Ghetto Gladiator is another overlooked golden classic SD rap album and Latin album from San Diego, California from the 2000s era. The Ghetto Gladiator album came from the 2nd wave of San Diego rap during the 2000s.

The album was released on the Canadian label Skyline Records in 2000 through a joint venture with Filtered Souls Records (aka Filtered Souls Entertainment). This album was produced by Mad One, E-Low, and Big Chuy. Lou Michaels mixed the album.

The song Psycho was the highlight and biggest hit for Mad One’s debut album. Time Warner had acquired the music rights for the song “Psycho” to be used on WCW, the highly popular wrestling television show and WCW series. WCW was Time Warner's subsidiary. His song Psycho premiered on TBS in October 19, 1998, and on TNT in October 22, 1998. His song Psycho premiered on a special Pay-Per-View event called “Live from Las Vegas'' in for October 25, 1998.

There was even a music video for Psycho completed by Skyline Records. The production contract for the new music video was awarded by WCW to Fortress Entertainment Group Inc. The music video for Psycho was directed by Devin DeHaven. Devin DeHaven directed other music videos for Filtered Souls artists Johnny Rourke and Black Mikey.

Psycho was the theme song for “Konnan'' on WCW at one point. Pscyho made noise in the world of professional wrestling back in 2000 as Mad One and Konnan were pictured together in WCW Magazine.

The Reason is an alternative version of the entrance music used by the Filthy Animals in WCW. The Reason became the theme song for the Filthy Animals in WCW from 2000 to 2001. The alternative version of The Reason is more commonly known than the original version.

Filtered Souls and Big Chuy produced The Reason. The Reason made noise in the world of professional wrestling on television as The Reason was used as the entrance music for Filthy Animals in WCW.

Que Bonita is Latin rap with a touch of Spanish flavor.

I rate this album, Ghetto Gladiator, 4/5****!

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